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how do i replace transaxle bearing on a automatic , can i pull the bearing off after removing the output shalts or ? thanks
When the Headlights are off the brake lights work, but when I turn the headlights on during the night time, the brake lights don't work. The running lights work but when you press the brakes they dont work.. I've been...
There is a loud squeking noise that occurs when you turn the steering wheel all the time and today I heard a small squeak that souns like it is coming from under the front end. What could this be?
im not sure what pulley i am looking at but it is rattleing and needs to be replace but i dont see a tensioner pulley or would i remove the belt and then replace the pulley. both idle pulley look the same bu...
I have a knocking sound in the engine of my car. Can you tell me what could this be and if i get a new engine how much am i looking at?
my guages have quit. Both tach AND speedometer- any ideas??
horn blows and alarm goes off when unlocking door and going down the road after the alarm goes off
what causes car to idle high and jerk forward with foot on brake when stop and/or slowing down
How much should it cost to replace both upper rear control arms?
I have a loud noise coming from somewhere in my car. It doesn't do it all the time but it sounds like a very loud squeeking noise. I can here it when I go slowly and also at times when I turn and or brake. Two mechani...
I was quoted $550.00 to replace the coolant housing, oxygen sensor and the engine light diagnostic test.Is that high? This is through a regular shop, not a dealer.
Did not repairing my coolant housing for several months cause my oxygen sensor to go bad?
i have a 2006 sebring and i was trying to open my hood when i pulled the hood release latch a silver piece of metal came out and now my hood won't open. how can i open my hood?
my check engine light went on and the car stayed in what it seems first gear, no shifting, i tought it could be the camshaft sensor and after changing it the car worked well for a day,then today all repeat itselfe, li...
Almost everytime I drive my car at some point while I'm slowing down or at a complete stop, my engine will stall, than I will start it right back up again. I had an auto specialist scan it, couldnt get a reading. My...
Clattering sound like a box of rocks thrown into the engine. used to be sporadic and only on really cold mornings but this summer it does it in the afternoon and mornings and I am in Houston 100 Degrees. Goes away af...
How do you get to the inside bolt to remove and replace the coolant air bleeder? If you have to raise up the intake manifold, do you have to replace the gaskets?
Where is a Thermostat located on this vehicle?
Recently started having a drive train noise when driving 45 MPH and above. (Transmission in 3rd and OD) Engine runs good. Transmission shifts good. Had wheel bearings checked. Mechanic dosn't know what the problem is.
engine light cameon,had tech check it out with his computer.found o/2 sensor bad,after cat.converter,replace with new now engine won't start? all lights and power windows sound from engine not even a cranking ...
my windshield has small "sparkly" dots in it that are very visible and annoying in the sunlight. Dealer says it has something to do with the sun protection in the glass. seems to be getting more and more.
I was wondering if anyone has changed a thermostat on a 2003 Chrysler Sebring w/ 2.7 liter engine? I got under the hood and removed three bolts but had a pesky fourth bolt located directly beneath the intake manifold...
Every time I get up to 40 mph the engines sounds very loud !It's been doing this for over a year now I thought it was the muffler but you can't hear it outside as well as you can on the inside of the car , ever since ...
My car has a vibration in the front when I apply the brakes, to slow down or come to a stop.
When the car does start the rpm needle will shoot up and back down. Sometimes it will shut down, other times not. The code that came up is P0700 Transaxle control system fault. Will this cause the starting problem?
how to adjust headlights up and down on 2008 sebring
where is the best place to get another oil pan
my blinker is signalling to the right no matter where the lever is. any ideas?
crankshaft and cam bearings shot due to oil pump failure. where can this be repaired or rebuilt motor be installed. Is it worth it for a JXi convertible in otherwise excellent condition? thank you