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what are the odds that flushing the heater core will eliminate me having to buy a new heater core? and when a heater core goes doesn't it usually leak or just break in the fins or welds?
there is no power to any of the 3 cigerette lighters & i have checked & double checked all the fuses & none are blown
i have a 01 PT Cruiser with no heat the upper and lower rad hoses are hot as well the in and out lines for the heater core are hot, it has also had a rad flush and rad cap replaced still no heat the temp gauge is at h...
PTCruiser has 105,000 miles. Car stalled suddenly, now itwill not start. It cranks but will not turn over
I have 64k miles on my pt should I change my serpentine belt...thanks
Where is best detailed procedure to do this at home?
Car cannnot be driven as the forward gears just slip. Is this that the transmission needs to be serviced or replaced?
Could stalling be caused by a cylinder malfunction or is it something else?
this problem just started , when i get in the car first thing in the moring and put it in D it doesnt move for about a minute . my car has 105,000 miles dont know if tranmission fluid and filter have ever been changed...
Where are fuse boxes located on 2002 pt cruise?
there's adequate oil in my engine but my oil light keeps coming on, after running for a while and shutting engine off, oil light stays off till next day when the same thing happens again.
my car has recently developed this problem,my car's oil light comes on then on the following engine start it's off, but after awhile running, engine light comes on, car begins to jerk and won't rev up or accelerate mo...
smoke coming from heating/AC vents with sweet smell
Car will not start, but battery is not dead.
2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser, 4cyl , Automatic 90000 miles... Blower works good when car is cold, engine warms up and blower sounds like it's running normal, but virtually no air comes out from the vents. On all settings...
Parking brake doesn't go off on my car,When I go over 50 and press the brake it went off before,Now it just stays on.It doesn't drag and wheels aren't locked.What could be the cause and solution to this?
i had a car come in and the timing belt was broken. so i replaced it and the car ran just fine for about 3 days and it was broght back to me with the check engine light on. i hooked my scanner up to it an it showes th...
can you include changing of timing belt with this estimate ?
When I start the engine I can smell a strong odor of gas. No visible dripping or loss of gas noted on gas gauge. Is this a real problem ?
I am noticing that the front tires of my car are dirtier than the ones in the back and just want to know why?
so i replaced thermostat flused engine and rad it was fine for about a month. It ran hot again i flused rad again and replaced thermostat again. that lasted two weeks no steam out the exsaust and fans are good so from...
First occurrence of issue. Cold (15 degrees F) temperature start up - saw check engine light on - and has stayed on. Used scan tool to find two DTC's P0128 & P0303. Can you determne what is wrong just from this (& ...
What is the cost of doing both of these services, the 120000 scheduled maintenance and replacing the water pump at the same time?
There is a grinding noise from a fron wheel bearing.
My 2006 PT cruiser vibrates everytime i accelerate. I just had the spark plugs changed and I had all 4 tires replaced with new ones and it still have the same problem. It does runs good except when I accelerate, I fee...
my air bag light stays on, a/c, power windows & headlights does not work on my 04 chrysler pt cruiser, problem started yesterday
the dvd was working right before .once the battery was changed everything else works but the dvd. took it to the dealer who said it was most likely a coincidence and there are no codes for a chrysler for this type of ...
Ive got everything took off like all bolts but i dont have room to get motor mounts off so i can get to waterpump help triump68
when im driving, there is a clunking noise under the right front when i roll over a bump. What can this be?