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The service techs think it is the starter, but they couldn't do the diagnostic test because it started. I put a new battery in about 2 months ago, and it's been working perfect. I put gas into it this morning and when to start it and it was dead.

happens every time you start the car

I was driving, and it shut off, it has also been idling funny when the ac is on

i don't have much money but need the car for work, any suggestions

no thermostat, no side mirrors working and all others reading ok

Today while turning at a stop light my car started to shake. I turned around and headed to the closes place that would know something. Again while accellerating it started to shake.. a minute later it stopped.. it seems to be doing this each time.. then stops... any ideas??

The other two mount have been replaced but the mid was has been a problem getting replaced

car was missing and slow to climb hills light came on changed plugs ran good for a couple of days then right back to samething and light back on

This pt has never had any problems other then replacing a battery and a starter. A great little car!

When driving on the road and I hit bumps, the car rides great, but if I hit a pot hole that is small to medium the car seems to bottom out most in the rear of the car. Can you help.

So today I had my radiator replaced along with the thermostat and its housing. However, I noticed as I was driving it home that it would not shift. When I stopped park it and put it back to drive it would lurch forward rather harshly so I took it to auto zone to check for engine light codes (since my engine light doesn't work) and I got code 731 and 1193. I want to know what happened, what could have cause this problem? and if I should take it back to the mechanic because, after all, I never had this sort of problem until I left the shop today. Thanks!

some one told me that sens my car is from2005 and have 112000 miles that i have to change timing belt before the engine blowsout.

some one told me that sens my car is from 2005 and have 112000 miles that is time to change the timeing belt so the engine dont blowout.

We try the panic button but not made a sound check the fuse is still not working.

is it possibly the transmission solenoid or just an issue with the shifter like maybe the pin came out that holds the shifter in place? this is my only mode of transportation - please help!

I have an 02 PT cruiser and I'm trying to purchase tie rod ends. However, I noticed that there are two kinds: The ones for firm feel and standard suspensions. How do I determine which one my car has? Thanks!

I have an '02 PT cruiser and everytime I turn the steering wheel (either side), I hear a loud growl/grinding noise coming from the front end of the vehicle. From previous oil changes, the mechanic has told me to replace the inner tie rod and the ball joint. Could these be the culprits or is this part of another problem? Thanks!

I entered a receipt for a single tire, but learned later it was not for my car but for somebody altogether different.

car over heat when air condition is on

this has been going on for about a week now while driveing at 55-60 mph when it cut out the speedometer and tach loose power for 1-2 second with the motor cutting out, and the cruise light coming off and on?

I was told my breaks were metal on metal and needed to be immediately repaired.

i have after market urethane bushings that i would like to put on my care and need to know how much it would cost for the labor

tie rod replace

My PT Cruiser is 10 1/2 years old, but has under 49,000 miles on it. It is mostly city driving (San Francisco; lots of hills). I have recently noticed a squeaking noise that is usually only noticeable when there are passengers in the car. Any idea of likely cause? New shocks or bushings needed?

I can purchase the headlamp assembly (passenger and driver side) for around $80. It looks pretty complicated and time consuming to do the job myself. What is the fare market cost for the labor to have this done?

does my car need coolant, or could a fan or temperature gauge be causing this?

not engine light... today i started my car and the ac didn't come on, windows didn't work or signal lights. i stopped it and everything is working again

Appears to only miss, studder when ac is in operation. Also hesitates when accelerating from idle but only with ac running. Check engine light is not lit.

Car runs hot with a/c on and when stopped at light car will run hot until I start moving again then slowly cools down

check engine light on tramisson not shifting