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DVD not operating---does not accept disks--flashing yellow lights on all buttons
what could cause steering whell to vibrate when i drive? tires are new and just hadd a wheel alignment and tire balancing.
I just had the egr valve replaced and now when I drive the car for awhile, park it and then try to restart it stalls and smells of gasoline.
Where is the outdoor temperature sensor located on this vehicle? In addition to all the other readings such as mpg, time, etc.. this vehilce also shows what the outdoor temperature is. But now the readings for the o...
Can the brake fluid container seals to the master cylinder be replaced on a 2000 Chrysler Twn & Ctry and if so, how?
what caused my guages to fail when I started the car ? On the fourth try the ignition failed. Later it started and the gauges worked.
where is the abs pump located on the 98 town & country
when making a right turn (on the street or into a parking spot) a loud noise that sounds like rubber stretching. Had this problem before & mechanic said there was a recall & got the parts & repaired it, now it's start...
how to change the right turn signal bulb
i need to know if there is only one hose to the air conditioning system in the 2009 town n country minivan. there is no cold air blowing and it ws recharged once and is malfunctioning again... also what would cause th...
The van started a clicking sound then broke down because the belt stretched and slipped off. The belt was replaced but broke because the pulley assembly is bent.
my sun roof leaks when it rains. what is the cost of this repair
The computer beeps the horn as if locking - Lites flash as if unlocking - but the electric lock/unlock does not work. Does not work from inside switches as well. Stopped last nite during heavy rain. Have not checked ...
i think it is making the humming noise i here from the middle underneath of the van?
T & C losing power, idles like it wants to stall, black smoke from tail pipe..Any suggestions?
It was mentioned this is a common problem where salt is used and a recall covers it. What is this recall?
Check engine light came on 300 miles ago. Car runs great has 36 thousand miles. What could that mean?
driver's window motor works intermittently. I would like to replace the motor myself, can you help me?
every time we turn the wheel, sitting still or driving.
Rear system blows cold air and indicates proper charge, however the front system only blows ambient air.Are there separate low pressure valves for putting refrigerant in the system?
When I start in the morning the tank collapses. And it runs real rough and misses. why?
There is an abs sensor out & the red brake light is on as well as the yellow abs this normal? On previous vans i've had the abs light was on but never the brake light!!!
Brake are hard always . This van has a master clyinder I've never seen before. Big ball connected to master clyinder . It reads caution under high pressure. Machinics want 2000.00 to work on it ?????
At 135k miles, starter stopped cranking from the key switch. I have checked relays and fuses - all good. I found if I ground the coil of the starter motor relay, it will crank over by the key but will not start. By...
Emissions light comes on and stays on. It used to come on intermittantly and them go out. Owner's manual says it is not a critical problem. What is the most likely cause? I'm, going to replace the pcv valve.
The coolant tubes are rusted and leak and I can not find replacment tubes.
1)a/c intermittent cooling during hot temperatures, occasional hissing sound after turned off. When a/c turned off and on, then sometimes works. Drips occasionally passenger side while a/c running 2)Also during the w...
I need to find the low side service port on my 2001 chrysler town & country. Please email me at Thank you.
Was given the van with a loud noise that sounds like a lifter that would not pump up. Lifters,rocker arms,and rocker arm shafts, were changed. The noise was still there,we isolated the noise to #4 injector by unhookin...