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unless I press the break before I turn the car on

Had a recent issue with tail lights not working. Fuse kept blowing due to wire issues with license plate light (which has been fixed). Tail lights work but just noticed no back up lights. Bulbs look ok.

i have a 2005 chlysler 300. morning or nights my car start just fine but if i drive it for few minutes or stop to the gas station when i tried to start it, it wont start. if i sprayed starting fluid in the air intake or waited for minutes the car will go back to normal and start. i had this problem almost for 3 years but now it getting worst. its only happens after the car reach to normal temperature

Had plugs and coils changed. Had TCM replaced because diagnostic says it is bad. Replaced fuel tank. Dealership can't figure it out. Any ideas ???

After the engine/car is warm ( 45 mins or so) and speed over 60 mph there is a burning smell - then a vibration which becomes a thumping noise. If you brake hard the car swerves. After slowing down it all stops, but if you speed up again it starts again. Not tyres, not brakes, not bearings. Garage cannot solve.

My car has codes P0118 p0325 p0172 p0175 one of the codes i changed the senor and put it brand new n still popped up after i put in a new one. A mechanic said its my cars computer but i dont kw its that.

Its bring up four codes and i changed the sensor n it keeps bring it up agin and i fixed one of the codes n it pops up agin. They said its the computer??

The hoes fills up with air. With it jst running. N changed everything and we still dont know why its filling up with air. Anyone had a similar problem

I have changed the thermostat cap senor and cleaned radiator. The only thing left is the pump. We have let the air out through the valve. And to top it off the check engine light is on.

headlight too high

while driving notice that the speedometer needle went down and did not return to its speed position

What do i need to replace

Memory seat position wont work an switches on side of seat only work goin one way