Whe i press the gas pedal i geta guick burst and then sometimes i get a high idle i went and bought a acceloratetor sensor and pedal an that didnt work the check engine light not coming on just the electronic throttle light what could be the problem

My car was having a tough time starting a little sluggish. Then it finally stopped starting. I received a jump and then itstarted right up. I drove it home. I let it run for awhile then turned it off. I tried restarting it. It did work a couple of times before it eventually would not start.

stick won't move (won't move to drive position) what's the problem?

I had the EGR and Knoc Senor replaced but while driving all the dash lights will come on and flash repeatedly.The check engine light is on and no one in the area can detect the problem.

but not water in the oil and diagnostic engine code came on.

I need to replace rear parking sensors and it looks like the only way to access them is to remove the rear bumper. Manual says to remove push pull connectors and screw fron inside rear wheel arch is this right and do I need a special tool Thanks David

I need to pass a smog check ASAP but my car was reset
Can I do something quick so I can pass a smog check

Had garage put 4 new tyre sensors on my 300 touring and activated them with a v tec tool.Now car shows 000 pressure on three tyres and a bar symbol on front right. Tyres are at correct pressure and I have driven it for over 60 miles. this is causing engine fault light to stay on but there are no engine faults according to my diagnostic tool

radiator fan dose not operate until 108*c and off at 1048

removal and replacement of rear shock absorber

Can not get the car out of park. What's wrong?

My Chrysler 300 will not idle. they have replaced spark plugs, fuel pump, throttle body, and ignition coil. it still will not idle. Codes in system were for fuel pump and throttle body, multiple misfire and contaminated fuel. Found one side of saddlebag tank full and other empty. but no water to speak of in tank. put Heet in fuel system but still not idling

When putting the car into drive, it will die. you can hold on the brake, rev up the car, put it in gear and it will run, but as soon as the rpms go down past 1, as when you come to a stop at a stop sign or red light it will die again. you have to keep the rpms revved up to keep it from dying again. they have changed spark plugs, a coil, fuel pump, and throttle body

What seems to be the problem. A.c. is getting cold but is not blowing air out.

Changed the battery and now the remote start won't work,remote door lock,unlock doesn't work.Actually nothing on the remote key works and on the windows the auto down works but the auto up does not.

need papper work to install


Changed my spark plugs, now my engine light won't go off. Used OEM spark plugs and gapped them at .50.

I trying to change the heat and ac control motor

What are the steps to change a starter 2006 chrysler 300

lights come up on dash

are there any "tricks" to replacing it

tore up oil pan and it requires replacement. I was told that the cradle was bent so I need a new one.

Engine surged at start up 2wks ago, turned off & restarted ran perfect again