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past few days airbag light comes on while drivin. This morning it caused all warning light to come on and gas tank gage dropped like no gas in car
How do you replace bulb on front turn signal;
The car sound if it is idling up to high and then it begin to speed up faster than normal without me having to put more pressure on the gas pedal. Also it like it be jerking into gear when driving and when I get ready...
Replaced cam/crank shaft sensor, catalytic converter, spark plugs. NOw engine light is on then off, idles rough and flucuates. What can I do now?
its been on for a few weeks no no reason it just popped up
remove, purchase a rebuilt, and install starter
I payed over close to $800.00 for a new mother board. what are the indicators that you need a new one?
What are the steps to remove and replace the PCM on a 2001 Chrysler 300M - any photos available?
There is a constant clicking noise under the hood when the car is running. Belts were just replaced. What is it? Car has 73,000 miles.
where is the throttle position sensor located on the 300m
What are the steps for removing the passenger front door panel to get to replacing the window switch. What has to be removed (screws etc.) and after the screws have been removed do you have to pry the door panel off, ...
What are the steps that I need to know in order to replace the window switch for the front passenger window. The window will go up and down using the switch on the driver door, but will not go up or down using the swi...
Whenever i mash on the gas my car makes a high pitch or train horn sound
My 2002 300M will not start. ( will not turn over either) I have had battery and starter checked. What could it be???? Please help
MY CAR IS RUNNING HOT AND WE HAVE DID EVERYTHING INCLUDING CHANGing the radiator and thermostat and it stills run hot!! would a bad water pump make the car run hot
Hi I have a 2002 Chrysler 300 M Its going in to its limp mode(shifting in to 2ND gear hard) When i come to a slow down or stop. I can turn the car off and start it back up and it will go fine till well again u stop. I...
How do I remove the housing for the air filter so I can replace my battery?
This is the 1st time this has happened. Car battery went dead and as a result no radio, even though equalizer lights are flashing. I heard there is a security code that must be reinstalled when the vehicle looses powe...
my chrysler 300m just started to over heat.. changed the thermostat and that didn't help at all. still over heatig.. was reading on here about the air bleed valve would like to know where that is so I can look at that
my 300 wont blow heat out of vents atc gives a code of 23 where is blend door actuator located and any helpfull tips
Hard starting, rough idle, smell gas fumes and black smoke inside the tailpipes....
replace the timing belt and water pump and now the car wont start
Smelling gas fumes after starting and inside of exhaust pipes are black from smoke...
I just arrived home and i tried to put the car in park, it wouldnt go to park so wen i tried to put it back in drive something came loose nd it was stuck in first gear. The gear has been "sticky" for abt 2 weeks now b...
please let me know how to find the sensor inthis type of transmission the car does not go reverse. thank you
How do you remove the air cleaner compartment to get to the battery?
My car leaks freon and won't hold a charge for more than 1-2 days. Took to repair shop and was told what it would cost to replace evaporator. Can you give me an estimated repair cost.
Everything seems like it works okay but a get no air coming through the vents