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What adjustment do you make to the engine besides changing get spark plugs.

replaced the hvac control module because the resistance check found resistance did not change when control module shifted to any position. replacement module has correct resistance, but no change.

My accessory drive belt broke off of my 2002 pt cruiser. I'm able to drive still if I put power behind it but am afraid that I'll break something else if I drive it any longer. Ive been stranded for 5 days out of fear of driving my car and causing more damage (that I really can't afford) but am desperate to get it somewhere that it can at least be looked at by a friend. Any advice? The car has also been overheating but that is (I believe) a separate issue. I'm a single female and dont have a lot of money so I'm in a pretty difficult position. Thanks!

Like it losing pressure, i changed thermostat, and water pump, yet still acts funny. Fyi. I blew fusees while touching wrong battery post

trunk release quit and shifter gets stuck whenever it feels like it not always might do it for a week then again month or two later

Car cuts off when idling or slowing. Cam sensor and throttle body replaced. No Codes. Negative full diagnostic. Is this a recall issue

sometime on for awild .i start it up in the morning go to work it ,work just fine drive about 3 mile it start

I have tried everything I don't have a remote

I have the factory alarm going off and can't get it to stop

There is a pipe that runs in between the heads right above the motor block. It runs to the water pump and there is standing water o. The block underneath the pipe. The car leaks water (4th leak and i fixed the first 3) and it looks like water vapor is coming out the exhaust. Is it the head gasket? How can I check when I have already started taking thw engine apart? I need help. It's my only way to work and I cant make money without it.

So I ran into the back of someone with this car because my car slid instead of stopping and I don't want to put it on my insurance but was wondering how much it would cost me to pay out of pocket for..all the damage we could see was a hole from my bolt on my license plate...nothing else seemed dented or anything and image were only going 25-30 and then I had to slam on my brakes...would really like to know a estimate on how much they are going to charge him total if anyone would know. Thanks

The car can reverse but cannot drive forward. When switching the gears the car jerks.Fumes coming out of the exhaust when turned on but, not moving.

I am inheriting a 2005 Town and Country. It will drive in reverse, but not drive in any forward gear. Transmission fluid is clean and clear. I was told it could either be the servo that plugs into the transmission OR a torque converter. Any ideas on where to start with repairs?