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i can always hear wind noise specially from the top of front winshield,this is a convertible,also a lot of air on the side windows.

help find a cat converter cheap cheap cheap pleaze help us!!!!!

Since it died, I have had the cam sensor and crank sensor and coil pack replaced. Before those were replaced, spark plug 1 was getting fire, after replacing all of that, none of them are firing. The timing belt is tdc so I have no clue what else it could be.

i replaced thermostat and the water outlet bleeder vavle and i still have air trap in the system and still over heating check engine light for temperature circiut high input on could it be the water pump or im i bleeding it properly ive replaced the water pump year ago the engine overheats and the temp is at N O T only steam come out of the bleeder valve no coolant im bleeding it by the book its looks like its not circulating upper hose has pressure and resvior is full of coolant

if i take to a mechanic, how much would that be? with labor included of course. thanx

a brand bew battery will go dead in amatter of 6 or 7 hours some shops say it might be a module but they want a lot money to fix it but wont give any kind guarancee thats the cause can you help please

air stopped blowing cold so put refrigerant in it and noticed a 1/2 inch gash in metal hose that comes off ac compressor. has this happened to amyone else or does amyone know why this would happen? also how do u get that hose off it goes into the carragie that houses the fan in the front bumper.

I didn't see a catagory for Sebring convertibles and there are a lot of them on the road. I need to replace the motor that raises and lowers the convertible top. Can you help me with an estimate to do that? Thank You

car just didn't start one day. replaced starter (it was rough inside anyway) when i hooked a new battery up i noticed a strong spark off the negative. the panel says "no bus" after several tries. had a few transmision codes 740 and 700 after a few hundred miles from reseting at a trans shop, but no stored codes in now. left battery un hooked until i can figure out whats stoping the starter from turning over.

how much should I pay for labor to install a water pump

I have a 2002 sebring with thw dreaded 2.7l engine. I have had it for a year and a half and have gotten routine maintenance done on it . I went for my 60,000 mile check and evreything looked great. They replaced two belts and did the brake s. Everything checked out fine. Just about a month or two layter i suddenly had a knocking noise. I took it in they listend to it with the hood up and adjusted the throttle to hear it and said it is my rod bearing. I have had threee other mechanics tell me the sam e thing. I stopped driving it as soo n as the first mechanic told me it was rod bearing. The other day i had a compression test done on it and was told it was good . So that means no piston damage? Not sure what it means . I noticed a plug that was coated with a white residue and looked like a hook at the tip. Now I do not know a lot about cars but I was reading the book and did research online and it seems like maybe it is not my rod bearing? or at least could be something else? spark knocking or another cause...not sure ?? I was first told to replace the engine then saw how expensive it would be . then I was going to have mine rebuilt but if it is only the rod then it can be replaced with the engine still in the car. At this point is there more I can test that will not cost me much or do further damage to the engine?? This engine is prone to oil sludge even with regular maintenance .

i usually have it flushed yearly

how do you replace the alternator/power steering belt

And My 97 sebring jxi is approaching the 125K mark and is acting up. My fuel guage would read 100 miles til empty, but then a mile or two later, will read 70. Found out my battery was dead and dry. Replaced battery a month ago, seemed to fix the problem, until a week ago. I was losing fuel/ remaining mileage much faster. Usually it would occur when I accelerated, but now it happens while I idle or even start my car.

The oil pressure light has been on intermittently when I drive and am idling (even when full) for the past 3 months. I've also been experiencing a hard down shift and feeling a bit of hesitation when accelerating. That's been happening for a month or so. A day ago, I had 70 miles left on my guage, I went to start up yesterday and got nothing but a display on the odometer and on the radio display. The odometer said "no bus" and the radio display said "CCD". I was told it could all be relegated to a problematic or dead PCM or ECU. Any help or explanation is greatly appreciated :)

I replaced my transmission cooler with a universal. When poking the attachment things thru the A/C radiator thing and thru the radiator, I have a leak. Coming from the front of the car to the back, 1st is the tranny cooler, then 2nd a radiator thing, and 3rd another radiator thing. What is the #2 thing in my description, cause that is what now is leaking thru a fin. Need to know what kind of sealer to get for what peice of the car. HELP PLEASE! Thank you. You have helped me tremendously with other questions. XXOO Thank you, Robbin Young



How do I disengage the factory alarm system on my 1998 Sebring JXI Convertible. The red light keeps flashing on the dash and the word "deck" flashes opposite the odometer reading on the digital odometer on the dash above the digital drive indicator on the dash instrument panel. The car won't start at all. The starter doesn't engage at all when I turn the key. The electric door locks are disabled as well as the elec. trunk release inside the console. I tried the prescribed unlocking the doors with the key but nothing is working. Please help.

my a/c is acting up pretty bad. it starts blowing from the a/c front vents then by itself it starts blowing from the heater vents. its switches constantly. It hot in TX and i need it resolved quick.

what is the general labor cost for replacing a water pump

Why would my fans not come on when the car gets hot

the interior light has no switch but just started recently where it won't dim off when I shut the door..I've tried to take the bulb out but its not easy..why is this happening? is it an electrical problem??

replacing the bushing

how much to replace tranny

loud rattle over pas.rear wheel they said it was a cover that hold the strut is this a big problem and should this cost alot thanks

What type of bolts secure the calipers, Star? Allen?, etc

i started my car this morning and i heard a pop noise,car shut off.i started it back up,the engine light and battery light came are u1110,u1120,po562 and po700

My brakes suddenly failed. There was a hole in the right side brake hose caliper. The brake fluid drained out. Fortunately, I was near a service center and avoided an accident. The brake hose was in close proximity and rubbing against the arm assembly which caused the brake hose to wear and fail. Is there a TSB on this problem because the mechanic says that the failure was due to poor design in location of the brake hose? Also, They are asking for $230 to repair the problem. Am I being fairly charged? Thanks, Louis

any chance someone with a littli mechanical ability can replace this ac compressor

im getting no check engine timing belt & water pump.oil & filter change less than 500mi ago with 10 w 40quaker state high mileage. 120000 actual. could it be anything besides weak lifters? and its a 2.7