shifting hard but does not do it all the time

My check engine light is on, could it be because I need to get oil changed?

my check engine light is on. When I start my car the engine revs very loud and the speedometer goes to 60-70 mph without touching the gas pedal at all. If I take it out of park and put it in drive or reverse it makes a loud clunk noise but the speedometer goes back down and the engine quits revving. However if I put it back in park it starts doing it again. If I reset my battery the car starts up fine, but only 2-3 times before I have to reset the battery again for it to start properly. I have no clue what the problem is ....

turn signal for rear right needs replaced, what do i disassemble to get to this

My aspen has been shutting down on me for a few weeks now I would place it back in park and turn it back on again this will happen I come to lights, stop signs and etc. yesterday while heading to work coming across a bridge it cut off completely I had know brakes and once I was able to get the truck to stop. It never cut back on. I thought it ran out of gas because I was low that wasn't the issue. one person thinks I "jump time" whatever that due to fact it's cranking faster than normal.

Was driving and car just quit all of a sudden and now has no spark. what is the most likely reason for this

driving to fla in winter would like heated seats to work in colder states , but i put the seat on it stays on for hour or so than will not let me put back on till many hours after . dealer said working correctly, 1/2 hour on high, than 1/2 hour on med or low , than a cool down period , which is what i am looking for .

You hit the button and it is supposed to flash and another ther light comes on under where you should put the dvd. It flashes but the second light won't come on and it won't suck in the dvd

what can be the problem?

dash board computer says #4, but other and mostly all mechanics won't tell what it is or mean without checking it themselves....no good mechanics any more...pleade help...never had problems with her not passing, til I got my fuel injectors put in last year...nor engine light problems...always take care of her so she'll take care of me..turned around ask mechanic why light is on, he checked and i saw the #4, asked what it meant, said he didn't know... I know one thing it has to do with my negative to my battery...cause if my battery shift by hitting a bump or ruff road, the light pops on,if i move the cable it'll go off, so I have something there to keep from moving, and yes I know the cable is loose, like I said No good mechanics...again please help..THANKS

If the car has been setting or driven in the sun, and you want to lower the top or raise (if in the event of a rain, the red light on the console is blinking and the top is inoperative. My local Chrysler dealer has switched positions of the relays on the hydraulic unit within the trunk, but this has not helped. They also checked out the operating switch on the console. They checked for error codes but have been unable to resolve this issue. I am willing to take the car to a dealer within the Detroit area because I have family in Ferndale, MI

code says no. six piston not firing,car pulls away from a dead stop and miss fires,[skips]on take off,this is a dodge hemi will run ok but if piston is not firing could it be a selonoid ? sp? switch or a bad problem inside the engine? code 3794 thanks

I turn off AC and turn on heat to keep temp down to get home. Have checked radiator system. Happens during heat of summer.

I have a 2003 Chrysler Sebring convertible and when I got it it would overheat so I replaced the thermostat both head gaskets the water pump gasket. the water pump looked new so i didnt replace it and replaced any other gasket i could get to while i had it taken apart. my car would still overheatand the coolant would boil. So i gave up on it and brought it to the shop. They said it was a cracked thermostate housing. So they replAced that. And would still overheat. So i flushed the radiator twice(which was really bad from the previuse owner not driving it) that did seem to work at first the car stop overheating but steam would come from the reservoir tank this team ended up causing the the bleeder housing to fail and crack so I decided to replace the reservoir tank replace the bleeder housing replaced every tube and took all of the spring hose clamps and replace them with regular screw hose clampsI made sure to follow proper procedure for adding the coolant and bleeding itnow I got the coolant to stop boiling but now its overheatingI don't know if it's any relevance but also the airbag light comes onand it seems like it comes on shortly before it starts to overheatI have ran a engine block leak test 3 time just to make sure that there still isn't any exhaust in my coolant and the test of all been negativeI've run out of things to replace here does anybody have any advice other than scrap my car

After 20-30 minutes of driving the cruise just shut down and will not operate again till the van has been turned off and time has cooled the engine down. Then the cruise is good as always till it get hot and it will shut off again. What is my best plan for solution to this problem. Thanks in advance for any help I receive.

My story is a little long. I bought this car from a used car lot... I'm a single mother with no financial assistance from the father and told the guy this. He assured me it would get me to and from school for the 16 months needed, but he couldn't guarantee that it would run after that. The first month I noticed minor issues, a slow oil leak that I just watched closely. Then it died. It needed the Water pump fixed (Which required the engine being pulled) 1200$ fix because they also had to replace the timing chain. I drove it for a week after that. It broke down again, in a doctors parking lot. It needed a new sensor. (I can't remember which) I had a mechanic replace the sensor cheap. It worked for 4 days, and died again. The Crankshaft positioning sensor needed to be replaced. So I replaced it too. FINALLY I'm thinking what more could go wrong? I went and picked up the car from my mechanic tonight and on the way home, while at a turning light. It loses all "Go". I don't know how else to put it. I can put the pedal to the metal and I get nothing in return. It will go about 5 on the speedometer. When it gets there, it starts a very violent (And scary feeling) jerking motion. I turned the car off and called my mom to come and help me. She tried the car when she got there, and it was fine. (Naturally) So she decided to drive it the rest of the way home. About 10 minutes in to the drive, this started again. We were not on a hill any time this started happening, though it seems to happen after we stop at a stop light. Does ANYONE know what this is?! How much it's going to cost me to fix it?

When turn the switch to start, I let go and it continue to try and start and I'm not touching it. Also when driving it will looses pressure even when you press the gas pedal to the floor. After letting up off the gas the car gradually picks up speed. At times when it looses pressure and you let up off the gas pedal the car will shuddered.

My air conditioner blows when it wants to, and blows cold. Now today, it was on this morning, then I turned off the car and went into the house, 20 minutes later I went to leave again and the airconditioner would not come on the rest of the day. Is there an easy fix?