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replaceing the timmimg belt is that something someone with a little automotive knowledge should try if so do any have instructions.
My Radio, power locks, power mirrors, power rear view mirror and my trunk release has stopped working all at the same time. My horn does not work if the car is not running. My wipers work, top goes down and I have res...
Where is the thermostat located and how do I repair it?
my car has 60,000 miles, and the engine light came on and wont go off, I dont think anything is wrong, because I take excellent care of it. 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend got mad at me, and did something to the wires so it...
I just went to a mechanic. Im being told that there is antifreeze in my oil.Being told that the engine may need replaced. Should I take the car to the dealership and also where is a chrysler dealership in nc that doe...
The front right window is broken. The window motor is fine. How much would a new window and installation cost at the cheapest? thankyou
Car runs good. However,I have noticed that sometimes when I get ready to turn the car dies and the wheel becomes hard to turn. The engine light is also on. Any ideas?
How much could I expect a replacement for a AC drive belt replaceemnt to cost me?
when i drop the hood it doesnt latch completely
My car keeps stalling/hesitating when I stop for lights, to cross intersections. We have replaced cap and rotor and map sensor. Before we throw any more money into this what else could it be?
Trying to figure out what is wrong with my a/c, When you turn on the car it works fine for about 15 minutes and then the volume of the pressure goes down could it be the blower motor?
why would the dash board and guages on the dashboard no longer light up when the fuse is not broken ? what could be an underlying issue to that?
Someone tried to steal my 2005 Chrysler Sebring and popped the ignition completely out. Do you have an estimate to have it replaced?
I was told by a repair shop that 3 of 4 engine mounts are broke: front engine mount,tran mount and rear trans/engine mount. What should this cost?
I have a problem with my heater to get proper heat I have to unplug the relay for my AC and my AC is not cooling enough.It has been checked at the dealer on computer and everything shows ok. What could be wrong?
while i was driving today i heard a noise sounded like my tire was flat igot out my car to see that the passenger tire in the back was bent in can you tell me whats wrong
when I take my food off the gas pedal and apply the brake my car surges forward. this has happened twice in the past six months,the first time i was making a turn and when i applied gas it was fine. the second time iw...
convertable top will go down but not back up, can't find motor to top, or is it another problem? Thanks
engine dies out then starts up right away
Me again with another junker question,my 05 chrysler sebring convertible,blows a big cloud of white carbon smelling smoke when cranked up after sitting for a while.Rings,exhaust,what could it be.I just changed the oil...
I just wanted to thank Bret Bodas for taking the time to answer my question about the vibration that I was experiencing when I put on brakes. My car is a 98 Sebring. It was the rotors. I had to have them replaced. Bet...
Sometimes our 1998 Sebring will start and then stop; book says the key didn't pass the security check. Have to wait 15 plus minutes to try again, then sometimes OK. Has left us stranded frequently.
Every time I use the heat or air conditioning my driver side floor acquired an abundance of water, how do I fix this?
The ambient temp sensor wires were cut and the temp read out is now -41. When the wires were reconnected and the car started, the temp read out is still -41. Is there a need to reset the temp indicator? If so how does...
I had new brakes installed in November of 2008. For the past month, sometimes when I am stop, my car feels like is vibrates in the front and my steering wheel shakes a bit. What could this be?
I have a 2006 Sebring Convertible with 26000 miles that's developed an intermittent steering noise. It appears only after a high-speed freeway trip of at least 2 hours, and it disappears during short local trips. The ...
Why does the transmission seem to slip out gear or hard to get in gear?
Could this have been damaged when the dealership took apart the engine and installed a new water pump and timing chain? About how much should it cost to put in a new one? They told me that the water housing unit appe...
Is suspension and steering for warranty purposes part of the engine/power train warranty?