Car is running real rough annd it shut off and now it will not start. I was told it has an exhaust leak.

I have 2005 Sebring Convertible with a 2.7 liter, is this an interfernce, i.ve heard that when the timing chain brakes the engine is basically junk or has Chrysler fixed the problem and also what would you recommend.thanks

the car squeals while driving and the brakes squeal when brake to stop.

Only occurred once

transmission problem

Recently after running my car through an automated car wash, my car makes a humming noise as if the pulley for the belts is loose or the exhaust is loose. Now, while driving my battery light comes and I am trying to figure out why

When driving at speeds of 20MPH or more car makes a very loud whistling type noise under the hood. It does not make any noise at idle. It does not appear to be the water hoses or brakes.

Will a inline 2.7 would work in the place of a side way motor?

Sometimes the car sputters like gas is not getting to the engine right. It's only happened about 3 times in the last several months.

2005 Sebring convertible. Will not start. Battery has been replaced. Mechanic is saying we need to replace the computer. Any other ideas?

The vehicle has 51K and this problem just surfaced. It quits when it wants too. Had it to the dealer and they could not find the cause of the problem.

how many miles to a gallon of gas does it get

This just started happening the last 3 tank fulls of gas. Just as the gas pump clicks that the tank is full, gas shoots out onto the side of the car and ground.

i have a 2006 chrysler sebring touring riding on freeway and the car just shut down and all the gauge lights came on,something smelled burnt when i open up the hood to check if my belts had came off everything I checked was ok took to mechanic and he told me the motor was locked, all the fluids was full no engine knocking i was told there was sludge build up, never had a car that something of that nature happen this is the first and the last chrysler i will ever own

I need the airbag system replaced due to the fact it was purchased without an airbag system (salvage title). How much would this cost?

In 3/10 my transmission filter kit was replaced because of a leak at a cost of $175. For the past few weeks,I am seeing the same transmission leak (small leak) as before from the same area.Is there a TSB on this problem for my vehicle? Is it possible the new filter kit was faulty? What should I do? Please advise. Thanks, Louis

no check eng.just as it got colder it started rougher and rougher finley wont start.geting spark,gas,changed the etc sensorand plugs.

i have tried 1/2 impact wrenck, breaker bar ,heating with propane torch, any ideas?
i got it uused the starter, but thanks:]

my head lights and dash lights flicker? i checked the battery and the alternator and they both are good ?

my car gets stucks under 2000 rpm"s then i have to et off the as to get it to go past, when it happens my car chugs

my car is cutting off when i slow down or stop why is that? It drives fine till i have to stop...

The car was running fine yesterday. It didn't act like there was anything wrong with it at all. I drove it, parked it for the night, went out today to try and leave, and it wouldn't start. It cranks over, but it won't start. It's not a battery problem, checked that. It has plenty of gas in it, and even added $5 from a can just in case. Everything appears normal under the hood and in the car, I just can't get it to start, and not sure why.

The engine rumbles like a desil truck when vehicle has been placed in park position. I was told i have an exhaust leak, how much is that going to run me?

My car is getting hot. What could be the problem and how can i fix it...

I was told the I have a small leak from my automatic transmission, probably a gasket. I have no problems with the shifting or anything. How much would it cost to have the gasket replaced?

everytime i put key in it will not turn

no buS keeps popping up, my gauges ALL quit and come back on any ideas??

I have a 2.5l that the timing belt went out. Replaced the heads, crankshaft sensor, distributor, plugs and it still has a miss. Not getting any codes but you can hear it back firing out the exhaust when it is idiling.

How would you change that transmission speed sensor.

Does anyone know were the tranmission output sensor is located on a 2003 chrysler sebring coupe with a 3.0 v6 Lxi