Was on freeway car shUT off on me and didnt want to start

Dealer determine main computer needs replacing. Dash indications goes away periodically, except fuel. BCM was replaced and was determine not to be the present cause.

I have replaced the multi switch signal switch also replaced the light socket twice and replaced bulbs still haven't been able to get work and don't know what else I need to do please advise if possible

At first I thought it was the fan belt the way it sounded. I took the fan belt off and it's coming from the transmission. When the engine is cold 1st 2nd and 3rd gear for the first five minutes it makes a screaming sound, when I let out on the clutch driving down the road. when I let the clutch out with the emergency brake on it will make a screaming sound also. t I cant think of anything else but the throwout bearing. The clutch does not slip. I Only have 65000 miles on the car. does anybody have any idea what it could be, other than the throwout bearing?
When it first started happening it only did it when the engine was cold and then the sound would go away. now it's making this sound most of the time when I let out the clutch and shift gears.

While engine is running, key can be removed from ignition cylinder.
Main Computer needs replacement(dealer recommend-junk yard)

the transmission is stuck in the drive position. shifter is loose.

I was driving about 45-50mph when my car stalled just replaced the fuel pump prior to that my ac clutch doesn't engage so I have to use the whole paper clip thing to get it on on the relays I had the paper clip in there when this all happened aswell check engine light came on for code p0406 and p0113 the car will start but will not stay on for no more than 5 secs can you guys help me out please

Hello, Can I switch an I4 engine into an I6 in a Chrysler 200 convertible?

I am replacing the radiator in my Chrysler. This is my 1st do-it-myself auto repair. my dad talked me through the removal of the old radiator. Now I have the new one to install. my dad is out of town. so i need detailed instructions to install it. i am a mom of 3 sons & will get my hands dirty to learn this with the help of my boys handing me tools as needed.

shifting hard but does not do it all the time

My check engine light is on, could it be because I need to get oil changed?

my check engine light is on. When I start my car the engine revs very loud and the speedometer goes to 60-70 mph without touching the gas pedal at all. If I take it out of park and put it in drive or reverse it makes a loud clunk noise but the speedometer goes back down and the engine quits revving. However if I put it back in park it starts doing it again. If I reset my battery the car starts up fine, but only 2-3 times before I have to reset the battery again for it to start properly. I have no clue what the problem is ....

turn signal for rear right needs replaced, what do i disassemble to get to this

My aspen has been shutting down on me for a few weeks now I would place it back in park and turn it back on again this will happen I come to lights, stop signs and etc. yesterday while heading to work coming across a bridge it cut off completely I had know brakes and once I was able to get the truck to stop. It never cut back on. I thought it ran out of gas because I was low that wasn't the issue. one person thinks I "jump time" whatever that due to fact it's cranking faster than normal.

Was driving and car just quit all of a sudden and now has no spark. what is the most likely reason for this

driving to fla in winter would like heated seats to work in colder states , but i put the seat on it stays on for hour or so than will not let me put back on till many hours after . dealer said working correctly, 1/2 hour on high, than 1/2 hour on med or low , than a cool down period , which is what i am looking for .

You hit the button and it is supposed to flash and another ther light comes on under where you should put the dvd. It flashes but the second light won't come on and it won't suck in the dvd

what can be the problem?

dash board computer says #4, but other and mostly all mechanics won't tell what it is or mean without checking it themselves....no good mechanics any more...pleade help...never had problems with her not passing, til I got my fuel injectors put in last year...nor engine light problems...always take care of her so she'll take care of me..turned around ask mechanic why light is on, he checked and i saw the #4, asked what it meant, said he didn't know... I know one thing it has to do with my negative to my battery...cause if my battery shift by hitting a bump or ruff road, the light pops on,if i move the cable it'll go off, so I have something there to keep from moving, and yes I know the cable is loose, like I said No good mechanics...again please help..THANKS