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I was going from a complete stop to up a pretty steep hill, and I was trying to get to the minimum speed, but when I went to accelerate, something kicked in and made my RPM's go all the way to max, a second after that...
i change all 4 and the lite still gos on. what can i do need help
Is there an easier way other than a drill to remove ignition cylinder to get a key cut, kids got no $
It emergency shut down while driving and won't start back up. Radiator was boiling even with short drives so tried not to drive much.
Want to change the trans. fluid and filter. Not sure if it has a filter or not. Also what is the best way to do it yourself steps on serviceing my tranny.
Also when I step on brakes car slows down when pauses in between, also vibrations, when hitting little bumps, is this the, cv joints, brakes, et. ?
I was driving for about ten minutes and than i stopped and in about a minute the car started wobbling really bad, the ac belt fell off, I got the old belt back on but it's loose and I need to replace it, I have the be...
can i get repair help answers for these codes code #1 P0122 code #2 P0106 code #3 P1490 code #4 P1496 code #5 P0405
my car when i attempt to give it gas it wants to die out when not give it gas it be idoling just fine it the egr valve gone bad and can cleaning it fix it?
code shows soilenod with the computer it works when I reset it it runs ok tell I slow down
signal lights and horn don't work don't show any thing on the dash board when use the signal lights and the fuses are ok
This set screw is on the maim fuel intake, and adjusts the engine idle speed. It's in a bit of a blind spot back by the firewall. Can't tell what screw driver to use for adjustment. This engine idles at 600-700 rpm. I...
when the belt broke my sister inlaw was driving it. she cranked it over as if it had just died. does this motor have the clearance so it doesnt bend any valves when she tried to start it? i dont want to waste my time ...
gage cluster acting gas was the first one to go bad . drove to store came home next time went to drive car turnd wont start . how do i check spark
The tie rods and controller arms were replaced on the front end recently as well as motor mounts and bushings. Makes a lot of rattling and thumping noise, and has excessive inner tire wear on the front end, both side...
started with check engine lite and then would barely run-the dealership having problem sinc computer with new module
The Heater control does not light up, the traction control does not work, nor do the anti-lock brakes.
The driver's side is stuck in the up position and the passenger side window doesn't go up once it's down. I know how to get the panel off, but what pieces do I need to fix the windows?
truns over wont start.checked all othere fuse and realys tested good.and no spark to plug checked only one
no spark to one plug dident check all plugs. no power to inj coil fuse 20 amp. all other fuse test good.sorry my spelling needs help
all gagese are on off work dont work first one to go bad was gas gage . tranny acting up flued is good . car was fine be for this i drove to store came home wen i went to drive again trun key truned over wont start
turns over wont start drove to store came home 2hours later dident start
had the trans replaced and an oil change and coolant flush and the light was not turned off
How do you replace the small bulbs in the interior lights in the overhead console?