My car was making a squeking noise when I turned. SO checked powersteering fluid it was empty I refilled it still not turning. Then I noticed there was leak under right front tdire.

I have just installed a power outlet in the rear of my 2008 PT Cruiser base model. The user manual says it should be hot all of the time. Unfortunately, it shuts off when the car does. I have shifted the number 11 fuse to see if that fixed it...Nope. Any other suggestions?

the engine failed, it sat for a while. finally got the engine replaced. now i only have brake lights. i have ground signal. no power. battery goes dead overnight.

After I replaced the timing belt it was running fine. I saw that the two motor mounts needed to be changed as well so I did. When I went to start car I dont hear the fuel pump engage and the car only cranks. When you turn the key the fuel guage goes to full then all the way below empty. There is 1/2 tank of fuel. No codes other than that the battery has been disconnected in last 50 starts. What should I be looking at next? or is the fuel pump dead?

is it my battery cables?

was driving down the interstate, when car spuddered twice and died. now it has no fire at all and i've changed the oil switch what else could cause this to happen?

was driving down the interstate, when car spuddered twice and died. now it has no fire at all to the spark plugs and i have changed the oil pressure switch. there are no codes showing now. does anyone have a idea of what it could be......?????? need answer asap!!!! :(

Idle is rough and vibrates quite a bit, runs good under acceleration although it does lag a little if you have to get on the gas very hard. Pulled the plugs and they look good, no deposits or anything. Not pulling any codes.

rotor grooved beyond turning

watere pump is leaking

At stop lights gage goes up back down when driving

pulled over twice &turned off ignition and started again & it helped a little but it stuttered again in a few minutes. Just had my spark plugs & wires changed 2 months ago & sway bar links & bushings changed as well. Any ideas? I thought it was going to actually die on me on the road.

mileage 47,760 car only 6 yrs old

This would be the light at the shift lever

all of a sudden, the car started overheating, the windshield wipers and turn signals would not work, nor would the heat blow out hot air. Also, the manual did not specify which fuse is connected with these problems. what can cause this problem all at once?

want to know common evaporation sytem control failure might be?

It also freezing up won't go up or down sometimes

The engine sounds like misfiring air comming from the manifolds at reving 2000 rpm and will not go higher then 2500rpm. Took manifold off and backfire came from the second manifold hole from left to right. Car will not go more then 30 miles per hour because of missfires, will just putter at 30mph misfiring? Too many codes to mention (At Autozone), changed plugs and air filter. Check engine light on. Any help?

the grinding is from the front passenger side wheel. what could b wrong

i have replaced shocks ,,,axels ,,,,wheel bearings .....seems as if Chrysler should have front end recalls......61,000 miles and car falling apart....2 sets tires in 12,000 miles ...... Not right,,,would never buy cruiser again....

Timing belt broke while driving over 50 mph.
Not sure if broke any valves. Can't tell until replace belt.
Is the 2.4 engine interferance or non interferance?

I have a 2009 PT Cruiser non turbo . I've had this problem 2 months ago the light came on and not long after that it started jolting backing i don't know what you would call it, took it to auto zone and the cam sensor needed to be replaced so i replaced it and everything was fine. Hadn't had a problem til today the light came on and my dad and i took it to auto zone to get a code and there was no code. I drove it all day today and it was fine it drove like normal.It has 58,000 miles on it. Also my power steering was a bit low so my dad just filled it but the light was still on after. My question is if there is no code and it drove fine then what could it be?

This happen at night when I get ready to go home and in the morning.

i have bought a book and everything and i still cant find it can you help

i have purchased a new ignition cylinder and replaced it. - it still does the same thing. the new key and cylinder are somewhat loosely turning inside there. there is no tension or spring action returning the key when you turn it all the way to engage starter. how can I start my car?? im stranded!!

Replace Seal an addition timing belt

I had trouble with driver seat mechanism and now air bag light stays on, why?

Took my cruiser to be repaird, car switches off while driving or sitting still and jerks. I have never had a check engine light to come on. The mechanic states that the computer is bad in the car and it's what's causing my car to run the way it is. Can anyone tell me if this is true?


it seems i use alot of gas ,i can go 45 miles and use a quarter of a tank,does anyone else feel this also? my display panel has partial light,i cant see my gas gauge,on the left, till i turn overhead lights on, i can see odometer, but cant see the right side gauge. also my headlights have very poor lighting,what can improve them..sorry ,hope you can understand my questions