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Hi, my name is jeska, i wanted to see if i can get any feed back on whats going on with my car. So to make a long story short, my car was leaking oil and my brother said to buy that lucas engine stop leak so i did i p...
this happen when i back up from parking lot and turning the wheel on right side making a loud clicking noise also when turn wheel left side
A couple days ago a thick white smoke started coming from tail pipes at first it was so bad that the street would look cloudy... I got the oil changed n it stopped for a day but I didn't drive it for three day and it'...
Transmission will be okay after the engine is turned off and back on. The transmission does not slip and mechanic said the transmission looks good.
replaced with new battery and altenator car turns over great wont start
Is it the compressor or just replace the belt, it was working before belt broke
Yea, No, Those OBD II Car Readers are dangerous in the hands of a rookie. I was desperate, had money for a sensor not enough for a tow. Took a chance, made a choice, wrong one.. So I went fishing at a local pond and I...
coolant leak then no start replaced sensor still no start
Oil light flickers on and off when u stopped nowbut goes off when u start going but now stays on when ur stopped help please
My concord has 190,000 miles on it, and it is running fine, but I am curious about the additive I read about in Popular Mechanics. Xado ceramic metal treatment, has anyone tried it? What were the results?
not quite sure where it is located and im looking for detals
a passer by mentioned it sounds like my bearing is going out and if i didnt get it fixed id need another car. it starts out steady squeak. then once ur accelerating it becomes a whistle until u slow down enough or sto...
When you try and crank it, it just spins, never actually turns over. It's like it's not getting fire, or either the timing is off.
sometimes I cant shift out of park
Why did my concorde loose spark all together
This car has been well maintained, regular oil changes @every 3000 miles. Has always had 10-30 or 10-40 Pennsoil used in it. I am a fan of Castroil and would like to use it. Question is will changing to Castroil fr...
I got off the freeway today and my car wouldn't go passed 10 mph, but my rpms were hitting 3?
I have power to everything else but when I try to start it theres nothing...won't turn over, no clicking, nothing. Its very cold today, I dont know if that has anything to do with it. I had a friend give me a jump jus...
I bought this car about a month ago it worked just fine tell a week ago when it started to snow and wouldnt start. I thought it was a frozen fuel line so I addeed some heet to the gas but didnt work so I changed the f...
seems to happen when slowing down or stopping..low idle speed..then it will start again or come back on..checked battery and alternator they are good. no check engine lights..happens once in a while..cables are good.....
then last night the headlights worked then they didn't now today they are working so far! what could be the problem??
I have replaced coil pack spark plug wire and plugs cam sensor and still not running right. Codes say vacuum leak. Also on sensor #1 low voltage. I am stumped can't see the vacuum leak. Any ideas?