Was driving it and it just turned off and there is no power and nothing works. It won't start back up and has no power the locks Windows blinkers even four ways won't work.

Motor,checked relays,No smoke or sweet smell from exauhst,only loosing coolant from overflow (It appears) No heat when heater is turned on & was told water pump & belt were replaced! Used K&W in case bad gasket or cracked block,No change,still overheating! If pump was replaced, could the teeth be off by one & cause this?

it doesn't do it all the time

This has been a developing problem. At first it only happened when the engine was cold but now it happens on every acceleration from a stop.

If I slowly push the throttle, the engine will sputter a bit with little RPM change, then suddenly surge ahead. Punching it doesn't help - acts like it wants to stall. There also seems to be some speed instability when driving at 25-30 MPH.

Power is fine at highway speeds, no bucking etc on hills or when passing.

No MIL codes. Only thing I've checked so far is the PCV valve - it's good.

I yanked out my auxiliary cord through the outlet on accident while getting out the car. Does it mean I blew a fuse?

wont shift even manually

it rides a little rough the steering is touchy and I have to prop the fan button up with a paperclip for ac or the fan to run full blast or any setting, also when the top is down the windows have a gap between the front and back and rattle quite a bit

my van has a rough idle only while in drive with brake applied I have to put it in neutral and it runs smooth runs great in park and while driving

The auto place is charging me to remove the engine. I thought its just in front
of the engine that make its easy to replace!!!!!

Replaced transmission control module but still wont shift in to higher gears and now gets stuck in first when i brake and it over heats.

Brake shudder when applying brakes at high speeds. Somewhat inconsistent, sometimes more than others. All brake rotors are in good shape with thickness variation and runout within spec. Never an ABS warning light. Wondering is cause is wheel speed sensor.

The triangles never go out. Thought they only lit when object is detected.

work. and all warning lights stay on

This problem is erratic, sometimes it happens 2 or 3 times a day an will go for several days before it happens again what do you think the problem is?

I change camshaft position sensor crankshaft position sensor idle control throttle position Center what can keep the car from starting

When I turn my steering wheel to the right or left while either driving or being stationary it makes a loud squeaking noise. Also when I go over speed bumbs it makes a loud noise. It has always kind of been there been not very loud but recently it has gotten very loud.

Almost stalls out just after leaving driveway...hear a pop noise then is ok...runs great until you stop and starts all over again....

Scan codes out these items are bad

I've tried replacing the bulb and fuse. Nothing happened. Been like this for 3 weeks now.

removed center panel with climate controls, all seems operational, does same with heat....like ducts are blccked

I have play with hose but won't go there is not enough room took off the muffler to have some room but it gets stuck on pecies of the Fraim..and how the hose is is not straight it had curves everywhere I can see to find a way to put it on

And lights on dash will light up, traction light will come on, and right window will not allow operating from drivers side.