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When driving there is about an 1/8th play in steering.
where is the location of the transmission output speed sensor on a 1999 Concorde chrysler LXI
I purchased this car second hand two weeks ago everything was in working order. Now the guages for gas, speed, rpm, and thermostat are not working.
I just bought this car 4 days ago,it has 93,000 miles on it.It ran fine until 2 days ago.It tried stalling at red light then yesterday stalled 8 times,it would start after 10 minites but now it wont start at all.I cha...
I bout freon but it doesn't fit either valve on the compressor and there are no valves on the tubing
have replaced radiator 3 times due to fan running all the time have flushed out the radiators still the same result
my sun roof will not work,where can i start looking for the problem,i have check the fuse..where can i located the motor for the sun roof,to check to see if i need to replace it,or what do you think it is
I can not fine the sunroof motor,where can i located it,the sunroof do not open
My check engine light went on, and I had my code read. I came up PO455. So I repalced my gas cap and had the code reset it came back on. What should I try next?
I am trying to locate the neutral safety switch, noone seems to know or be able to tell me. Thanks
car was overheating, changed the thermostat, still overheats with white smoke
The car periodcally will not start. Jumper cables will kick it right over. Everything checks out ok. Has no certain time frame for doing this. Suggestions!
When I drive my Concorde the radiator fans start on high speed and will not turn off. This occurs whether you drive 35 mph around town or 65 mph on the freeway - it doesn't matter if the outside temperature is 35F or ...
belt broke and came off a/c so i need to replace it
I want to see an exploded view of these components
I wanted to do some preventative maintenence on my 99 Concorde. So I spent 100 bucks to change the trany gear oil. Now the check engine light has come on twice and both times I could feel the trany jump or slip then ...
I have a 1994 Chrysler Concorde 3.3L V6. One day it was running just fine, the next day it will turn over but not start. I turned the key on,off,on,off,on to get the error code and the only code that showed up was 5...
Idle too high all the time
how do you replace the spark plugs
i put the new bushings on and i just cant put the bolt back in to its place
i have a 97 concorde.engine codes po175 rt bank fuel system rich.po172 fuel system rich and 74 calculated oil temp in can i pinpoint the problem on the fuel rail?the shop wants 60 an hr and cant give an estima...
how much will it cost to replace an oil pan gasket
Car was driven with emergency brake on at high speeds for several miles, brakes now make a noise - slight intermittant squeal and pedal goes further to floor than it had to previously - what are the odds of needing ne...
where is located the crank sensor
what is the hose that is connected to pcv valve called?
while driving the car at a rate of speed of 45 mph or high and you go to slow down the car by pressing the brakes the whole front of the car shakes badly i have already replace both front struts and bushing on the car...
I have a 1994 Chrysler Concorde and recently when cranked over the car has a vibration to it and runs like a truck. It is also emitting a blue/grey smoke out the tailpipe. The tailpipe also has sludge like substance c...