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the where is the inside fuse to my Chrysler TownCountry cuz I can't find it

The passenger side door got kicked off the top rail. How do I get it back on myself?

Help! Actuators move when temp number is changed on either side. All modes blow air as designed, all fan speeds work. Heater core is clean as a whistle, hoses hot going in, slightly cooler going out. Radiator full. Restrictor valve clean. Removed actuators and operated doors by hand and I feel them going from stop to stop. I have found four actuators in this van, three on the drivers side (top one mode, front lower passenger, rear lower drivers) one on the passenger side under the blower casing (recirculation?). Still no heat, is there another? Sometimes (rarely) it will blow hot and then cool down and not get hot again. What am I missing? What else can I do to diagnose this problem, its driving me nuts!

Two injectors are misfiring, after I changed the timing belt, the car can only drive at 30mph. How can I reset the injectors, or have I made a mistake somewhere. I can hear that the engine is perfectly timed, but two injectors are shaking. 2.8 crd, 2009. Any advice appreciated.

all the time

Just replaced the er value did not stop the problem have replaced plugs and coil packs has no codes anywhere

Appears to be coming from fuel filter.

this sometimes occures and sometimes it doesn't but it is happening more frequently.

side and also the van makes a low wooping noise

noise when ever I drive it

Don't know when signals lights stopped working. This is the first time it happened. I got the van new.

We cannot turn on our interior (reading) lights on idividually. They turn on when the doors are opened or if the dimmer dial is all the way up so we know the lights themselves work. But NONE of them will turn on individually. It does not matter if they're pushed in or out, they won't turn on. Is there a master switch or fuse that we're not aware of? We've had a couple mechanics look at it, including our local Chrysler dealer, and they have no idea.

After being stopped at a light, when the gas pedal is pressed to move, the van jumps. Then, it will absolutely NOT shift. Driving down the freeway at 40 mph and 3500-4000 RPM is not my idea of a good time. The last time this happened, beating the shifter side to side seemed to fix the problem as if it was stuck in third gear? Ideas?

I believe this may be a common problem for 2008-2010 dodge caravan/chrysler town and country. Rear wiper arm becomes loose on wiper motor shaft.

cel on - code po456- I have the pump
just want to know where it is go I can replace it.

My coolant level is ok. However noticed something is leaking from in front of passenger rear tire. Could this be the problem? And if not what else could it possibly be? Just want to know how much $ I'm looking to have to spend :(

Engine light on- got code P0404- replaced ERG valve and sensor just past air filter. Reset the engine light and with in few days engine light back on still same code P0404. Parts store told me the new ERG valve could have been faulty. I really don't want to change out the ERG again unless absolutely necessary. Any suggestions?

We have on the heat and it goes from really good heat to cold air all the sudden.

I used the upper sliding door and liftgate controle module to open the rear liftgate . When I tried to close the rear liftgate, l noticed there was no longer power in the upper controle module. None of the buttons work, none of the keys work to shut the rear liftgate and IT IS NOW STUCK OPEN!!!
Please help this is day 3 and it is getting colder in Alberta Canada.

Hello, I am the proud owner of T&C 4.0 2008. However I am having got a bit of a problem. The last row of seats should hide into the floor. However this way an Orchard isn't after pressing the appropriate button on the driver of the seat comprise ahead and that's final. Legs aren't uncoupling and aren't hiding into the floor. Is there some sensor blocking this manoeuvre there? Whether he can \ "nuts' is there some driver? And perhaps Wink needs to grease something
Did somebody already encounter such a problem? Can I count on the help from my friends?

I am greeting owners chryslerów

My defroster is not blowing hot air until I actually drive my van. A/C worked fine all summer. Just cold air from defroster in front while sitting idle. What could be wrong, do you think?

it has to spinabout 10 seconds before starting and then wont go over 2200 rpm replaced plugs wires coil pak crank sensor It started ding this after we had 8 inches of rain in one day Also gas milage went to pits. wonder if it could be the computer

My van is have electrical problems, more often in the morning when its cool, but on and off all the time. I will start my car and my wipers start going even though they arent on. My MPH, RPMs and compass/outside temp doesnt work. Says i have no gas, radio and display dont work, power windows and blinkers dont work. I dont have cold air. All these problems come and go together. Dealership replaced the TIPM (main module), they checked every other module in the van and cant find damaged wires. They have over 12 hrs in the car already with no resolutiom except rewiring the whole van with a new wiring harness for 2500+tax. Please help me. I dont know what to do. Anyone have this problem???

My van stops running while driving, it has the push start and it says key has left vehicle but it has not. I had it at the dealership twice, I believe they replaced the win module but I'm not sure. Remote start won't work half of the time took back to the dealer and they can't find anything wrong.

If I can use a 2009-2011 4.0 engine what Needs to be change to make it work

It's surging leaping and there's a popping noise coming from under the hood. The rpm gauges are jumping also

The mechanical rear doors shutter when they open and close. What can I do to make them open and close more smoothly?

My car is misfiring and I would like to know if it is time to change the spark plugs.

I just got new tires and the error message is now appearing each time I start the car. How do I make it go away?

There appears to be a wet spot on the passenger side floor board and the smell of coolant after driving a distance, but no noticeable leaks after being parked in the garage. It is often down about a gallon every 100 miles.

I have had parts replaced many times, but there is always more to do.