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My car goes dead when driving. We have replaced 3 alternators and 1 battery. Sometimes it will start within a few minutes and sometimes not. Replaced alternator and battery this weekend. Started great. Drove it o...
how to set each side on timing belt on 95 chryselr lebaron
I replaced a slightly leaking Valve cover gasket. This stopped that leakage. Oil appears to be leaking around the oil pan (1qt every 2,000 miles). Besides the oil pan gasket is there a timing belt gasket or other gask...
Power steering fluid leaks out of car in day or two
My convertible stalls for no apparent reason. I will be driving down the road and it just chokes out. Sometimes it starts right back up, other times it takes about 5 minutes to turn over. Other times, it starts up, bu...
I need a temporary fix so my son can drive home from college so I can fix it. Is it the shifter cable? with help if it is can he put in gear on the transmission?
Installed new starter, starter relay, and battery. Seems to work fine if driven daily. Gauges appear ok. After sitting for a few days the car cranks hard or multiple clicks. When first started, check engine light app...
though all other manual and automatic functions seem fine in any other manual gear setting, reverse, low and second, but does not seem to shift into high gear automatically, or even when put into...
The front passenger window doesn't work unless you use the driver's side control. Will not work with it's own switch control. All other windows work okay. Please help!
my chystler makes a noise when i drive when i put my brakes on it topes could this be my calaperes
does this engine have a crank sensor?
Where do I add the transmission fluid on the Chrysler Lebaron?
I own a 1987 dodge Diplomat with a 318 in it. I hit a pothole hard and I heard a clunk and then the car died and will not restart. The lights and power windows work but nothing else,no radio,wipers blower, nothing. W...
don,t see a leek so where the fuild going from transmision
I have a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible - had the speedometer fixed, however the RPMS still do not work - the needle doesn't move. Has electronic timer - any ideas as to how to fix? Thank you
I have a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible which smokes bad all the time otherwise runs nice. Any ideas as to what is causing this? Thank you
Problem: Check Engine Light Sometimes comes on after a short drive. Sometimes it doesn't come on after driving. Mechanic info is code 33 or 34. What do these codes mean?
Went in the store came back out to let down the windows and they wouldn't go down. Then tried to turn on the ac and it wouldn't blow.
makes a rubbing noise when the fan is running
won t start no fire getting spark 2 plugs no fuel getting 2 motor from gas tank can a slipped time belt have caused this.i replaced the gaspump relay and the gas filter under the takes an act of god 2 get 2 the...
Where can I find a diagrahm of how the hardware clips go on the brake pads
where can I find a wiring diagram?
I was told the cam shaft was broken in my car how much would it cost to be fixed?
Would it be worth to change the engine in my lebaron when it was built in 1990?
When I go to stop the transmission downshifts & the car will jump forward.Had the computer reprogramed,but after a couple of days it starts to do it again.
how do i put the top down on my Lebron?
top will go down wont come up
After 20 min my car will heat up enough to defrost the windows but still isn't hot. When I'm driving the heater blows out cooler air. Not cold but not warm. It barely defrosts my windows.
Where is reservoir cap located?
I keep getting a check gauges light . When I'm in the middle of driving the car it will just cut off and the check gauges light will come on. This last time it did it I also got the airbag light. It sometimes starts u...