PT cruiser 2005 2.4 liter

originally the last place that worked on my car put the thermistat in upside down. Now I've changed the timing belt, head gasket, coil package, censors, plugs, and still nothing. Between parts for the car, and a rental...I'm going broke fast! Help

only does it when i stop and drive

for a 2003 2.4 L 4 Cylinder PT Cruiser

I have an automatic 2003 Pt cruiser. While driving it yesterday it started to jerk like it slipped gears about 3 times and then something popped. I coasted to a stop, engine was still running but won't move in drive or reverse. Checked transmission fluid it was fine. My step-father was able to get it to go just enough to get it loaded on his trailer to haul home. I dont know anything about cars so any help would be appreciated.

least amount of required service required

Had cruise added to car early aug.Next morning & every morning since it is hard to shift from park to reverse (or drive). After 30+minute shifting id fine.Sometimes happens later after car sits for hrs.VERY hard after car parked for 4 days. Problem related to installing cruise? don't believe dealer who says coincidence. Please advise re problem. replace shifter cable? trans flush? Thank you.

Do we need to fix it?

On fanbelt side upper and lower

should i replace both

Blows fuse when heater is turned on.

2.4liter auto trans

i have a warranty on my pt on its powertrain thru the dealer i bought the car. One of the stipulations is i haxe to have it inspected thru them to have this warranty free of charge. My question is how often are you suppose to have it inspected?

The engine light came on and the code was for the PCM. The car still runs. Should I replace it now or wait?

I have replaced the thermostat and it still happens from time to time


light just stopped work while I was driving No left, right or haz lights is it a fuse? and which one?

found the oil, and transmission but not the power steering

I replaced plugs and wires due to missing. After this
I got the codes.

Its giving me an active code of (01/01 passanger squib #1 circuit shorted. ive tried clearing the code and it wont, what needs to be replaced? thank you

need to know how to change the battery. its still the factory battery. what is nthe procedure to take old one out.

to change gears. RPM stays the same. Around 3 RPM. Cannot drive normally. Stays same like it wants to go but it can't.
Please advise. Is it the transmission? Not good. Something is up. Dealership is too expensive.

fan does not work with air condition on does it mean fan is faulty.

What type of repair is needed when the engine is running on only 3 Does it need the whole engine replaced? We were quoted $5,000 to $6,000 and this seems awfully high. My e-mail is unkltrin@yahoo.com. Thanks

my head and tail light work fine.so whats going on with the fog lights? the light on my dash that tells me when the fog lights are on stop working too.

I had my drive belts replaced because I was heard some noise but now after the repair I hear a loud noise coming from the same area. What could this be? And its consiant

Car starts normally. Then airbag light comes on and I get a gong. Everything except power windows and AC Blower operate OK.
I have checked those fuses I can easily reach including the power window fuse. Where else can I look?

hard vibration

the owner said he thought timing belt was bad.said it was backfiring and missing.wouldn't run when i went and got it.i got it apart and its only off 1 tooth. is that enough to keep it from running.

It started lightly smoking yesterday next to the radiator on the passenger side once i turned it off it wouldnt start again and it sounded electrical so i had the battery tested and it came back bad so i replaced it and while doing so i blew the IOD fuse so i replaced it and it still wont start