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The car is a chrysler 300c(2006) The car makes a noise like it wants to start but is not catching. A thunderbolt light comes on that I've never seen before. When I looked it up in the owners manual it says that it's the electronic throttle control. I just bought a battery when I hit the car 4 months ago. Since my car has over 100,000 miles this issue isn't covered in my warranty.. Pls help I do not have $800 to put into the car right now I am hoping that this isn't the real issue. Also could the starter cause this issue

Seems to run good at other speeds. It is much better but am afraid if I don't get this misfire fixed it will stop up another catalytic converter. Any help or ideas will be appreciated!!

Wont release in there a screw?

Full of freon new lines blows cold then I hear a click and it goes hot

replaced battery in both

Turn over but the lights came on. Remote works on doors .

When i Was backing out of the deive Drive way its a lil incline and the tire lost tracton so I pulled forward to try again and didn't have reverse o noise was made now it's like I got it in neutral and solenoid pack is loud in reverse and u can hear in other gears whn u put it in and the rest of gears shift fine just no reverse was working fine now slipn or anything how often does that happn if they go bad

the inside power door locks stopped working. the remote sounds but does not open or close locks

When my 2007 Chrysler Pacifica 4.0 is in reverse it makes a sound like a chain that has slipped. It stalled out in the middle of the street while in motion!

I user to be an auto tech by trade. I need to find the troubleshooting diagnostic tree for a 97 LHS with the P0401 code. The engine stall at idle while applying vacuum to the EGR valve. Need help finding the diagnostic tree for this vehicle. can anyone help? Thanks, Leon

van makes nosies when you change the gear from park to reverse and when you change gear to drive makes a popping sound

Checked grounds and fuses. Replaced ICM & BCM still didn't fix. Any ideas? PCM?ECM?

When driving feel pulling , shifting of gears , also van accelerate suddenly fast without warning.

My shifter will not come out of park. It is as if it is frozen in park an will not move.

I turned my drive seat heat on low and within moments the seat caught fire and burned a whole through even through the pillow I was sitting on. But it was no recall

My car was a little on the warm side where when the fans come on they stayed on. I changed the thermostat and now my car really over heats. My mechanic says it could be that the water pump is not spinning properly so it is pushing air through the coolant box making it bubble.How do I know if he is correct, I have already paid him to purge the lines which has a large amount of air in it when purging. How do I pin point what it is because a lot of people that own these cars say they have replaced everything and their cars are still over heating. Please someone have the answer

When I take out key the blower stays on for maybe 5 more seconds and then shuts off. That's has only happened twice since this started. another thing that has happened since I got the car is that when the heat/AC would be on for a period of time it would stop blowing. Please help. It's getting colder and I have kids. I need to have heat in my car. Thanks in advance!

Worked last year. Just quit

My husband tried to drive the van with the oil (slightly) low (stupid, we know). The oil pressure light came on. We've filled the oil, but the light will not turn off. We've also replaced the oil pressure sensor, but no luck.

Is there a need to reset the computer, or do you think that something bigger could be wrong? The engine seems to be running normally.

remains on after engine turn off for approx. 3-5 mins. does not turn off with dimmer switch in off position. All other interior lights operate normally including passenger reading light.