i drove my car around all day. when i parked it, it wouldnt crank. i thought it was that faulty security system i had but the security light wasnt on. so my friend thought it was the fuel pump and so i replaced it and the strainer and it still wont crank. can you help me.

It's coming from the back of the car to
The tail pipe


the three codes show up twice when i pull the codes was woundering if this could be the ecm going bad

noise to try even when the car is off. I get 2 lights that go on and off the 1st is SVC 4X4 and the other Low 4x4. Happens more at low speeds. Changed the transfer case fluid but it didn't help. Anyone had this happen? What was wrong?

Could it be valves? It is coming from the area of the manifold. Would some type of gas or oil additive help?
Once in a while it will stop for a time and then starts up again. I have 117,000 miles on the car.

Air does blow through some at high speeds and also if I crack the windows it makes like a vacuum. Help please

It doesn't shift right in low speed, what should I do about it? is it because of the loose drain plug?

I was driving my car to work yesterday and all of a sudden I started loosing speed. I then pushed on the accelerator and the car stalled. When I went to start it again all I get is a click from the starter. Battery is good. But can't get the car started to see what's wrong any ideas what it could be?

It has worked previously. It stopped working and I pushed and held the on/ off switch and then pushed it several times quickly. The. It started working for a few days. Now it stopped working again. What did I do?

why does the speedometer needle move when the engine is running and the fan motor or headlights are on and the car is in park?

the car is in park and you rev the engine

Oddly, the rear vents still work (although the air is not cold.) I recently replaced the blower motor resistor because it would only work on HIGH which solved that problem. I don't know if they are related or not. Again, All of a sudden my AC (in the front) verses the back is turning off. Sometimes it will start to work again--it's tempermental. Any idea what it could be? Is it related to my other problem?

I just got a PT cruiser and the tranny wines when you put it in gear. But as long as it's winning it moves ,when it stops winning it wont move. I got the engine code p0700, then p0701,p0702,p0703,p0704 for incorrect ratio. Do I drop the pan and change the filter and oil or do I drop the tranny and replace it? It almost sound like it's starving for fluid like a power steering pump does. The car has 120,000 on it

When I start it I hear click click click click. Try again, Click Click rrrrnph start. Sounds like the starter is not engaging.

At times when I start my motor, the gauges all work fine (gas, wiper, heater, air conditioner). But now and then when I start the motor the gauges do not move and I get nothing. The air does not work, or the heat, or the wipers or gas. What is causing this? I have checked for loose grounds and loose wiring.

i have 2006 new beetle 2.5 but i really want to change to crossfire. The matter is maintenance cost about crossfire. I saw plenty of review but somebody said crossfire maintenance cost a lot but i can't get it.. is it more expensive then my beetle?? of course maintenance.

the powertrain control module (pcm)

My 2006 Crossfire Roadster wont't start.Battery and starting motor OK.How do I test the CAMSHAFT and CRANKCASE SENSORS?The SKREEM MODULE and THE REST OF THE MODULES?I understand that all software shuld have good communication.

re they ceramic or matalliac?