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I bought the car used recently. It worked great for the test drive, and bringing it home. I turned it on a couple of times watermarking it,and it worked relatively okay. Once I needed to move it, it just clicked, and ...
I don't think it's battery because the lights go on
There is a warranty on the transmission. But my shift lever is screwed up. When I picked up the car. I drove home shut off the car than tried to start it 10 min. later. There was no power. As if there were battery tro...
Just got my battery replaced and I'm trying to get my car to pass the smog test for the second time, Got no codes or active readings on sensors.
My car is the special edition with a lowered suspension. However, it has the standard size 17" wheels as opposed to the performance 18" wheels. I cannot find the performance struts anywhere. Is it possible to just c...
When i shut my engine off i had to get a jump.I had to turn off my radio and when I tried to turn on my lights my car shut down while driving.
complete engine replacement
got off.advance auto said I needed an alternator; bought one.still had to get a jump. bought new was doing good.didnt drive it for 3 days.went to start it today; completely dead
Car starts sometimes and then doesn't a few minutes after I start it up seconds after I shut it off.. repair man said it was fuel pump paid 350.. next day it did he same thing..
everything and When I restarted it the oil light was on. I turned the heat back on and it immediately shut off again. So I turned everything off again and restarted the car. It ran perfect. I went to where I had to...
jiggling the pedal doesn't turn them off anymore. Also, periodically the headlights and tail lights will blink on and off when car is parked in driveway with engine off.
jump it but wont turn over
My dealer says I have to buy a wiring harness yet in the car it is separate from the rest of the wiring although contained in common tubing. Used is not a good option!
Replaced my battery cables my battery and my starter but my engine light came on but no codes when I do the key dance....please help me