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dashreads top down in progress I hear a switch click in rear driver panel an a hum in trunk but top or trunk lid never moves.....
Took to a shop and they could only get into the system for 10 minutes before they were locked out again, has been there for a month and they do not know how to reset the module.
purchased the car new brakes have not been replaced. But don't know if it's the front or back brakes.
where is the thermostat located in my chrysler sebring 2004 touring
Im bleeding the air from coolant system but it just keeps coming out (air) how long dies it take to usually bleed it? When will I know its finished and all the air is out?
My car was overheating do I replaced the thermosrat and heat sensor. How do I test to make sure its working properly?
Changed spark plugs now there's a hose he can't remember where he took it off from
Bought a new one car still won't start but old one wasn't bad. How do I find fuel filter to see if that's the problem. There is oil in spark plug also.
Was make n a turn and cut off and will not start.does nothing
I bought a 2003 Chrysler Sebring off a friend and I notice when I turn the heat on that it only blows out of the furtherest passenger side vent. The middle and driver side blows cold but the A/C works all the way across.
the abs and brake light will come on and the speedometer needle will bounce around and the brakes will feel like they engage. all happens in less than a second.
I need to get it top dead center and have already broke the part on one new distributor
Remote occasionally doesn't work, I changed batteries and still not working occasionally
2010 Chrysler Sebring 62,000 miles has started making a roaring noise when you accelerate and it winds down when you break. It also makes a chattering noise coming from the side of the motor where the belts are. So ...
When car is being parked by turning wheel to the right the engine stalls. It can be qickly restarted. Any suggestions?
The battery is fully charged car runs fine but you shut it off and the next morning it's dead I removed the interior light radio and power lock fuses but it is still going dead I can unhook the battery and it will be ...