What constitutes a major tune-up?

cigarette lighters on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring GTC convertible don' work. Can't find a blown fuse in either fuse box. any suggestions?

My car is leaking transmission fluid but transmission is shifting fine. can you give me some ideas as to where it could be leaking from and a repair estimate?

I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring LXI 3.0L. The passenger side floor is wet in the front and back. Do you know what the problem might be? if it is antifreeze..what is the problem. What is the problem if it is water?

I was told that my vehicle needs repair to rear tires to keep them from coming off. the cost is $200 each tire, what is he talking about?
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If my window regulator or motor goes out, am i still under warranty with 92000 miles on an 05' Sebring convertible?

worried about cost v quality


I recently had my brake fluid flushed and was charged $99($35 for parts & $64 for labor) and the power steering fluid exchanged for $120($75 for parts and $45 for labor).I was informed that since the fluids had never been changed that they degrade and should be changed.Was I correctly advised? Was I fairly charged? Please advise. Thanks, Louis

I'm replacing the air conditioning compressor and the old one is void of fluid. How do I know how much oil to put in the replacement unit? The book says to measure what comes out of the old one but that isn't going to help me.

Car was making some minor transmission noises and hard shifts. Before I got it in for repair it had a loud clunk and stopped. Now engine does not turn over either. Had routine maintenance done regularly and only has 95K miles. Is it just the tranny or could it have caused some kind of engine problem.

I have an oil leak and my dash oil light comes on as I brake to a stop. The engine oil is full and I do not hear any engine noise with the light on. Can anyone tell me what is wrong and approximate cost of a repair.

The car alarm is causing the battery to drain down. How do i disconnect the alarm?

Is this something that still could be under manufacture warranty especially since my vehicle is less than 70,000 miles? Isn't this something that should be covered under Chryslers model warranty?

when start car her rattling noise

the window had ice on it, i didn't know it, when I went to roll it down it jumped off track, it took it apart and put it back on track, but it came off again

Just visited jiffy lube for an oil change. Car was running fine until I left shop now check engine light is on. Checked gas cap. Still on. Could they have done something to cause this?

where is the plug in port for this car

On a 2008 Sebring Convertable, the passenger door suddenly has been making contact with the front fender and has buckled the fender badly. Looking at other like Sebrings, I am seeing the exact same damage on both driver and passenger sides. Why are these doors suddenly hitting the fenders? It has to be a common problem because I have seen 4 Sebrings with the exact same damage. I can't find a recall. Are the hinges weak? Was is the cause?

Code: p0137 'bank 1 sensor 2'

Where is bank 1 located on this '01, 2.7 L v6 sebring? and how will I know which sensor is sensor number 2?


My daughter has a 2000 sebring convertible LXi and the seat belt on both front seats lock intermittently. Is this due to the seat belt control module and how do I replace it?

My battery dies when i tighten the bolt on the negative cable. Triggers the alarm also.

After fixing my car i realized that while it its running, if i connect the pcv hose to the intake manifold, the car shuts off within 2-3 seconds. Any help please???

08 sebring cutting off while at a red light stop sign car jerking skipping took it to the dealer put it on the machine did not found anything wrong.they put gas treatment in and told me to change gas .but it still doing the same thing .help.

For some reason my car alarm keeps coming on even when i have'nt activated it. it causes the battery to die. Battery has been charged, but i still have the problem. what could be drawing the battery down?

How do you replace the tail light in a 2004 Chrysler Sebring Coupe? Do you pull off the light lens, or do you replace the light by turning the socket our from inside the trunk?

1998 chrysler sebring Conv. v-6, when I am traveling up a mountain road, about 15-20 minutes into the 1 hour drive, The transmission will shift in low gear and will not come back out of it, til I pull over, put it on park, shut it off for about 10-30 seconds, restart it and drive off. I works find til it does it again sometimes 3-10 minutes of driving, Does not have this problem while on streets/freeways. What's going on here???????????????

a few months ago i got my engine repaired,got it back,a month later it didnt wanna start,took it to the dealership where im buying the car,they pu it on the computer and they said itwas the cam shaft positioning censor,then the car started to jerk and then die out and a lite smell like it was starting to over heat,a day after i got the car back from the shop the car did it again after about 15 minutes of driving,it will jerk then die,i can wait about 20 minutes and it will start and im able to drive it again for a few more minutes,can anyone help me please

i am not sure when to use the overdrive. What is it for and when is the best time to use it?