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My airflow controls are not working properly (defrost and floor not being heated) and the dealership quoted me $778 to replace the AC Control Head. Is this a reasonable price or a rip off? Is this something that an in...
We had new tires put on our Pacifica and now it is making a noise that sounds like loud tires. My husband says the "rear end " is going out. What does that mean and what does it take to fix it. Thanks
Have to start 2 or 3 times some mornings and have to give a little accelerator to keep running
what could cause a burn't clutch reverse gear in automatic transmatic
Top Corner Right side, inside panel on the top side door, is leaking water when it rains, I am not sure if its the Sunroof or the windshield, how do you determine that? Thank you....
Where are the door sensors? The panel keeps showing that the right door is open but it is closed. If I slam it shut I can get it to show closed but it will set off the alarm within minutes if locked.
cant get my car out of gear its in park
Left side low beam headlight bulb went out. I bought a new H7 (per owners manual) to replace..headlight still not working. High beam works fine
the waring light came on i looked in the owner manual and it says malfunction when i had retuned from going out i turned off the car and a few min later it began making a noise like the starter was trying to engage
delear didn't give me details of the repair, i was told it's electrical problem
1st we were told it was a sensor that needed replacing then it became the lower control arm bushing on both sides that needed replacing. i wasn't thrilled with the price they gave me it was over $1000 right before chr...
Air conditioner turns on but does not blow out air. What is it?
sounds like exhaust manifold behind engine is very loud
How long can I expect to be without my vehicle for the lower ball joints to be replaced (both). Does it take more than a half day or so to do the work?
It started 6 weeks ago ABS/brake light was flashing at the same time the dashboard dimmed,flickered and radio turned off and on, at night headlights flickered too.Replaced battery and alternator-did not stop the probl...
Happened once so far, Window fell of of the regulator and had to manually raise the window then support it by raising the regulator under it, is there a simple fix?
Car is overheating, when I open the hood white smoke was coming out. Also noticed the fans in the front are not turning.I drove only 15 minutes to work and it overheated, i let it cool down for two hours then tried to...
Need a pcm for my vehicle
front blower isnt blowing used to stay on even when car was off. cant get no heat either. other night both dim headlights quit working. brights still work though
the lights in the temp control panel do not work since i have had this problem there is no heat would the lights being affect the actual heat in the car or do i have another problem also the a/c works but not the heat
Can't get my car out of Part. It is locked. Just started tonight
is this something i should attempt to do myself?
cruise control does not work - could this be a fuse problem ?
no front turn signals (both left and right) but the rear signals are ok. the same with hazard swtich. the led in the dash board do not blink fast. the bulbs are ok , i tried new bulbs and that did not solve the pr...
I have the 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. I start the engine after a cold start and it has a rough idle for the first minute or so...making a strange noise. Any ideals what the problem might be?
The ABS/Brake lights flash and after market radio will short out and restore sporadically while driving. Additionally, the dash lights will be dimming. What could be causing the problem?
I am unable to get an estimate as the search is not finding this information for me. I keep losing air in my tire and the dealership said it is the monitor on the valve that needs replacing. I would appreciate if yo...
we have spent over 1500.00 trying to repair our car won't shift at times had diagnostic done said was solenoid replaced it still no change then was told was transmission did that still not working now were told it's t...