Speedometer and Tach etc. lights are not working. All status and warning lights work fine. All fuses appear to be fine. I do not know how to access the bulb if there is one

Can I change this unit myself or does it have to be programed.

Sometimes my car won't start. It will click but won't fire. have replace and secured battery.

car was running hot & losing anri freeze. Found crack in radiator & replaced. Noticed fan was not running. Replace fuse, fan kicks in. Car ran hot again hours later, fan not running & fuse looks good

When should you have an engine flush done and what does it entail?

How do the marks line up on the timing belt of a sebring 07? This is the original belt, never taken off. The car cranks, just won't turn over. Sensors maybe??

I need upper & lower balls joints on my 2001 Chrysler sebring.
I would really like to have an estimate on the cost for this job.

emission light came on,running poorly

problem srarted after replacing plugs , plug wires,distributor cap & rotor , then crank sensor.runs ok for awile, then shuts down.

coolant boiling in recovery tank. pulled out thermostat suspect thermostat was put in backwards. could you tell me the correct position.

Does anyone know what motor will fit, replacing the 2.7 inline? What other Motor- with different yr or model vehicle will fit in 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertable? What motor is Compatible?

the reverse does not work after car is warm it smokes when tried ..

My fuel gauge is reading erroneously and I suspect the fuel sending unit. Trying to find instructions online for replacing the sending unit but have struck out. Any other reasons for a faulty gauge? I ran out of gas with the gauge reading just above a quarter tank. If anyone has instructions for replacement please let me know.

coolant in recovery tank boiling. replaced thermostat, drained all air. replaced with new radiator. ran gas test, neg for cracked head or blown head gasket. temp gauge at less than half and bottom radiator hose is cool when the recovery tank is boilng over. is water pump next on the agenda.

coolant boiling over in recovery tank. replaced thermostat, drained all air, ran gas test in coolant. negative results for cracked head or blown gasket replaced radiator. whats next water pump.

Back again, used gas tester in coolant. negative results. Is it possible to have a problem with water pump, impeller.

Back again. coolant in recovery tank boiling over. replaced thermostat,drained all air, tested system for blown head gasket, cracked head. tested negative. replaced radiator.whats next.

The coolant in the recovery tank is boiling and steaming. I replaced the thermostat, drained all the air out of the system. replaced radiator. still have the problem, whats next.

engine has a miss has a p0303 code how do i know whitch is the 3rd cylinder

I am having problems with my 2004 Chrsyler Sebring, off and on for the first 2-3 months and now for the last 1-2 months just about every day (since I began having it worked on). The problem...It will usually start fine for the first start of the day (does not matter day or night), I can drive as little as 2-3 miles to the store, turn it off. When I come back out to return home, I turn the key and nothing. All interior lights/radio come on and I can hear a noise coming from the computer (sounds like a clock being wound up for only 5 seconds at the most). If I leave it for about 3 hours, I can try to start it again and it will start!
The 1st repair shop checked the starting system, which included the battery, connection and cables, starter and solenoid operation and draw. I was told everything checked ok. They thought it was the Neutral Saftey Switch but were not able to do the repair there.
The 2nd shop replaced...the Neutral Switch, on the 4th attempt to start the car, same problem.
Returned to shop. Next they replaced the Ignition Switch, this time on the 3rd attempt, it would not start.
I had a new battery put in...did not help.
The last repair they said the starter was bad and replaced it. They were positive that would solve the problem. I picked up the car last night, drove home. I decided to drive a few miles stop and restart it. It sat for about 1 hour and I tried again to start it and dead again!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am afraid to drive anywhere at this time.

when my car starts to run hot a I hear a knocking noise

when my car engine get hot it starts making the a knocking noise

I have no power to my 1997 chrysler sebring convertible power top switch. the switch does not make any noise at all. we tested and found there is no power to it. Is it a fuse and where would this fuse be found. Or is it the motor?

I my PDC is tells fuse # 11 is for seat belts and need a 20A.

i replaced thermostat, and collant in recovery tank boils over

i'm trying to change the thermostat and i can't get at the last bolt. don't tell me i have to start taking things apart just to get to this bolr

Car is running real rough annd it shut off and now it will not start. I was told it has an exhaust leak.

I have 2005 Sebring Convertible with a 2.7 liter, is this an interfernce, i.ve heard that when the timing chain brakes the engine is basically junk or has Chrysler fixed the problem and also what would you recommend.thanks

the car squeals while driving and the brakes squeal when brake to stop.

Only occurred once