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I was driving my car and came to the stop sign and the car died on me i thought that i was gas but it had gas and i still but 3 gallons into the car. I checked the spark plug that was not it neither was the fuel pump. something like this happened to me before and it was the module. can someone please help me.

I was driving my car to get gas the car was low on fuel and i came to a stop sign the car died on me and wouldn't start back up. please help me.


check engine light came on dealer says leak detecter pump and evap control canister needs replaced. can this be a diy project?

cd changer does not turn on does it have a diffrent fuse from radio?

Where can I get free clear detailed pictures/diagrams of placement of heater/water hoses and Engine wiring on car listed above.I have looked at several manuels and can find NO clear pictures of the hoses I need to see are kind of hidden not easy to see.Thanks Ron

After how many miles should do a tune up on a 1999 Chrysler 300 M?

Is there an easier way to replace headlamp bulbs? Please let me know. Thanks

Drove to the store went shopping came out and the transmission stopped working! I tried to push it in nuetral while car engine was running and it wont move, soon as i turn off the engine i can push it in nuetral. I can also can put it in autostick 3rd gear and drive forward slowly but that is it. When i go to put it in any other gear it feels like ingages but it wont move at all ( it like the brakes are on)

Where is this located? How long will it take to replace for a DIY repair? Is it a difficult for fairly simple task to complete for this vehicle? Thanks.

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I need to have my A/C condensor replaced and i ALREADY have the new condensor. My question is,"How much will it cost me to have a mechanic install it and charge it with freon?"

The car had overheated several times when my wife was driving it and part of the wiring harness got a little crispy but didn't blow any fuses.

2002 chrysler 300m, getting code po300 multilpe miss fire, the customer has replaced the plugs/1 coil/oxygen sensor. when idling it starts shaking and acting like it wants to cut off. i was told these cars have a problem with carbon, and was told to use see foam thru vaccum port and let sit, then run the car steady for a period. did that and cleared the code and the car is running great the customer says. he had drove it about 40 miles and the ck engine light came back on, but it is still idling good. what could i ck

how much does it cost to fix spindle,lp on chrysler 300m ?

my 99 chrysler 300m wont start and its not the battery or alternator what else could it be maybe a bad connection? what other problems might it be and what price range am i looking at I have to work tomorrow i need my car. I just bought this car it ran fine dealer said needed a battery so got a battery ran nice and smooth then all a sudden it just stopped without warning. Please help

Happens when I try starting the car

The engine of my 300M will occasionally cut out. If this happens on the freeway, it will often restart using engine momentum. If it happens on a surface street, I have to pull over. It will usually re-start on the first turn of the key. Any thoughts before a repair shop starts "experimenting?" Thanks!!

i just replaced radator,fans,hoses and car is still overheating and fans are not terning on is there a fuse or what could be the prob be.

For some reason my vents will no longer switch from floor, to defrost, to anything else...what needs to be done to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.

how to reapair the PO700 code

Occasionally my 1999 300M will overfuel (flooding with strong fuel smell) on start up after stop & go driving. It will barely run but if I get the rpms up over 1000 it cleans itself up and runs fine. 82000 miles. Runs great with super mileage with this exception.

my oil light comes on when engine is at idle (700rpm)

I put the shifter in reverse and nothing happens. Then I put the shifter in drive and it goes into drive for a minute or so then drops out of drive. Like it was never in drive.

Blower stuck on high. Manual OFF button will not work. Auto ON and OFF does not work. Temperature control works.

i have code p201 and p301 injector number i cylinder short i gues should i replace the injector or is it a comkputor problem

when car is running all lights go off than come back up even when driving the motor still runs. sometimes i can drive with any problems this is an aztek 2003

How long do the alternators last?

I have to add antifreeze and oil to my car before driving short distances for it not to overheat. There is a residue on the front windshield.

I am removing my transmission and must remove the exhaust pipes first.But can,t see how they come off.There is what appears to be a large knukle right beyond the exhaust headers on both sides but I can,t see how they come apart.

where is the idle control value located...