I have a 2009 PT Cruiser non turbo . I've had this problem 2 months ago the light came on and not long after that it started jolting backing i don't know what you would call it, took it to auto zone and the cam sensor needed to be replaced so i replaced it and everything was fine. Hadn't had a problem til today the light came on and my dad and i took it to auto zone to get a code and there was no code. I drove it all day today and it was fine it drove like normal.It has 58,000 miles on it. Also my power steering was a bit low so my dad just filled it but the light was still on after. My question is if there is no code and it drove fine then what could it be?

This happen at night when I get ready to go home and in the morning.

i have bought a book and everything and i still cant find it can you help

i have purchased a new ignition cylinder and replaced it. - it still does the same thing. the new key and cylinder are somewhat loosely turning inside there. there is no tension or spring action returning the key when you turn it all the way to engage starter. how can I start my car?? im stranded!!

Replace Seal an addition timing belt

I had trouble with driver seat mechanism and now air bag light stays on, why?

Took my cruiser to be repaird, car switches off while driving or sitting still and jerks. I have never had a check engine light to come on. The mechanic states that the computer is bad in the car and it's what's causing my car to run the way it is. Can anyone tell me if this is true?


it seems i use alot of gas ,i can go 45 miles and use a quarter of a tank,does anyone else feel this also? my display panel has partial light,i cant see my gas gauge,on the left, till i turn overhead lights on, i can see odometer, but cant see the right side gauge. also my headlights have very poor lighting,what can improve them..sorry ,hope you can understand my questions

I purchased the car from the original owner and it was very well taken care of. It's a fully loaded Limited Edition. I had my mechanic check everything and he says it's in great condition. He told me to find out if the belt has ever been replaced as a preventative measure, as of now there are no problems or symptoms pertaining to the timing belt. I thought he only asked me about that because maybe these cars are known to having problems with the timing belt once they hit a certain amount of miles.

My check engine light started to come on. It would go out on its own. Now it also occ flashes. I had the spark plugs and wires replaced and then coil pack replaced. It came on again when the car was idling in driveway for several minutes as well as at a stop light for a period of time. When I accelerate the flashing light promptly goes back out or back to solid. Now it is pretty much staying on again, alternating w short periods of flashing (mostly when sitting at a light, etc). The codes were showing misfires in cylinders. Oddly, now my airbag light is staying on. I am in the process of trading my car in so I don't need the inconvenience of lights on or costly repairs. Obviously, the engine light reflecting a problem will impact the value at trade-in. The local mechanic is at a bit of a loss.

do I need a new battery or can something else be wrong. I had a battery jump last week and the car started. now it won't after a jump

crankshaft sensor replacement cost?

climate control light on2002 pt cruiser

climate controllight on 2002 pt cruiser

when i put it into gear it seems to be slipping all fluid is full and good color. when i let the pedal out in first it just like idles and doesnt even stall out like my clutch isnt engaging. its like this through all the gears.autozone says i need a knock sensor replaced

A mechanic checked it for me and said it is telling him it is a missfire problem. I notice also, that the engine compartment is very hot - the hood is hot to the touch. The temp gauge is at the halfway mark

where is the cabin air filter on a 2002 pt cruser

that will fit my 2007 pt crusier. goes in all the gears 1-5..... but will not go into reverse....done some research on this & found out that the bushings do go out!!! thank ya'll in advance.

we have replaced headgasket rad waterpump timmingbelt kit thermostat we had the head reworked hoses belts everything after all that it still running hot.

Fuses look good. I can't find a headlamp relay

About 9 wks and 1750 miles later. Now I've started a small coolant and oil leak I'm seeing on the driveway from the Rt. side. Could this have any thing to due with the repairs or something new. PT is an 01 with over 97500 miles on it.


whats the easiest way to replace alternator in 01 pt cruiser?

I'm trying to surprise my husband with new front floor mats for Christmas. They are no longer available through Chrysler. His car color is Shale Green and the original floor mats were "dark taupe." I don't know what color to order to try to match them -- and I don't know whether to include a grommet or not. HELP! Thank you!

or does it automatically reset when problem solved.

The parts are new. please include labor cost as well.

In the well closest to the oil filler cap, there is oil. There's no burning oil on the engine, so I don't think it's a crack in te engine. Any ideas on what it is and how to clean it?

P0613 code. Took car to transmission shop. They replaced the TCM with an after market unit. Took a week to get and had to be programmed by Chrysler. Failed the next morning and went back into limp in mode and displayed P0613 code again. Repair shop replaced TCM with Chrysler OEM part and had them program it again. Failed 5 hours later. Same P0613 code. Back in the shop at Chrysler. I can turn off power and it resets after about 2-3 shutdowns. Transmission shifts smoothly after reset. Pulling my hair out!!!!!!

the rear hatch release touch pad is broken and has been confirmed by the shop. How do I replace it so i don't have to pay the shop $400?