radiator fan dose not operate until 108*c and off at 1048

removal and replacement of rear shock absorber

Can not get the car out of park. What's wrong?

My Chrysler 300 will not idle. they have replaced spark plugs, fuel pump, throttle body, and ignition coil. it still will not idle. Codes in system were for fuel pump and throttle body, multiple misfire and contaminated fuel. Found one side of saddlebag tank full and other empty. but no water to speak of in tank. put Heet in fuel system but still not idling

When putting the car into drive, it will die. you can hold on the brake, rev up the car, put it in gear and it will run, but as soon as the rpms go down past 1, as when you come to a stop at a stop sign or red light it will die again. you have to keep the rpms revved up to keep it from dying again. they have changed spark plugs, a coil, fuel pump, and throttle body

What seems to be the problem. A.c. is getting cold but is not blowing air out.

Changed the battery and now the remote start won't work,remote door lock,unlock doesn't work.Actually nothing on the remote key works and on the windows the auto down works but the auto up does not.

need papper work to install


Changed my spark plugs, now my engine light won't go off. Used OEM spark plugs and gapped them at .50.

I trying to change the heat and ac control motor

What are the steps to change a starter 2006 chrysler 300

lights come up on dash

are there any "tricks" to replacing it

tore up oil pan and it requires replacement. I was told that the cradle was bent so I need a new one.

Engine surged at start up 2wks ago, turned off & restarted ran perfect again

The air direction will change but the fan stays on high and blows full heat no matter what you set the temp at. What can I do?

This lightning bolt symbol keeps coming on and off constantly and i dont have a manual

Was told that the ABS module may need to be flashed at a cost of 2 to 3 hundred dollors

A fully charged battery only last 2 days at most. Once the car is started it runs fine. But when it sits overnite the battery depletes. The diagnostic code reads "low voltage", but does not tell me WHERE or WHAT has low voltage. The charging system test reads "pass" on the battery and alternator with & without a load placed on the system.

Brand new car pulled into a brushless carwash and the word "clean" appeared on dashboard, went out after a bit and then later in the day it reappeared again for a short while. Does it have something to do with the car wash and the clearance under neath?

Both lights,instrument panel and the passenger side airbag light.

On two occasions when trying to start it it repeatedly stalls out and makes a loud bad belt type sound etc. I took it in both times and they hooked it to the computer...nothing showed up. Our mechanic checked it out and does see anything going on... What could this be?

My 2005 , Chrysler 300c , 3.5 , auto .All of these problems happened together . The dash will light up but the car will not crank over , The electric trunk release will not work When it was running and the problems started , with like the transmission would go change gear while driving, I stop car then would not restart can any kind help me please Cheers

i removed the timing belt to install a new water pump, but did not set the timing marks on TDC when i reinstalled the timing belt, now the crankshaft will not rotate fully which is preventing the car from starting

The new pcm was flashed for a 2.7 with ABS except the car does not have ABS therefore it does not register speed or trip information to the PCM generating a code U1120 and a shutter or pulsing idle when in drive. Is there a way to overwrite the flash or do we need to acquire another PCM and begin again with the flashing.

its pops ip codes p1684 p,0403 p0406

I bought a used 2006 Chrysler 300 and I need to get new tires but they ask me questions that I don't know the answer to. I looked on the title & I found the 4D which I'm pretty sure means 4 doors and I see a C30 which I don't have a clue what that means. One of the tire sights even allowed me to enter a VIN which really confused me because it came back that I have a different engine than I thought I did. Please help!!!! How can I get THE WHOLE description for my car?

it drives fine no problem the light is just on the dealer said the valve was clogged with carbon but now has been changed but the light is still on afyer two days

I was wondering if I were to remove the 2.7l engine I have in my chrysler, could the 5.7 fit. I know it would require some modification, I just want to know if the engine could actually fit inside the car.