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in the earlier 2.7 liter engines when the water pump would leak it would end up in the engines oil, ruining the engine, did chrysler fix this problem for the 2005 sebring 2.7 engine

did chrysler fix the sludging of oil in the 2005 sebring 2.7 liter engine and also the coolant from leaking in the oil pan when the water pumps leaks?thanks

I need to replace this motor. How much labor and money will this cost. It has a 3.0L

After driving the car for 15 minutes the rpms will drop to about 500 at a stoplight and the oil light will flash on and off. If I put the car in neutral the light will go off (rpms up to about 700). Sending unit issue? Oil pump issue? Idle issue?

This fuse blew. I tested it with an ohm meter, it has a short, a connection between each post and each post to the body. This is the bigger 20 amp fuse with an aluminum body (A stamp of 146 is on it). I replace the fuse and it blew immediately! What is the cause of this?
Please Help, it's my daughters car and the seat is to far back now for her to drive comfortably.

My car engine stays on after i turn the ignition off. this causes the battrey to die. what's wrong?

Thanks for the info. New to the site & missed the Estimator Tool. The only thing is is doesn't indicate that my Sebring has a distributor. I know that my 1996 4 Cyl. doesn't have one, but my 1998 6 cyl. does and I can get get no idea of price for it.

I just had a catalytic converter replaced on the car for $1,000 and now I need to have a distributor replaced and right front tied rod. The mechanic is quoting $2,000. This will include a fog lamp bulb, but I think the price is quite high. I live in Pennsylvania. Is this price reasonable?

I just bought a 2002 Chrysler sebring LXI and I have a code P0455. And while I was sitting the car shuts off it did this two times since I have bought it. I wanted to know what could this be. And how much will it cost me for repairs. I know the P0455 is a leak with the vac system. I just wanted to know what problems I could be having before I take it in to a shop for them to just start ringing up charges for labor. And could the P0455 have something to do with it shutting off? How would this effective the driving of the car. NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!

My 2001 Chrysler Sebring LXI 3.0l will not crank. We tried jumper cables to no avail. The dash lights will light up but no sound. Could it possibly be the alternator?

What constitutes a major tune-up?

cigarette lighters on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring GTC convertible don' work. Can't find a blown fuse in either fuse box. any suggestions?

My car is leaking transmission fluid but transmission is shifting fine. can you give me some ideas as to where it could be leaking from and a repair estimate?

I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring LXI 3.0L. The passenger side floor is wet in the front and back. Do you know what the problem might be? if it is antifreeze..what is the problem. What is the problem if it is water?

I was told that my vehicle needs repair to rear tires to keep them from coming off. the cost is $200 each tire, what is he talking about?

If my window regulator or motor goes out, am i still under warranty with 92000 miles on an 05' Sebring convertible?

worried about cost v quality


I recently had my brake fluid flushed and was charged $99($35 for parts & $64 for labor) and the power steering fluid exchanged for $120($75 for parts and $45 for labor).I was informed that since the fluids had never been changed that they degrade and should be changed.Was I correctly advised? Was I fairly charged? Please advise. Thanks, Louis

I'm replacing the air conditioning compressor and the old one is void of fluid. How do I know how much oil to put in the replacement unit? The book says to measure what comes out of the old one but that isn't going to help me.

Car was making some minor transmission noises and hard shifts. Before I got it in for repair it had a loud clunk and stopped. Now engine does not turn over either. Had routine maintenance done regularly and only has 95K miles. Is it just the tranny or could it have caused some kind of engine problem.

I have an oil leak and my dash oil light comes on as I brake to a stop. The engine oil is full and I do not hear any engine noise with the light on. Can anyone tell me what is wrong and approximate cost of a repair.

The car alarm is causing the battery to drain down. How do i disconnect the alarm?

Is this something that still could be under manufacture warranty especially since my vehicle is less than 70,000 miles? Isn't this something that should be covered under Chryslers model warranty?

when start car her rattling noise

the window had ice on it, i didn't know it, when I went to roll it down it jumped off track, it took it apart and put it back on track, but it came off again

Just visited jiffy lube for an oil change. Car was running fine until I left shop now check engine light is on. Checked gas cap. Still on. Could they have done something to cause this?

where is the plug in port for this car

On a 2008 Sebring Convertable, the passenger door suddenly has been making contact with the front fender and has buckled the fender badly. Looking at other like Sebrings, I am seeing the exact same damage on both driver and passenger sides. Why are these doors suddenly hitting the fenders? It has to be a common problem because I have seen 4 Sebrings with the exact same damage. I can't find a recall. Are the hinges weak? Was is the cause?

Code: p0137 'bank 1 sensor 2'

Where is bank 1 located on this '01, 2.7 L v6 sebring? and how will I know which sensor is sensor number 2?