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Do I have disc or drum brakes on the rear axle of this car?
I was driving and all of a sudden the car would not go into drive or reverse
y front wheel drive has been diagnosed that the inside and outside bearings need replacing .Is this a simple job?What is the breakdown of this help would be greatly honored.
Just changed PCM and the man that flashed it said there was a footnote that read security system might not let car run. My question is how to reset security system. Owners manual said unlock door with key or keyless e...
Hello, I have a 1995 Chrysler Concorde with a 3.3 & 118k. I bought it from the original owner about 10k ago. The check engine light goes on and off. The problem goes periods when it almost want's to cut...
my gas gauage light keeps jumping every once in a while. I cant figure out what the problem can be. theres no other lights on the dash. one minute its reading the correct mileage an the next its reading an empty tank....
how to remove blower motor
Does the fuel tank have to be removed in order to replace the fuel pump & filter? A friend suggested that some pumps & filters can be accessed by removing the back seat.
where is the lighting module for the turning signals located for replacement
my engine has recently started to jump. it is more pronounced when I pull off from a stopped position and especially so when I run the air conditioner.
How much will it cost to replace a drive belt?
my car ran yesterday but today it will not start i tried ether and checked fuse disconnected the battery what else can i do
car will die after driving 5 to 10 miles after sitting a couple hours it will restart. What is the problem
Initially transmission would not engage when under 1000 rpm, but then would instantly engage, jerking the car. Today, from a stop, transmission slipped while engine accelerated. I coasted to a stop, shifted thru the g...
Front driver's side tire wobbles while driving at any speed. Wobble worsens as speed increases. I am unable to drive at freeway speeds.
I bought my car in Nov 2009 my car over heats the thermostate was replaced the radiator was flushed coolant was replaced the radiator cap was replaced the water pump is ok there is some kind of blockage that is keepin...
thermostat houseing just started leaking do i need to take it to a shop or is it something i can do on my own
i was driving my car and all of a sudden the oil light flashed and the car died and wont start back up why? i always keep it up tp date and i always keep the oil changed i dont understan pls help.
replace lower control arm assembly
the car has a cranking problem,but will start,drive fine until rpm gets to 2500 then it stalls.
2000 concorde with 2.7 engine will start and drive 5 to 10 miles and die. It will not restart for a couple of hours or longer. What is the problem? My son put diesel in it a couple of months ago we got that out.
Where is the fuel filter located on a 2000 concorde with 2.7 engine?
jerky movements by slowing down or braking as well delayed shifting(10-15secs) in reverse gear by engine hot...also showed high rpm by engine hot especially on highway...unexpectedly shifting down from drive (D) to l...
need any help to change the fan belt
back pressruing through the overflow. radiator only hot on one side. changed the thermostat. what is wrong
I am changing the timing belt due to 118,000 miles. The water pump looks fine. Should I change it. I don't want to spend the money for the chrysler pump, but the Autozone pump is only $69. But worried the pump in t...
none of my windos will roll down when the door is closed. but if i open the door they will rool down
where is the fuel filter