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want to change ignition coil

There is a plug off the side of the valve cover. It popped off and oil poured out. Does anybody know what this plug is and why it might have popped out?

the turn lever won't work nor will the wiper blade lever. i purchase a relay module and can't find where to replace it at

I was driving the other day and lost a/c. noticed the check light on about the same time. Scanned and found 2 codes. I followed someones proceedure and checked that I do have the 5v reference. At all sensors. Codes return immediately. I do not have any performance issues but having no a/c in Florida sucks. Any ideas?

Turn it off and then try to start it when its hot and it won't start. Try changing the cooling temp sensor or known as the cooling temp switch

I didn't hear the noise until very suddenly about halfway through the day, but then there was no way to not notice the loud whining and the gears slipping. I assume this is a transmission issue of course, but I'm hoping it could be something that I may be able to fix myself. Thank you.

Lost OD first and then all gears even rolls in park. Is this repairable or does the transmission need replaced?

Never works

Have put new tires on. Balanced and aligned . Does over all make up of car cause it to shake. Too low maybe ?

Was driving on the road, changed lanes and pressed on gas to pick up speed and all of a sudden nothing. Car was still on, tried giving it gas and car wouldn't drive, the rpm was going up while I was giving it gas and still no movement, felt like it was in neutral. Car has been periodically maintained, miles is at 281,000, majority of miles is highway and this is the first major problem. I took it into aamco and below is what they stated:
Our initial vehicle check revealed that the transmission fluid level is OK and the condition is varnish with the burnt odor. test drive revealed no movement front or rear, noted bearing and pump whine present coming from transmission, noted no line pressure during testing a computer scan revealed following code PO716 input speed sensor circuit PO721 output speed sensor circuit, recommend tear down

Are they about right to do a tear down and replace soft parts (that's what they called it) or is it just speed censor circuits?

Ya eh cambiado el sensor. Varias veces y no se apaga la luz

My car was bought when I was living in New New York. I now live in California and although I passed the last smog test in California, this smog tester says he doesn't know whether my car needs to have an Exhaust Gas Recirculation. In my car it's missing. Since it passed the last test here in California I don't know why it won't pass now. Any definitive answer would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Trying to get the timing set on car and the motor will only turn over to a certain point. It will not go past that.

I replaced the shift linkage in my wife's 2002 chrysler pt cruiser touring edition today and now it won't start in park. I can apply the brake and start it in neutral and it shifts through all the gears fine and drives smoothly, but no start in park

I had to disconnect battery while I repaired a connector on the bottom of the Integrated Power Module. Now the trans stays in first when driving.

driving down street the car started bucking, then we heard a high pitch squeealing noise, car lost power for a few mins then started again then a light came on with code for electronic throttle control. What is this? and how hard to change and approx. cost?

How do I put key back properly for car to stay cranked

One previous owner passed away, Sat in garage for two years prior to selling. Engine runs smooth. Only complaint after having it as a daily driver again vehicle is going through coolant and brake fluid quickly. Brake indicator light on, after seeing info on a master cylinder recall I'm curious if this would cause my brakes to feel "soft". I'm depressing the brake pedel much farther to stop the vehicle.

the engine surges and backfires is it still out of time or not?
I spent a lot of time and never could get it just between the marks on both cams top dead center.

Supercharged engine, 24 valves. Overheated as it ran out of coolant, dumb I know. Now it runs rough, when you accelerate to point of almost stalling. No milky in oil, no steam out exhaust. Any idea what may have gotten damaged? Thanks so much, don't have a lot of money to fix but am handy.

That was in the morning first time start and by evening it is completely dead. What can I check myself? Y