there is a hex head inspection fill plug and in the rear section a female allen bolt fill, inspection the rear one is the one in question for proper fluid type

so how do we get this key out? what are the permissives required for the eky to be released?

Happened yesterday while driving. First the check engine light went on and immediately my gas gauge failed. The tank is almost full.

the right side of the cover to the headlight is bent in bad

My car is stuck in park and I can't free it. I tried pressing the pink lock release under my console panel and that didn't work.

was driving and my car just died was not the battery or alternator , i go to start it , it sounds like it wants to start but dont looked at fuses the asd keep blowing out when i trun the key over plz help

How di I replace the cabin filter on this car?

the upper mount is defective, do we need to disassemle the strutt assy in order to install a new bearing an mounting plate. 4wdr model.thanks pls advise

we changed the water pump after that was done my trans bucks when trying to use the passing gear also i lost my cruise control ty

When pressing on the brake pedal to place the car in gear it does not fully depress what is the problem.


My car is full of gasoline and the gauge marks it as full. All of the sudden the fuel gauge goes to empty and the car will not start. Check engine light is on Code is P1688

how do you reprogram new switch to skim??

just replaced ignition switch- no antitheft is flashing


i need over ride conpressor to put freon in

My son has a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. A couple of weeks ago, he was involved in a side impact collision when he hit the concrete barrier wall on the interstate. He did drive the car home, but it began making a loud knocking type noise. The insurance company doesn't want to pay for the engine repair because their adjuster (an independent contractor who is NOT trained as a mechanic) decided after 5 minutes of looking at the vehicle that it could not have been caused by the accident. I had just driven the car earlier in the day, and there was no noise, so in my opinion, it had to have been caused by the accident. Any input on how this could happen and how I can get the insurance to pay for it?

My A/C compressor kicked in after the first time my mechanic friend used the refrigerant. Less than 2 weeks later he added another can of refrigerant. Is there a possible leak? And FYI hes not at a dealership so thats why I am asking.

yesterday i changed a turn signal back light and now my car won't shift out of park

yesterday i changed a turn signal back light and now my car won't shift out of park

yesterday i changed a turn signal back light and now my car won't shift out of park

my engine has a ticking sound when I am driving

after cutting off it will restart. surging happens while or just after accelerating.

according to my schedule maintenance

Should a tune up be done if so what should be changed?

78,xxx miles on a 3.8 2007 Pacifica. Went to clean the throttle body, but the back side of the butterfly plate was sooo heavily caked, the only way to effectively clean it was to remove the throttle body. I took it off the car and removed the plate. After soaking it in solvent and sacrubbing for a while with a rag, got it prefectly clean and reinstalled. Now, the ECT light, a lightning bolt inside backwards parenthesis )(, comes on intermittently, but fairly regularly.

When idling, it comes on for a second every 3 or 4 seconds, and the engine speed surges momentarily (a couple hundred RPMs). When accelerating, or when cruising at a decent speed (45+ mph), the light seems to stay off. But when coasting down, it sometimes comes on as the engine speed drops. It might just blink on then off, or it may stay on for several seconds. Over the course of a 25 mile drive, the car went into limp mode, with the ECT light and the traction control light illuminated. Turning the car off and restarting got rid of limp mode.

I removed the battery cable for 15 seconds and have no OBD codes. No check engine light. I thought this would force a relearn of the throttle position in case that was the problem. I'm out ideas at the moment, and I don't have a dealer around me that I feel I can trust. Help!

Ok the brake light on the dash where the engine light,oil light etc is has come on and wont go off.I have checked the brake fluid level-good, changed the rear brake lights and still nothing BUT the brake light above the rear window is fine.I tried finding the fuse but couldnt find it bc it doesnt have it listed in the fuse box which one is for the brake lights, so need help guys, thanks

Replaced every thing almost

The light first came on a few weeks back and stayed on about a week. It then went out for a few days. Now the light is on all the time. I took it to a local auto parts store to have them check it. The gentleman told me the code but didn't know anything about it.

The code he came up with is - P0732. I was hoping you could help with some info on the code.

Thanks in advance for any help you might give.

God Bless,


I have a bad vibration when I drive down the road. It gets worse when I slow down. It don't vibrate to bad when I accelerate it go's away alittle.