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if the heater moter is plugged ? would that make it over heat ? and where is it located ? or is it just a bad water pump.

Hi, over the last few months my car stereo keeps shutting down down while playing the radio but mostly when I'm using the CD player, I have to shut the car off for it to restart. I am not sure if I have a short or need something replaced but my remote key chain stopped too. one last thing I have noticed that my clock is always been reset but my battery is good?
Any Ideas of what i need looked at would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a Lot for your time.

My key has turned off a couple times when driving. I had to put in nutral and start it again. I called the dealer and he says tha my model van is not on the recall list for this problem. He says do not put any other keys with me starter key. May be to heavy.
Well hopefully this does not hurt me and my family.

after tighting bolts on water pump.theres still a leak, does that mean the pumps bad ?

drove the van about 23 miles when someone flaged me over and told me my back-up lights were on while driving.We have taken them out. Why and how do I repair them?

which way does the thermastat fit in. car is still getting hot !

When I go over a bump, there is a loud thud (metal to metal?) in the rear of my 2000 T&C AWD. Sometimes it does it when I make a turn. The rear bump stops are worn out and I need help how to replace them. Thanks.

Is there a material that will seal a micro leak in a head?

Are these vehicles proned to Transmission problems particular Input hub replacements after 130K miles


My husband has worked on many different kinds of cars in the past but is struggling to reach the ac evaporator and lines going to it on my van. He currently has the entire dash off trying to reach it and is still having difficulty. Does anyone know an easier way to reach it? Called the shop, to have them fix it is $1,000. Not worth it when he can fix it for 150.00 ....just need to figure out how to get to it.

This problem happened rather quickly. After stopping at a stop sign, upon accelerating when the transmission went to shift to a higher gear, if just seemed as the car went into neutral. allowing the engine to return to idle, caused the transmission to shift, and it would be OK till it shifted gears again and the same thing would occur.

How do I fix it so I can listen to the radio or just close the windows without having to turn the key all the way without starting the car????? I want the radio, windows to work in accessory mode. Right now I have to turn the key all the way, just not start the car to close the windows. If I want to listen to the radio it drains the battery because it is not in accessory but turned almost as if I was starting the car?

When should I change the timing belt?

I have an 06' Chrysler T&C Limited with the 3.8L engine and 70,000 miles. When the engine is cold the vehicle stumbles under acceleration for approximately the first 1/4 mile then clears up. It also has a 40-50 mph only steady speed miss that occurs whether the engine is cold or hot. No codes are in the computer. Installed new OEM Champion plugs, new TPS, and new Mopar upstream and downstream O2 sensors so far.

dash lights needles on gauges bounce around and will stall out at stop signs

need help ignition switch

I just called AAA because my key would not turn in the ignition,the AAA guy said spray graphite in it.Is he right?

OBDII scan says output speed sensor malfunction.REplaced both input and output and was advised by 20 plus year mechanic after problem continued with speedometer jumping and taking off in 2nd gear to replace TCM. Problem stayed same. Dealer said tranny problem but went to reputable tranny shop for second opinion and there diagnostic computer shows there may be something back feeding output speed sensor and they said could be bad ground somewhere but that my tranny is fine. Van only has 97000 just bought for 4000 and cant afford to play guessing game or pay dealer for fix. Im pretty well experienced mechanic but stumped HELP PLEASE

how to remove?

I have 1998 Chrysler T&C, the reverse lights don't work, bulbs/fuses checked okay. Please help

I have multiple problems related to an errant jump start of the original battery. The cables were reversed ie: the positive to the negative - smoke and fire almost immediately at the negative terminal of my T & C van. Now, some things work and some do not Air cond. power locks etc. What is the fix and how much to repair?

I have a 2005 Chrys T&C that has the same issue, headlights won't come on some times without turning the switch on & off multiple times. Headlights go off while driving. We have to hold the headlight switch (high & low beam switch) on to keep high beam on or else all we would have is the running lights.

Does anyone know how to bleed the vacuum modulator? And where is it on a '02 Chrysler Town and Country. I was told this would reset the check engine light. I have tried just about everything else including replacing the gas cap.

When I first start out it shifs good, but about 3-5 miles into the drive the trans will not shift. P, R, D work just does not shift. The eng is strong and you can drive the van just at 40 mph you are at 3000-3500rmps. The check eng light is on. Trans fuild checks good I toped it off with lucus. I have 217,000miles Thank you for any help.

I just put new plugs and wires on my 3.3L engine and now it idles worse than before. I am getting codes P0404 and P0406. Would the EGR valve go bad that quickly? Bad idle just started after plug and wire change.

Front and rear fan switches only work on high setting. Lower setting of the fan switch does not blow air. Heat and air-conditioning works great on high. What is the problem and how do I fix it? Costs?

2002 T&C with 120k miles is leaking oil badly. how much should it cost to raplace the rear head gasket?

i was driving on the highway when my check engine light came on and my spedometer stopped working. i performed the test where you hold the trip n reset button and start the van and the gauge will move when in testing mode but not when i am driving.

Late 2006, our 2005 T&C minivan was subject to a recall for underbody rear AC and heater tube corrosion. The underbody rear AC and heater tubes were replaced under the recall.

As early as summer 2010, the AC system was not working very well. Based on advice from the dealer, I dealt with the issue spring 2011. Dye testing revealed that the rear AC evaporator was leaking. Could there be a connection between the recall and subsequent rear AC evaporator corrosion or failure? Has anyone else had the same experience?

Thank you in advance for your replies.