when cranking for a few seconds code comes up on bus...any idea where to look first?

My ac unit runs for 5 to 10 minutes then the line freez up with frost, no cold air comes out of the ducts, plenty of freeon.

A month ago my 2004 crossfire was towed due to a broke ignition. Cost of repair was $1275 and I was told that this is a common problem with crossfires. If that be the case I feel that chrysler should be recalling the vehicle and replacing the ignition. In my research I have read at least three other owners having the same problem.

when i have my aie on or every few days

my 2001 pt cruiser runs better with the pcv hose or brake booster hose off. Spark plugs indicate a rich condition.

This problem just happened today, and it is the first time it has happened. The diagnostic system is called OBD II
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my 2004 pt cruiser turbo takes about 5 or 6 seconds to start. climbing a hill it will sputter unless you go about 20 miles an hour till it hits third gear. when you hit 65 miles an hour it will cough an sputter . whats this problem sound like ????

What type of bolts secure the calipers, Star? Allen?, etc

I need to flush my radiator but cannot locate the drain plug

do i need special equipment?

car wont shift,,seems 2 be stuck in 2nd ,,changed filter an fluid an same problem,,can it be one of the sensors on tranny????

parkingbrakegoesto follranddoesnothold

i started my car this morning and i heard a pop noise,car shut off.i started it back up,the engine light and battery light came are u1110,u1120,po562 and po700

My brakes suddenly failed. There was a hole in the right side brake hose caliper. The brake fluid drained out. Fortunately, I was near a service center and avoided an accident. The brake hose was in close proximity and rubbing against the arm assembly which caused the brake hose to wear and fail. Is there a TSB on this problem because the mechanic says that the failure was due to poor design in location of the brake hose? Also, They are asking for $230 to repair the problem. Am I being fairly charged? Thanks, Louis

I have a 2005 Chrys T&C that has the same issue, headlights won't come on some times without turning the switch on & off multiple times. Headlights go off while driving. We have to hold the headlight switch (high & low beam switch) on to keep high beam on or else all we would have is the running lights.

any chance someone with a littli mechanical ability can replace this ac compressor

im getting no check engine timing belt & water pump.oil & filter change less than 500mi ago with 10 w 40quaker state high mileage. 120000 actual. could it be anything besides weak lifters? and its a 2.7

The bracket holding the driver's side sun visor broke. This caused the 2-wires that light up the mirror (vanity)to split apart. I no longer have the interior lights working. This has also killed the power to my radio. There are 2-wires just hanging there exposed. I would like to be able to connect them/kill them in order to get power back to the interior lighting and to my radio. I do not care for the light on the mirror or even care about the sun visor itself for that matter. I would simply like to see in the dark while I load and unload my son as well as enjoying some music while I make my long commute to work and back. Can anyone please help with this?

steering turns almost alway around 360.

Looking for suggestions, my air condition will now not get cold, the blower is working, it has been recharged, fuses are good, also noticed the compressor is continously kicking on and off.

Does anyone know how to bleed the vacuum modulator? And where is it on a '02 Chrysler Town and Country. I was told this would reset the check engine light. I have tried just about everything else including replacing the gas cap.

recently on passengers side i had the regulator replaced ever since the pwer seat locks and mirrer lost power only on the passenger side the locks stays open and the only way to lock passenger door is remove negative from batterry

neither brake light in the tail light area works. Tail lights work and the middle brake light in the window works but neither of the regular brake lights work and dont know why

so went to eat and few hours later get in car and put into gear and it wont move so i tried reverse and same thing.its making a rattling grinding noise???? please help

horn doesnt work , have power at fuse and relay , someone told me it could be the clockspring , any ideas

cam/crank position correlation sensor A-bank 1

with the air conditioner on the fan cuts on and off???

When I first start out it shifs good, but about 3-5 miles into the drive the trans will not shift. P, R, D work just does not shift. The eng is strong and you can drive the van just at 40 mph you are at 3000-3500rmps. The check eng light is on. Trans fuild checks good I toped it off with lucus. I have 217,000miles Thank you for any help.

I have a xenon light bulb that is out and the dealership is telling me that it will be around $1,000 because I need the complete assembly. I purchased the bulb and it has been working of and on but not it is completely out but the bulb is still good.

shut down going down the road had it towed home stick key in switch on poistion fan starts running no crank wii not turn over next day car cranked hooked mac hand held scanner check codes as i was checking car shut down lost contac with computer could not get back engine cooling fan started running again witch switch on will not turn over i do have dash lights