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please let me know how to find the sensor inthis type of transmission the car does not go reverse. thank you
How do you remove the air cleaner compartment to get to the battery?
My car leaks freon and won't hold a charge for more than 1-2 days. Took to repair shop and was told what it would cost to replace evaporator. Can you give me an estimated repair cost.
Everything seems like it works okay but a get no air coming through the vents
I have the sensor out..but the new one and not even the old one will go back into the seems to be too big there a trick to it??? Pls help!!
the mechanic says I need something like a NVLD or something like that what is that
Where is the water pump located? and how to fix it?
dash completly removed just can't find all bolts that hold evap in place
does this car have an interfearing engine
what would be the cost of replacing the Egr if it malfunctions? What is the Egr?
Our radio on our 2001 Chrysler 300M will not turn on even though the equalizer lights are flashing. I heard there is a security code that must be reinstalled when the vehicle looses power from a dead battery or batter...
Our 2001 3.5 ltr. starts hard when the engine is warm. seems to turn over many times before it will start when normally if cold will start almost immediately. What might be causing that to happen?
my car has already had all kinds of things looked at regarding this problem including changing the thermostat and replacing several hoses connected to the cooling system anybody out there know what else to look at?
1999 chrysler master cylinder. can one pre-charge with fluid or must bleed each brake?
My car started overheating all of a sudden, I dont really know if its the water pump or the hoses. the water in the resevior is boiling making the car run hot.How much is a water pump? or do you think its something else/
What should an ETR Valve replacement cost in a 2001 Chrysler 300M V6
I was on the highway in my 01'Chrysler 300m when all of a sudden it ran hot and shut off. I had it towed and i found out the timing belt broke. I bought the parts and replaced the belt and water pump but now it stil...
Recently vehicle engine light comes on and engine stalls intermittently as you decelerate or come to a stop. Engine will start up after 5-10 minutes and runs like a dream and then will stall after a mile or two. It ...
what would it cost and where is it located
What has to be done to install inner tierod on the above vehicle.....In layman terms....How do you install inner tierods on the above vehicle.
My check engine light came on yesterday. I do not have a code reader to check the code. Is there a manual way to check what the code is that you would get on your dashboard? ...
How much do you think it should cost to fix a shorted fuse in my Driver window and to fix my cigarette lighter/charger for this car
Im looking to remove the backseat of my 99 300M. I have located the two latches under the seat but i cannot release them. Is there a button somewhere that releases it? or does the Upper portion of the seat have to b...
my radio, ac, power windows, and all things power stopped working.
hello well my issue is my fan blower stays on high cant lower or put it on any type speed and stays on cant turn it off everything else works defrost i could move the other options floor mix exc.its digtial controled
where is the purge control soleniod located?
I have had the my water pump, radiator, thermostat, intake manifold gasket replace and them temp gauge still goes high. I have to keep my heater blwoing high all the time so it does not over heat. any ideas?
what is the est. to replace Bushings for both tie rods