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I am puting on a new head gaskey and while i had head off i would like it to be check with the vales to make sure they ok what would be a ruff cost to do that

How can I findout if the recalls on my PT Cruiser have been fixed?

The heater get baely warn in the windshield and is cold around the toe area. The Chrysler dealership charged me $90 to tell that I MIGHT need to drain and get new antifreeze in the car and have the thermostat replaced for a total of $430.00. That MIGHT fix the problem. For that price I probable wont let them fix it but I feel like they charged me to much to tell me that .

It seams to handle Better if the trac light is not light.

looking for arebuild kit for the turbo

The car will use 2 qt. of oil on a short trip.

cleared code and it came back. Is there a problem with after market parts for this car

OK before the car wash. Brakes harder to apply, car rolls before stopping.

it kicks but won't start. Sounds kind of hollow.

It has just stopped working

Seat stopped working.

what other parts need to be taken off before the pump

to change turbo, now they are thinking gasket head. oil is leaking have to put oil every other day

The noise the car makes is very loud

Does it have a fuse? If so, where?

my power steering pump is gone on my 2001 pt crusier but I can get a new pump from a 2008 pt crusier will it fit can some one help me please

I went to get in my car this morning and the keyless entry button on my key ring wouldn't open the door. I tried the key in the door and the lock would not let me in the car. How do I get in the car and what is going on?

Manual transmission approx. mileage 125,000. Jumps out of 3rd when slight load and approx speed of 26-29mph. Replaced bushings transaxle side of linkage previously but not the shifter side. noted that trans axle side of linkage has play to extent that linkage can move up and down on shoulder bolt. note that popping out of 3rd is very dependent upon RPMs versus speed. Also popped out of 5th gear once. If you rest hand gear shifter you can feel a increasing vibration and hear almost a grinding. occasional grinding and difficulty while manipulating into lower gears from higher & hard occasionally to engage reverse with and with out grinding. as stated the trans side of shifter cables bushings were replaced with after market BOOGER Bushings. Checked the one shifter cable trans end that I could get to with out removing battery and air filter. that l had excessive vertical play! I can order a full set of Booger bushings for $22.00 would that be the smart way to start or can You give me solid diagnosis based upon symptoms. Thank You Jamie Tollefson. [8] 356-7249 problem is getting worse. can be somewhat controlled with heavy hand and shifting prior to known pop out point. Thanks! JFT

I understand there is a switch or wire that is attached to transmission but the mechanic stated he did not see switch. Need detail on how to get lights working.

The problem that I'm having that no one can answer is if I need to get the ball bearing or the taperd bearing or does it matter? Can someone please help me out with this?

The service techs think it is the starter, but they couldn't do the diagnostic test because it started. I put a new battery in about 2 months ago, and it's been working perfect. I put gas into it this morning and when to start it and it was dead.

happens every time you start the car

I was driving, and it shut off, it has also been idling funny when the ac is on

i don't have much money but need the car for work, any suggestions

no thermostat, no side mirrors working and all others reading ok

Today while turning at a stop light my car started to shake. I turned around and headed to the closes place that would know something. Again while accellerating it started to shake.. a minute later it stopped.. it seems to be doing this each time.. then stops... any ideas??

The other two mount have been replaced but the mid was has been a problem getting replaced

car was missing and slow to climb hills light came on changed plugs ran good for a couple of days then right back to samething and light back on

This pt has never had any problems other then replacing a battery and a starter. A great little car!

When driving on the road and I hit bumps, the car rides great, but if I hit a pot hole that is small to medium the car seems to bottom out most in the rear of the car. Can you help.