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Car is not starting making a clicking noise
I just had timing belt and water pump replaced on my vehicle, within 1 hour of me pulling the car out of the mechanics lot, the engine light came on?? I immediatley took my vehicle back in, where they tested it and th...
I own a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. I had the oil and filter changed at 34,075 miles about 3 weeks ago. The perform service light comes on and go right back off for 2 days now. Is there something the mechanic need to do ...
Went to start vehicle at about 1:30pm today.Vehicle is garaged.Vehicle started up.Depressed the foot brake,to put xmission from park into reverse.Vehicle will not go into reverse.Shut the vehicle down.Tried several t...
My power seats quite working and I know it's not the fuse. I have read of others having the same problem, (static power discharge) however I have only found the fix for those manufactured after 1/2004. (TSB 08-039-05)...
Was in Cruise Control driving home on freeway one night going 70 mph. Pushed "Coast" and as it was dark I may have pushed "Cancel"; as car was slowing, pushed "resume" but nothing happened. Tried to reset but no go. H...
My engine craddle is almost rusted through to the paoint I can't pass a safety inspection. How could this happen? It's garaged every night. How much will it cost to replace?
What is the range in price for a rebuild transmission
Have had the altenator replaced, a new battery, a new ABS module, a new "grounding harness" and still have the problem. Dealer has done all the work.
one of the two cables is not attached to the lever on the pass. side second row seat and cannot pull it up with pliers either to re-attach or get seat to fold.
car was working fine yesterday and today car will not getout park the shifter will not come out of park only moves sideways
I have the Touring Model, the back vents for the second and third rows quit working. The front vents are fine. What could be the problems
have replaced both oxygen sensors but light remains on and after replacing sensors the cars is running rough and sometimes car will shut off, what can I do to get the engine light off and gt the car to run smooth like...
My car will start but it won't let me put it in the drive position.
Within the past two weeks my temp control panel isn't lighting up and I can't get anything to change. I've tried changing the fuses and it didn't help...
Problem started today I moved vehicle and then when i wanted to start it again all i hear is a clicking noise and car won't start.
Even on high speed the fan for my a/c is not flowing good, is there an air filter in this system that can be cleaned or changed out ? It was doing good for the first year but know it is not pushing air out like it sh...
when i turn on airconditioner or matter what controls i use . the air blows out the bottom vent..even on defrost..any idea why..
How much to replace the tie rods? I was told the whole assembly needs to be replaced.
Replaced the front blower motor and nothing. checked for power and no power to the motor when its on. Could it still be the resistor, or should I look some where else? Everything else works fine.
when heat or ac is running there is no air coming from the dash vents on my 2004 pacifica. I hear the fan running and it is working thru the floor vents but not the dash vents
When accelerating from 0 to 10 to 25 the transmission feels as if it is hesitating. But when I use the stick shift mode, it is fine. Do I have a problem?
my car looses power when accelerated to maximum. it spits and does not go as it was. also occasionally stalls while idling or starting
What is the aprrox. cost of repair for shift solenoid? How long does the job take to complete? Should I drive on the highway anymore before the repair?
The front end pops when I turn hard to the right and when I stop the car while going at a fast speed.
My car has gone into Limp mode and won't come out. I replaced the input speed sesnsor on my 04 pacifica and the car went into limp mode. I went to a shop and had them clear the codes out and it went right back in limp...
Why does the gas pedal sticks after being parked? I must stomp the pedal in order to move forward.
where is the cabin air filter located