I am in the process of replacing the timing belt tensioner pulley on a 98 chrysler concorde 3.2 and am wanting to know process of removing the pulley and adjustment.I have timing marks lined up and have everything removed down to crank pulley and tensioner pulley.

Is it hard to fix or repair? My tanny will run fine for a while then it wont shift into overdrive unless i turn the car off and start it back up again and it will run fine for a while longer. What needs to be done? I know its the transmission module, but can it be fixed in a day?

How do you replace the starter?

Hello, I have a 2002 Chrysler Concorde Limited with 35,000 miles. On my way home last night, I had to drive through a rain puddle and about a mile later, when I was making a right hand turn, I lost my power steering and the "Charging System Light" came on. It became very hard to control the steering of my car, when turning on my street and turning in my driveway. The lights dimmed and the radio turned itself off. Later in the evening I went out and started my car up. At first the light went out and the steering wheel was loose, then the light came back on and the steering wheel got real tight again. This morning I started my car, at first the light didn't come on, after a couple of minutes it came back on. The radio came on and stayed on, and the steering wheel stayed loose. I'm still not sure if I should try and drive it around the block? After reading the car manual, which says the car should be serviced immediately see your local authorized dealer and reading some of the websites, I'm very concerned that this might just be the beginning of many problems to come. I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me. Thank you, Marilyn

found out that the bcm has a code for my heating system the heater blend door was replaced and still not working it has power but the dianostics come up the bcm is not functioning the door how can i fix this and where is the bcm located on my 1999 concorde

step by step how to remove and replace timing chain and water pump on 2002 chrysler concorde lx 2.7 liter

abs light, engine light, belt light and al the dashboard going crazy the lights still on all the time pls help i dont know wath i can do.

Transmission fluid dipstick indicator went "missing" after a recent oil change at local Jiffy Lube. Dealership says part was discontinued and is not available anywhere in U.S. Search of salvage yards (local and national) do not list this part. Anyone know where I can find a replacement or get exact dimensions for the original part?

My car bucks and surges when ever crusing and it seems to be getting worse. When there is a load on it it seems fine, the surging is very very slight. The rpm's at an idle go from 800 to 1200 to 600 to 1200 and back and forth. I'm going to try replacing the fuel filter, I don't know if it was ever done, I've had this car 3 months, it has 215,000 miles on it. Can anyone help?

Well it was happening all the time so i put a new battery in a week ago. Has been running fine since. Until this morning now it wont start again. I got new plugs about 4 months ago.

a/c acts erratically, usually too cold, while there is no heat at all. Solutions?

My car's brakes started squishing as I was driving home. The brakes work. I checked the fluid and it's full.

none work at all fuse is good replaced control panel in door no luck i heard there is a relay but where is it

eagle vision esi cant get interior lights to go off

While driving the other day car started overheating. Opened hood and coolant was shooting out of a little hole in the overfill container. Added coolant but car is still overheating. I had my radiator replaced in March 09, assume all hoses were replaced also.

had no heat so i changed the thermostat and bled the air out but i still have no heat could it be the heater control valve

I put new engine in!The transmisson was fine know it dont engage in gears. And the transmisson was never tooken out or messed with.So know I have that problem which I dont know nothing about transmissons just engines.

instructions on replacing timing belt and water pump on 2002 chrysler concord lx 2.7 liter

How do I release the tension to get the belt off? Do I need to remove the fan shroud or anything to make access easier?

At what mileage does the timing chain needs replacement in Concorde 1995?

my car will not blow heat..ac works great,all the control buttons work ,it has coolant,so i am guessing heater core..if so where is it located and what is the best way to get to it?

I changed the timing chain and water pump and took it around 2 resolutions to put it back in timing, but it still will not start. i have compression but not spark. i was originally replacing the water pump

door indicator light on panel chimes constant locks also open and close


Car stals when hot. runs fine when cool. Code for tps keeps coming up

I can be driving along for almost an hour then when the vehicle gets hot, it begins to jerk slightly and it turns off and after it totally stops, it will be an hour before it starts again then goes like nothing happened for another 45 to an hour...recently it has started jerking sooner...what is happening. When I turn the key, sounds like it isn't getting enough fuel to start... please advise...

my obd light comes on then m car wont start and i have to play withy the alarm system in order to get the car to start

radio doesn't work since i put a new battery in. how do i get it back on?

My car randomly stalls out and can take seconds to start back up at times. It also is burning through gas quickly, I have lost hundred miles from my normal mpg. I have been told plugs, bad fuel, transmission I just want to have an idea so I know wether I can fix it and if no I dont over pay for it to be fixed

i bought my car 7 months ago and 3 weeks ago i went to the store and come out and it would not crank i replaced my ignition switch like the mechanic said cuz it went out but my car still won't start. so i was told to replace the neutral safety switch but where is it located and how do i change it out?