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What could this be? It sounds worst when I turn to the left.
If slowdown to below 60 MPH all this stops & the car runs normally.
Stops after about 20 seconds or so. Can I disconnect the 2 wires under the dashboard like in the Seabring? Just bought the 2 weeks ago. Should not have problem at 360000. Not happy at all.
Seems to be better when car is warmed up. Car has 20,000 miles and has been to the dealership 3 times over this issue. Thanks for any help you can give. Terburg
When I turn the A/C on I get a loud clicking sound that lasts for 15 sec then keeps repeating itself. It comes from under the passenger vent , behind the glove box. When I turn the reticulation button on the sound goe...
2005 Dodge Magnum with electrical problems...
I need to know whwere the seat belt modual is located on the 2011 200
where are the adjusting screws looated