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i wasnt having a problem i had my abs repaired and when they drove it he said when he hit a bump the front strut werent steady i dont have or feel the problem but im not a mechanic thank u
First time to happen. Wifes car she parked when to work, after work car would not shift.
started 2 days ago drivers side windor dont go up are downdoor locks dont work mirrors dont work
We have been dealing with this for over 2 years now and several $1,000 already invested. Nobody can seem to diagnose the problem. The last codes that have come up are P0300 and P0430. Multiple misfire and catalyst ...
headlights come on ,but radio ,power windows,locks or horn does not work,car will not start
I installed a DVD navi system in my 2006 Chrysler 300 and my car will not reads no bus on the information center.need help please...
Always, when A/C is on ....We get cold air on driver side but warm air on passenger side (tested at approx 12-15 degrees difference. Fan pressure is excellent
engine light keep comeing on. had check 5 time.check malufunton light.
odmometer not reading corectly now- had set tip plan and perhaps stuck on this reading? recent oil change so know reading iis /was in the 30,000 range- now numbers displayed reading 19,171 mi. Manual didnt help..what...
the latch handle from glove compartment was focred and left broken loose. i wud like to open it to replace the latch. how to open it?
just bought 05 chrysler 300, engine light came on after driving home from dealer (90 miles) took back to dealer they said they replaced cat. picked car up , drove for 2 days, light came on again, took car back, now th...
My T&C starts fine, but has a whine for about 15 minutes of driving, then ends. After the van cools, the whine returns when vehicle is restarted. What should I look at?
Shifted stuck in gear
When I turn my signal on to turn right the left turn signal comes on. I don't know of anything that occurred that would cause this to happen. Any ideas?
when in cold weather steering is tight when, first start and squeaking as you turn but after car warms up its fine help me out please. check fluids and all is well ?
i wana no if there is any recalls for this vehicle
Recently my 2006 Chrys.300C's emergency flashers turn on by themselves and won't shut off even when the button is pushed. This problem has happened when the car is shut off and also while being driven. I keep pushin...
I had an occurence last night, I was trying to turn right so quick while i was trying to stay away from a fire truck one car behind me and I was so used to driving a 5 speed and while I was turning right so quick I di...
My cars shuts off as I slow down? No check engine light is on.. What could be the problem??
i need to know why the car isnt getting spark to the plugs
they say I need to fix the Electric Valve Control Unit and the part # is 52108308AB can I see what it look like and how much it cost
first time n its stuck at the floor shifter i had to undo cable to put it in gear n get it home
My check engine light is out, and also the power outlets and lights inside the car aren't operating. How do I get these things fixed?
2005 , 300c , 3.5 , auto .All of these problems happened together . The dash will light up put the car will not crank , The electric trunk release will not work , the interior lights will not come on . When it was run...
I took my car in to find out why the thermostat lite was on. they say I need to replace the thermostat...can anyone tell me how to find it?
all i want to know is where to get a transmission dust cover from other than a junk or chrysler itself
I check the battery,have voltage,but don't have amp,And have a diagnostic code U0100 lost comm with ECM/Pcm module A,before I check battery,it have dust on pole -,I cleaned,then when Icheck the liquid of the battery,4...
while driving esp light comes on and throttle red light left side lower instrument cluster starts flashing on and off, car stars to run roughs , until you turn off ignition to restart engine.