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car is overheating. have replaced (2) cooling fan switches, and also replaced the radiator cap twice. it's still overheating.
Hard to start, rough idle or will not, hesitation, error code 0300. Once up past idle speed of maybe 1200 rpm runs fine. 2.4L
hi,my sebring will shut off while driving after awhile,sometimes it sputters like its going to shut off and then will keep going,but mostly it shuts off.What can this be??/
I have white smoke coming out the exhaust pipe when in idle and while driving.
intake flap stuck open
How do you remove & install the rear motor mount on a 2002 Chrysler Seabring 2.7L V-6
4 door 2003 sebring wanting to know how much it would cost to have window put back on track. Motor seems to still work when I use the window control.
fuel pump fuse,20amp blew, replacement blew.40 amp fuse seems to work, what could be the problem.
i want to know how ofter should i change the oil
just started yesterday will go in reverse but wont move when given gas
please can you tewll me where the raditor drain plug is located on my 2004 chrysler seibring and how difficult it is to get to it. sincerly rosanne bell
Power windows do not go up. And 30 amp underhood fuse blows as soon as the ignition key is turned on. We had both doors disconnected and it still blows. So I want to know if there is anything else on that circuit t...
The fuse that runs the radio/interior lights/elec locks blows when I try to replace it. So needless to say I have a dark car in the mornings, no radio and have to reach over to unlock for my kids each time. Any idea...
started fine earlier and now nothing, won't start at all not even turn over, lights and everything work fine all that comes on inside is the oil light
How do I access passenger side rear window in order to repair it?
I would like to know how to get your car repaired if it has a recall and your not the first owner and the recall date has pasted. Is there a dead line for recalls? Also how can one check if the car recevied the recall...
Car starts up fine, but when you put it in gear (Automatic) the car will engage for about 1 min, you can drive but then will disengage. Place the car in park and try again and the same thing happens. Right before this...
Okay, when i start my car i will let it run for a few sec-mins then it will shut off, so i'll start it again and it will go,some times if i am driving below 35mph it will shut off, luckily it has not happen on the fre...
airbag light is on while engine is running. hope its not to expensive for repair.
how to replace water pump
Check engine light came on and the car cut off and started right back up twice I don't have a diagnostic code.
I cannot get my car out of park. It's not the brake light switch, because the brake lights come on. I don't think it's the brake safety switch. If my foot's not on the brake, the gear shift only moves left to rig...
why does my car shut off when the a/c is on? it doesnt shut off right away though, and the service engine light does not come on either??? when the a/c is off it runs a little bit better but it does shut off from ti...
How to replace ignition switch cly, seems like the tumblers are stuck or worn
Car stalls out in reverse? I dont know whats going on?
my car has been overheating and I had the thermostat replace as well as the coolant system sensor but it is still overheating.The first mechanic that replaced the thermostat said that air keeps getting into the coolan...
I think my timing is off on my 2001 chrysler sebring 2.7 leter, V6. Is there any pictures to show how it is suppose to be???
car can not be taken out of park. Is the gear shift module/shifter assembly covered under the power train warranty