door locks can be reactivated by pulling the iud fuse and re-inserting it.....just a temporary fix.....problem ocuurs randamlly

My engine light came on this weekend.I had diagnosed by mechanic,EGR valve.

Wife used the van to run to the store. Came home and shut off. Went out to leave and it does nothing. The lights come on etc, also noticed the steering wheel is not locked. We are desperate! Just lost work so any assistance would be great

We had the radio replaced because it wouldn't read dvds. Second radio doesn't keep the position after the van is turned off. No fuses are broken, and dvds play fine.

Had the drain plug recalled, which Chrysler then charged $200 to replace freon. They want another $200 to "fix" the A/C. What else causes the vents to not blow cold air?

where is the fuel injector on my 1999 chrysler town and country

My audio twetters sometimes they just stop working

I have an AWD T & C Limited. There are 2 rubber bumpers mounted to the frame just above the axel (one on each side). The rubber on one is gone and the other one is ready to fall off as well. First what are these called (part#), and second how do you replace them? Thanks for the help

ihow to i loosen the tension for the brakes to get the drums off

When vehical moves up and down while going over small bumps i hear noise from under the front end

Hi Johnny, I went out last night, took out all of the bulbs as you stated and went through the process. There were sockets that I cleaned and I did check all of the by one! Right now the flashers work and so do the hazards. Thanks for taking the time to help with this. PROBLEM..... We took the car out tonight and the turn signals worked fine going to town and running a few errands. Just when I remarked how nice it was to have them and not to have to worry..bam...they quit working!!! Grrrrr. We had changed out one of the connector units on the front so I am going to double check the wiring on that to be sure the wires are all secure. Beyond that I am at a loss. Any more ideas?? Thanks again..Rennae

recently i asked a question about why my headlights, wipers and signals keep running when not turned on...we tried a new FCM and that still didn't take care of the problem..any more ideas would be appreciated

I have a Town & Country with front and rear a/c. The front unit blows good cold air and the rear unit blows, but not cold air. Have checked the freon level and it is good. The unit only has one compressor and uses the same freon lines from front to back, just tees off to the front unit.

when I'am driving my minivans shot off and it happen all the time

Only does it when its above 80 degrees outside, on hot restarts the PRND3L is fully lit and it is in limp mode, after a 30 min cooldown it will be fine just the check eng light is on and throws a 1698 code. Got a TCM on order through a dealer. Very intermittent, sometimes your can drive it and it will fix, sometimes not. Other times you can work the shifter and it will fix. Most of the time just let it cool.

Taking your advice I went out and double checked the fuses. Sure enough the fuse for the hazard lights was bad. I put in another but noticed a spark and the light came on for a split second then the fuse blew again. I went inside the car to see that I had left the hazard switch in the on position. I turned it off took a small piece of sand paper, cleand the corrosion and then replaced the fuse again. This time when I started the car and flipped on the turn signal it popped on but only for a couple of clicks and then quit. The fuse was blown again! I am going to check the bulbs but let me know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks so much!! R

location of turn signal flasher? thank you

We changed the battery out for a new one. That is when we noticed that the cruise control no longer worked. Also, we noticed that the turn signals and hazard lights do not work. I checked all of the fuses but they are okay.

fill gas tank gauge shows 7/8 full drive 3 miles gauge shows 3/4 drive 2 more miles gauge shows
1/2 drive a few miles shows 1/4 then gauge goes to empty and bell starts gauge goes back to 1/4
Then goes back to empty bell starts this keep going over and over till I have driven 20 miles then
Gauge reads empty bell stops go get gas takes only 5 gallons then it starts over.
The sender has been changed 3 times still the same problem.


My ABS light came on and my mechanic told me I needed a new ABS pump. When I got my van back, half the dash lights are not working (including my E-brake light and ABS light area as well as the left side fuel gauge and right side temp gauge) and, on closer inspection, it looks like someone removed my entire dash. My lens cover for the gauges is cracked, the upper dash molding is cracked and 2 other pieces. I suspect my mechanic disengaged the ABS light and never did the repair.My mechanic denies that he went inside the dash and states that removing a light bulb for the ABS sensor would prevent the car from running. Have you ever heard of this? Could he disengage my panel to turn off the ABS light

I have a 2001 Town & country speedometer goes crazy from 0-120 and starts spinning when this happens the car starts to jerk. I have changed both sensors and still have the problem. I brought it to a transmission place which said there was alot of codes coming out from the tcm. He wouldnt give me the exact codes but some of them were no communication, bad sensors which i have changed and my tires werent the right size. they are 225 instead of 215. I checked all wires which looked good but the tcm was badly rusted and one of the pins looked shorter than the others. Could it be that the tcm burnt out? I appreciate it.. Thanks

The ac works great blow cold out of the front.The problem is the rear ac will not blow out of the vents.

My van has 101,000 miles. Had last oil change at 100,000 miles. I'm 1 quart low. Where is the oil going. No cloud of smoke, minor signs of oil pan leak and low air intake leak. I think its something much more serious. Any ideas?

Can you troubleshhot code P0071?

The serpentine belt comes off when it gets wet and I turn left.

My steering column could not be locked into position after the car had been towed by flatbed for non-related repairs. The repairer told me that the "spring" had come loose, and for $75 the spring was reattached. It was not broken. How could this happen? Do I need to worry about it happening again?

how do you change the lower control arm bushings in a chrysler van

when we start the van the front wipers started going without being turned on, then the back wipers started, sometimes the panel lights won't turn on, but sometimes they do, left signal flashes & right headlight flashes(also without being turned on),as the wipers sweep, has had new battery, charging checked, new ignition switch & new turn signal all put in..HELP!!!