Dealer also said diagnosed that it was the servo, so I got a brand new one, still no luck! Relays? Computer?I really need it back ..have a bad foot.Help!?

It has a steady drip when the van is not running and as soon as you start the van, the leak stops.

No check lights, traction control engages, car stalls with difficulty restarting, no steering and unsure about braking since under 10 mph. 67,000 +/- miles. No codes have been diagnosed.

wife pulled in the driveway it made a noise and died wont start. checked spark ok, pulled timing belt cover ok, fuel pump primes itself when key is turned but it wont start what should I try next? I cant tell if pump is running when its turned over help please!

Before I put the fan and thermo in , the overflow use to bubble and loose fluid. After I replaced them the overflow still bubbles but don't loose fluid but the radiator does. Before the radiator didn't loose fluid.car runs hot ( 2002 pt)

Just had all 4 brakes replaced, now it seems like the front driver wheel is whirring like bearing is bad, could the brake job cause a problem with the bearings?

Problem has been occuring for about three weeks and has been constant.

Its has new oil and fluids are okay

Chrysler 300s 2010 6 cylinder

If I turn off the engine it will reset for a little while but will come on again. I have replaced the whole throttle body and it still happens. What is wrong? It's my wife's car and she needs reliable transportation. Can you help?

engine light on. appears at idle after about 15 miles highway


It shows up only when i hit the brake

I have an oil leak in timing cover gasket. Is it hard to replace?

I have the easy seat turned off. The seat reclines back and the passenger side mirror moves to face the ground.

I have to hold it manualy

when started they lights sometimes do not come on but will flash 3 times very slowly and will go out at times while driving.

ok so through trial and error found out that my misfire from cylinder 1 was the feul injector. figured out by swinching with cylinder 2 replaced it started car 0 codes started then p0302 & p0052 along with the electronic throttle controle light coming on so what do i do now?

Its hesitant to accelerate when I shift gears, and it also has a burnt odor.