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when change the many quarte of oil does it take to fill this car back up.
what is the milege recommendation to change plugs what does the manufactor recommend?
Never mind, I figured it out and answered my own question through the "get an estimate" page...Doh!
I need to know how to change power steering pump on a 1998 Chrysler Sebring JX 2.5 v6
how do you recharge the ac on sebring 1996? is there a high pressure or is it the low pressure side?
i need to know how to replace my radiator by myself
I bought this car with 52k. It has always had a shimmy in the front and the steering wheel shakes. It worn out the tires on the front outside edges. I just put on new tires and alighnment, also new axels. After I put ...
what is the location of the Neutral Starter Safety Switch?
2001 Chrysler Sebring burning oil. I smell burning oil every time I drive the car. I smell it mostly when I turn off the engine.
a clunking sound in the body sturcture clunks when i take my foot comes off the brake. Doesent happen when car is cold. However i also hear a clunk at times when taking off from a stop light? the car was checked at 6...
Goodmorning My name is Heliana and I have a 2004 chyrsler sebring convertible and I would like to know when I have to chane my timing belt of my car????my e-mial is
how to reset oil light on 2010 sebring please let me know thank you
a/c compressor kicks in on defrost but doesn't when turned to a/c mode
no click. I have dome lights and dash lights but get absolutely nothing when I turn the key. Any ideas?
Just had some work done on my car, an oil pan replacement. Now, the first time I go to use my ac I discover it will only come out through the windshield vent. Same for the heater. Fan is fine, temp is fine-it will on...
how to change a timming belt how to release the tension
just started to occuer worked fine then went down and did not come up
The A/C doesn't work, it overheats and the cooling fan will not work. How do I know if the relays don't work or how do I test the fan?
i need a place to see the belt diagram crysler didnt give me a sticker
Check engine light came on in my convertiable at 87,000 miles. Now facing an internal controller at fault--computer brain has gone. Is 1000 dollars about right to replace and reprogram this item.
my gearshift is stuck in park . the car starts but wont shift gears
I am hearing a rattling or knocking sounds on the drivers side of my vehicle. I hear the noise at all speeds, but I can hear it better when I am driving on the streets rather than on the freeway. The dealer said it ...
My passenger seat wont lock into position. Just keep sliding to and fro. Can you help? Eugene
No codes, when I turn on the a/c it wants to stumble, and Idle goes up and down, When your driving its fine
Why wont my key turn?
When going to start the car, and the key is put in, the key wont let me turn it. Ive tried wiggling it, messing with the steering wheel, by moving it up and down. Somedays it turs, and somedays it doesnt...Uhgggg!!!
Car stuck in park. Cannot move to any other gear any solutions????
My check engine light has been on for a while now. I took it to a Schucks a while back and they told me it was an Oxygen sensor. I replaced it and the light went off. It is on again. When I turn the ignition on but do...
2004 sebring, engine light is on and the car starts to sputter while excellerating 10,20 etc. what is going on ?