I can usually get it restarted. What's up?

I was low on fuel yesterday when I drove to the store. When I came out, the car would turn over but not crank; I added fuel from a gas can (slightly over a gallon) and car will still not start.

just wondering if it was the battery? cause no warning lights or anything gave a hint that something was wrong. never had this happen before battery light would come on with another car i had before the battery stopped. but this time on my 2010 pt cursier no light came on or anything is this normal? and could it be the battery?

Check engine light is on and only blows hot air through the a/c.

It sat for about 3 weeks. The horn works the lights work, the windows work...the engine doesn't even click when trying to start it.

This usually happens when the outside temp is high and the car has been driven for some time at road speeds. Sometimes it will stay on until the engine cools off

The dials went back and forth. I pulled off the road. Turned it back on and it was fine. This morning it did the same thing without the dials moving. I stopped, restarted. Is there something wrong in the gas line?

My 2000 T & C fan does not come on when I start the car, get out, and look under the hood. Nothing is moving.

My car engine completely shuts down with no warning and restarts after maybe 45minutes...today my husband disconnected the battery and it restarted...the engine shutdown while we were driving in the fast lane and we had to coast to the side of the expressway. I am afraid to drive the car.

when I go to start my car it wont start. for the past few days when I go to start it it takes like 3 tries it works.. today it didn't start for anything. the lights come on but no sound at all no sound when I try to turn it on what could this be

if I take car out and return home it's ok when I'm ready to go out again the car is completely dead I stopped for gas and turned car off when going to restart car completely dead jumped started car with no problem got home turned car off went to restart car completely dead this occurs on and off been to dealer they replaced starter still same problem it has been to dealer for several electrical problems they have replaced computer fixed wiring for alarm and lights going on when car is off can it possibly be a ignition problem

I purchased my car new in 2005 and currently has 140,000 miles. About 2-3 years ago I started experiencing a loss of acceleration and a lightning bolt displayed on my dash. I pulled over, referred to my manual and said to turn engine off and re-start. I did this and went on. This is happening more and more frequently but my mechanic can't find an issue and there are no codes showing anything is wrong. Yesterday I was on the freeway and lost acceleration and was very dangerous. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

It does not thump very often, and it does not jerk the car. What may be the problem?

I use 5w20 full synthetic every 6000 miles. I have the 3.8 engine.

at first my headlights were going off and on and then my dashboard went completely out. i baught a dimmer switch and the problem stopped for a while then all of the sudden my tailights went out. now my brake and signal light work in the back but the taillights dont work. how can i fix that?

my radiator cap was loose.

Time involved with overheating solution

Just started today. Only wavy symbol appears in diagnostic area.
One beep, then continuous beeping, so parked it. Fan?... or water pump? 186,000 gentle miles. Driven less than 10 miles weekly.

I was told the right side of the 'subframe' has a 'rotted' area and that it will continue to rust. I need to know how much a replacement 'subframe' and the labor to replace it will cost. Thanks.

i drove my car around all day. when i parked it, it wouldnt crank. i thought it was that faulty security system i had but the security light wasnt on. so my friend thought it was the fuel pump and so i replaced it and the strainer and it still wont crank. can you help me.

It's coming from the back of the car to
The tail pipe