I have coolant dripping from oil pan not sure where coolant is comming from. The hoses are not leaking. I think it could be a water pump.

2007 Chysler Pacifica, 101,000 miles. During service at a NE Tennessee Chrysler DEALERSHIP for a transmission replacement, the power seat control module apparently died (Funny - it was working, as the service manager admitted BEFORE they started changing the transmission but died BEFORE we picked up the car - I don't think that is a coincidence but I'm just the little guy). So, now that I am stuck with no power seats or paying him to fix his mistake (I didn't mention earlier the dealer admitted to electrical problems when replacing the transmission control module - don't forget the seats were working when the vehicle was delivered for the the transmission service...). Anyway, is the seat control module a user replacable item? Does it need to be "flashed" to the car's computer? If user replacable, where is the module available from? I've tried Advance Auto, Autozone, Oreilly's etc. (online) but can't find one. Google and Ebay are not very helpful either. Any thoughts (besides avoiding NE Tenn/Tri-Cities Chrysler dealers...)

it will not start and the computer say thats bad

how do I pull the diagnostic code and find what it means

my pacifica in stuck in park i can't get of park

we have a small pull behind camper and would like to install a hitch- but there are so many styles what is best suited for out needs...

found the 2 upstream, 1 on the catalytic converter and one between catalytic converter and motor.

I have to reploace one inner and one outer tie rods. Should I also replace the other inner tie rod at the smae time?

where is and can I change the ignition switch van only starts when it's in the mood can run for months then dead told it might be the ignition switch but can't find it to replace

after changing a frayed ground wire our 2004 pacifica still will not start, it will turn over but it still will not start. what else can be the problem?

drive belt 2004 chrysler pacifica

My car is locked in park. I have replaced the brake relay, but it did not help. I have bought a new shifter and can't figure out how to take off the cables. Can anyone help?

Both lights are on and don't go off. Is there a way to reset these two warning lights

Will a 2006 engine and trans fit 2004 Pacifica or would that be a problem?


I need to flush my radiator but cannot locate the drain plug

parkingbrakegoesto follranddoesnothold

Looking for suggestions, my air condition will now not get cold, the blower is working, it has been recharged, fuses are good, also noticed the compressor is continously kicking on and off.

recently on passengers side i had the regulator replaced ever since the pwer seat locks and mirrer lost power only on the passenger side the locks stays open and the only way to lock passenger door is remove negative from batterry

I have a xenon light bulb that is out and the dealership is telling me that it will be around $1,000 because I need the complete assembly. I purchased the bulb and it has been working of and on but not it is completely out but the bulb is still good.

got a screw in brand new tire. The hook on the end of the jack handle isn't Skinny enough to pop off the center cap. Ive tried a thin screwdriver but it is goughing up the rim. Any advice?

2006 Pacifica (3.5L) - I've looked under the dash (passenger side), I see what looks like where I should be able to insert the filter vertically (the size matches of the presumed door matches the size of the filter), but there is no access door. It makes me believe I need to remove the entire casing, which nearly impossible with my limited tools. Am I totally missing something?!? I've watched countless videos and read online articles that tell me I should have an access door that simply slides off, but this is not the case with my car.

do you change fom under the hood or outside of car

p2097 i believe is the code. We have replaced all upstream o2 senors and the check engine continues to come back on. What do we need to try now? We have replaced 3 so far.

how do you replace the wheel bearing on the rear of a 2007 pacifica touring model?

What does codes po586 and po582 mean? Whats the problem?

my system says 1.3 per side you have $34 ?

my back air conditon turns on fine. the front one takes sometimes up to a hour to turn on but doesn't always stay on

"Gas Cap" light came on several weeks ago, so I replaced it after checking that it was secured properly. Light still on.
I took it into a local shop and was put on OBD-2 tester and it said possible leak in welds on metal filler tube. Pulled it off and checked for leaks and vacuum tested it and found no problems.. Anyone had similar problems?......

Jerking when picking up speed