No one can fix it to get it pass to get my tag I am at my last resort. No one even the dealership what can I do.

my keys wouldn't unlock the door and when I tried to start it would come on then shut off and the next morning it sounded like it would start but when I tries to turn it on nothing all the power works but it just won't start, neither willy key... does that have something to do with it

Now die when is on driving don't want to start.

II have both original Key Fobs for my wife's 2005 Pacifica. One day they both just stopped working. Now when she locked the car and uses the key to open it the alarm goes off until she engages the key in the ignition. I understand this is the way it has to be but I am trying to understand what the problem is. The dealer says it is the Wireless Control Module and will cost me close to $1100 to fix. he says this will also fix the tire pressure monitor system as they both use the same wireless module to operate. Is this something I can take out and send somewhere to get fixed for much cheaper or am I stuck with using the dealer for this fix? I am not a car guy at all so please let me know if you need more detail and I will do my best.

...accidentally turned a few inches counter clockwise, intake turned a few inches clockwise, and crank turned clockwise a few inches. Then all components centered again. (tuned them a few inches back to their alignment marks). Question: Could this have potentially de-seated the rockers from their seats? Please help soon. Thank you. Richard Gibeaut. New mechanic.

turned counter clockwise (not full rotation) and the inktake got turned clockwise a few inches, crank got turned clockwise a few inches, did this de-seat some of the rockers in their seat?

will this de-seat the rockers in their seat?

Got a oil change and still light n bell going off only when I'm going 55+mph. Is this dangerous?Its horrible annoying and I have a 8 hr trip coming up

Everything on dash goes off and car decelerates. First time turn key to start it has no effect. Second time starts right up like nothing is wrong. Just started doing this yesterday. No problems at all prior

'm a new owner of chrysler sebring 2006. I just want to now guys if you could help me, cause there is a time when My car is running 80mph and above there is a sounds like when you put some plastic bottle on the wheelof bikecycle. sounds like that and when my car runs only 40-70 there is no sounds, and i check my Mud guard because maybe my wheel hitting on it but when i check it, it's still ok no sign of tire that hitting on them. thats why i can't verify the problem. Can you help me please thankyou very much.

It will come on when I unlock the vehicle with the keyfob, but doesn't stay on after I start the van. Will not come on once the van has started. What can I do to fix the problem?

want to change ignition coil

There is a plug off the side of the valve cover. It popped off and oil poured out. Does anybody know what this plug is and why it might have popped out?

the turn lever won't work nor will the wiper blade lever. i purchase a relay module and can't find where to replace it at

I was driving the other day and lost a/c. noticed the check light on about the same time. Scanned and found 2 codes. I followed someones proceedure and checked that I do have the 5v reference. At all sensors. Codes return immediately. I do not have any performance issues but having no a/c in Florida sucks. Any ideas?

Turn it off and then try to start it when its hot and it won't start. Try changing the cooling temp sensor or known as the cooling temp switch

I didn't hear the noise until very suddenly about halfway through the day, but then there was no way to not notice the loud whining and the gears slipping. I assume this is a transmission issue of course, but I'm hoping it could be something that I may be able to fix myself. Thank you.

Lost OD first and then all gears even rolls in park. Is this repairable or does the transmission need replaced?

Never works

Have put new tires on. Balanced and aligned . Does over all make up of car cause it to shake. Too low maybe ?