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my van has a rough idle only while in drive with brake applied I have to put it in neutral and it runs smooth runs great in park and while driving

The auto place is charging me to remove the engine. I thought its just in front
of the engine that make its easy to replace!!!!!

Replaced transmission control module but still wont shift in to higher gears and now gets stuck in first when i brake and it over heats.

Brake shudder when applying brakes at high speeds. Somewhat inconsistent, sometimes more than others. All brake rotors are in good shape with thickness variation and runout within spec. Never an ABS warning light. Wondering is cause is wheel speed sensor.

The triangles never go out. Thought they only lit when object is detected.

work. and all warning lights stay on

This problem is erratic, sometimes it happens 2 or 3 times a day an will go for several days before it happens again what do you think the problem is?

I change camshaft position sensor crankshaft position sensor idle control throttle position Center what can keep the car from starting

When I turn my steering wheel to the right or left while either driving or being stationary it makes a loud squeaking noise. Also when I go over speed bumbs it makes a loud noise. It has always kind of been there been not very loud but recently it has gotten very loud.

Almost stalls out just after leaving driveway...hear a pop noise then is ok...runs great until you stop and starts all over again....

Scan codes out these items are bad

I've tried replacing the bulb and fuse. Nothing happened. Been like this for 3 weeks now.

removed center panel with climate controls, all seems operational, does same with ducts are blccked

I have play with hose but won't go there is not enough room took off the muffler to have some room but it gets stuck on pecies of the Fraim..and how the hose is is not straight it had curves everywhere I can see to find a way to put it on

And lights on dash will light up, traction light will come on, and right window will not allow operating from drivers side.

my locks keep on clicking on and off after its in the closed position ?

want to know how much a repaie would be.

I feel that the key has lost communication with the anti-theft control. any chance a new key would fix it? please? The red light is constant but all dash lights and auxillary functions work. it just wont start. please, any help is great

My Chrysler aspen turn off while driving and turns light on of like oil and I just change the oil

car was mother's. only 75,000 miles. no other issues.

pull handle will open the windows but the roof will not go up or down?

First off I love my car. So it's not going anywhere. :)

About a week ago it started to sputter like it was running out of gas. Occasionally it would shut off. It's always started right back up.

The check engine light, came on a couple days ago and the code was for "Low voltage air temperature" and "throttle position low voltage" (not 100% but this is what I remember) and both make sense for what it was doing.

Also may sound nuts, but dealership even questioned if our radio was working or if we replaced it at all. Yes and no, the stereo is not working properly. it all works fine except the volume controls. It is the original radio with the car we are 3rd owners. 1st being a woman bought it new, and then gave it to her son who allowed his son to use/drive it.

Ok. Last night it showed it had "no gas" in it. It was well over half full when my daughter took it about 15 miles total around town. I was sitting on a hill talking to a friend with top down (at this point maybe that even matters LOL)

It shut off like it does on occasion, turned the key it started right up, but stalled again after a few seconds and would not turn over. Acted like it ran out of gas. I knew it should have more gas then showing empty. I drifted it down to a flat spot and shut it off tried again (still showed empty) So I shut it off for a few minutes and called for back up help. Tried the key again, it was showing about 3/8ths plus gas, low fuel light off. We put about 3 gallon of gas just for fun and just in case fuel gage etc went bonkers.

We noticed the fuel pump not kicking on. Also the dash had the red light for security system beaming on, and CCd on the clock/temperature/trip indicator etc display. Check engine light "gone" and putting it on the computer shows "no error codes"

Ok so... various suggestions online
we have tried

Pulling all fuses, relays and computer mods one at a time and attempting to start car to see if we get the check engine light.

We have disconnected the battery for about 4 1/2 hours let everything reset (didn't need to be that long but was busy) reconnected "same"

Dealer says that the CCd means that it's a computer issue in the dash that triggered the security system to shut the car DOWN. Ok.. so we need to know where else to look and check and does anyone have a specific to situational suggestion?

I know we need to buy the book for it! Which would be a huge help at this time, but maybe if someone knows of an only version or where to look and have had this issue and how it actually got fixed?

I love my car and it's not being gotten rid of, my step father has had his for 2 years, and seems to be following behind on mine when something goes wrong. So hopefully we figure it out quickly his will be going down in about 2-3 weeks :)