was driving 2001 pt cruiser blinking battery light came on replaced battery but light still blinking. Replaced alternator but battery light still blinking what could be the problem

Oil pressure light continue to come on so I would like to replace the oil pressure/sending switch

Sounds almost like a jet engine, with a hint of a whine, at all speeds; runs a bit sluggish, and seems to burn fuel faster than usual. Mechanic said catalytic converter was blocked and he unclogged it, which helped when it was much more sluggish (it actually chugged along); but engine is still very loud.

hi, I noticed that my girlfriend pt cruise did not have any tail lights or brake lights, but the third brake light works fine. can someone tell me what this could be? thanks

System cools for a little bit then cycles and lug the motor down when it cycle on the off.

I drove the car on Saturday and it fine until we got closer to the house. The oil light came on and then it turned off and the car started running really funny. Then we hard a knocking sound in the engine. Once we got home we added a quart and a half of oil and let it run through the engine and the knocking sound got lower. Then we let the car sit all night and woke up the next checked the oil levels again and they were fine. We started the car to see if it was still knocking and when you press the accelerator it was knocking. What is wrong with my car and how much will it cost to get fixed?

came out to start car, after running it an hour earlier, will not start, it will crank but wont start,

My car started shifting up and or down with out me doing it. I have checked all my fluids and there fine. When it kicks down it feels as if my engine has just dropped out from underneath my car.. Or my rpm's are wanting to get in the ranges of 3-5 b4 shifting. I thought it was transmission but it only does it occasionally. My fluids are fine.. What can this be? Please I need help on this one.


Constantly getting a code po325 but when I check oil it checks find

I was told it could be bearing than I was told the bearing are sealed.

when engine is running it makes a screeching type noise also was told that their is play in the turbine shaft

The light was on one other time, but it went off after a couple of days. This time, the traction control light has been on for more than 2 weeks. I noticed the steering wheel shuddering when I brake at higher speeds. I believe the light came on when I put the car in reverse and started backing up before releasing the brake. Is there a way for me to turn this light off? I just bought this car used, and it had no books.

While I was driving down the high way my cars speed stated to decrease rapidly, it completly stopped, as I was stepping on the gas petal!! When I tried to start it, it would not start back up at all!! A week before that it over heated but once I turned the car off then back on it worked fine...can someone plz help and explain what happen??..I need a car and need to know what's going on

Just purchased a 2001 PT Cruiser. Driver side heated seat switch flashes & seat doesn't get hot. Passenger side works fine. Any ideas ???

My vehicle leaks oil it seems to be coming from front oil seal. i would like to know repair procedure

and how do i fix the bcm

i get my battery charged,and the charge will only last one day,as i said the lights and the locks jump on and off all the time,they tested my battery,starter,and alternator and everything was alright in that area,what could be the problem of the battery looseing it's juice overnite?

Changed oil thursday and it was 3 qts low. It is smoking like a train

it has never happened before and there was no noise or acting funny

I changed the plugs & wires and it stilles gives me the po301 code. Could it be the idle control valve. Please tell me how to change it. when i changed the plugs the #1 & 3 plugs had a burnt electrod so those cylinders seem to be fireing.

I have noticed it just every once in a while, but if I stop and restart the PT while on, it goes off. Everything runs fine. I noticed it the after I got the oil changed for the first time, but the oil level is okay?

My car was making a squeking noise when I turned. SO checked powersteering fluid it was empty I refilled it still not turning. Then I noticed there was leak under right front tdire.

I have just installed a power outlet in the rear of my 2008 PT Cruiser base model. The user manual says it should be hot all of the time. Unfortunately, it shuts off when the car does. I have shifted the number 11 fuse to see if that fixed it...Nope. Any other suggestions?

the engine failed, it sat for a while. finally got the engine replaced. now i only have brake lights. i have ground signal. no power. battery goes dead overnight.

After I replaced the timing belt it was running fine. I saw that the two motor mounts needed to be changed as well so I did. When I went to start car I dont hear the fuel pump engage and the car only cranks. When you turn the key the fuel guage goes to full then all the way below empty. There is 1/2 tank of fuel. No codes other than that the battery has been disconnected in last 50 starts. What should I be looking at next? or is the fuel pump dead?

is it my battery cables?

was driving down the interstate, when car spuddered twice and died. now it has no fire at all and i've changed the oil switch what else could cause this to happen?

was driving down the interstate, when car spuddered twice and died. now it has no fire at all to the spark plugs and i have changed the oil pressure switch. there are no codes showing now. does anyone have a idea of what it could be......?????? need answer asap!!!! :(

Idle is rough and vibrates quite a bit, runs good under acceleration although it does lag a little if you have to get on the gas very hard. Pulled the plugs and they look good, no deposits or anything. Not pulling any codes.