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many times the oil light will stay on after driving distance. i am losing oil fluid somewhere and i have had oil changed twice

code PO 456

accidentally pulled out ASD fuse and car shut off in 10 seconds
When I replaced the fuse, the car would not crank & start afterwards
Crank, spark & fuel pressure now gone
"ccd" appears on display
What's up ?

should I change it now?

I want to do this my self I need instructions

how do I change antifreeze/coolant

There are no codes,crank sensor has been changed, the ASD fuse is good and you can hear the fuel pump kick in.Any Ideas?

I will be driving along and go to push the accelerator and the car does nothing but slow down, then after a few time of hitting it, it jerks forward and goes for a second. But once I let off it does the same the. It is scary when this happens on a busy road.

Sometimes the fan on the ac wont only happens intermittenly, so its not a really big deal, but now im selling my car and dont know if i need to fix it or leave it.

The cord in question appears to start around the alternator and split off in a couple different directions. Currently I am having connectivity issues with my new battery... it's only working when I play around with these cords ... and intermittently.

Pictures via photo bucket available for visual reference. Thank you for any advice you may provide!

I recently got a new battery for my car. Could be my battery just slipped. Or could it be my alternator. I can't get my car to start now.

Starts and runs when cold. When reaches normal operating temp, car runs fine. After stopping & turning engine off, if still warm, will not start until engine cools. Turns over, but will not start. Ideas?

We have been told that the lifters need replaced. Is this common?

I have tried 18" wheels but don't like the look of dominant
wheel. Would much prefer the classic/retro look of maximum
sidewall showing and filling up the space. Personal opinion
the stock 16"OEM wheels look way too small.

Said I could lose my engine if I did not replace the timing belt and water pump. Is this true?

When going to start the car it never turn over. No fire

my Heat is not working and it blows some from the back, not much now all last winter I had to run the car for 30 minutes to get some heat

Have removed slave and bled it. The master cylinder is still full. Car shifts well when not running. Hard to shift when running or stationary while idling. The new clutch basically is dry. Help!