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The clicking sound happens when I turn the car on, sometimes I even hear it when the car isn't running. It lasts maybe 30 seconds and sounds like it's coming from the glove box. I recently had my cabin air filter rep...
the sound is coming from glove box it stay on 5 to10 sec off and on
we cannot get to the headlight bulb. need to know how to tell if they are xenon or regular bulbs.
After 2 or 3 attempts it starts and runs fine.
Passenger can't release seat belt to exit the car. After pushing the button for 20 mins it finally released. Then happened again when I had another passenger. It's like the button isn't working.
Water gushing out and ideas what it might be causing that.
what tools do i need? If my hubs didnt come with the abs sensor can i use the old ones?
Are they pressed on or is the hub brg. need pressed out and put in the new rotors.
...when applying the brake sometimes.I have 12,000 miles (+) and wanted to how to tell if its the breaks or just because the salt/snow we've been having just has made things dry? I hope that makes sense...I'm guessing...
I see the recalls on this site, but when I asked the dealership/shop while getting an oil change they said mine doesn't have a recall.What gives? (I am a female).. Thanks..
My 200 has barely 5000 miles on it. Ever since I got it the brakes have squealed, feels as though something is holding the car back from going And when I hit the gas..... Talk about "HESITATION" 3 times in a row i tri...
First incident 9/6/11, started the car, there was a zinging noise while starting, the engine warning light came on. We stopped and started the car again, no noise but the engine warning light stayed on. By the time ...