turns over but crank fuel is cam or crank sensor? change the coil pack and the comp. plugs&wires are good??????

my car when runing has bad smell of gas n it comes threw heater vents n i cant find a fuel leak i replaced o rings on injectors n new fuel rail fuel filter

i think i flooded the engine know it making a clicking sound. i turned the key while pressig that on the accelerator and that's when the clicking started. What could the problem be?

Can radiator sealant be used in a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica? If so, would you have to put the sealant through the hose instead of the directly into the coolant container?

the problem started when making left hand turns now it is happening when any turns are made.

i was driving home and my window wouldnt roll down and ac would not work and air bag light came on. checked all fuses all of them are good and also replaced the power window fuse

a/c blows cold untill motor warms up then there is hot air mixed with a/c?

The Instrument panels lights our out I I can not Idenitfy what fuse might be blown. I am looking for a fuse diagram. The maintaince manual that I have does not have this information.
Thank you, Richard

how to replace rear center mounted stop light (brake light)

it blows but not heat or air

it blows but not heat or air conditioner

i just had my water lies readone and now the car is still overheating the coolent is actully bubbling out

There is "clunking" noise in the front suspension when I hit even a relatively small bump. I'm sure the front end is noisier than when I purchased the car. I have had the front struts replaced and the front ball joints. The front end drive is smooth and there is no pull in the stearing wheel. The front end has been aligned and all tires balanced. Still, the front end is noisier than it should be. What else might be the problem.

what is the best way to test for spark

car was hard starting now wont start just cranks 1/2 tank of fuel has gas to fuel rail

Shop said up to $1200. to replace condenser. Will that make the indoor buttons tell the correct temp outside? Fan works okay. Every thing has to be set to manual. 2006 Chrysler Hemi 300

when it cut off you have to turn the switch back to off then start it for it to run

I bought a used 2007 2.4L Sebring Sedan. At first I loved the car-it drove great, was extremely quiet, and it looked good. Two years later, not so much. When making a left hand turn the front driver section grinds - you can hear and feel it. There have been several occasions where I was driving the freeway and the car slows on its own (almost as if the engine just died) and within a few seconds will automatically accelerate on it's own. Also, on occasion when I start it, it will turn strait off causing me to have to restart the engine and then it's fine. On top of all that, I was just told that the relay for the a/c is located inside the PCM. This will cost me $500 to have repaired/replaced. This is the 4th car I have owned and without a doubt - its the worst!

The air circulation fan is on high all the time even though the power to the heat/ac system is off.

Ever since we bought the car the tires continuosly loose air pressure. I have had to replace two tire pressure sensors at approximately $200 a piece do to the valve stem cracking and snapping off. I recently replaced a third sensor with a $25 valve stem and the tire has held pressure for the last month. Thesystem continuosly flashes an annoying text message to service the tire system. How do I stop the text without replacing a valve stem with a part that will leek air.

put the top down one time and the plastice window pulled loose from the canvas top

it blows heat for a minutr then ice cold air temg guade is higher then normal when blowing heat and in red when not

I was able o get the top down and now the top won'[t come back up. I cannot even hear the motor. It does nothing. I cannot afford a new motor. Can I spray silicon on it to get it back up? What should I do? Anyone have a used cheap top and/or motor?

why do i hear engine noise through the speakers when the radio is off or on

air stop working,power sterling pump is morning, the lightes blink. Also still making payment on the car so don,t have money for all the repairs. I'm very disapointed in my car (Chrysler PT Cruiser)

how much to replace a fuel filler neck

drive belt squeal all the time. it is only a few months old. shows no wear. where are th drain holes underneath the car? the haynes book i have doesnt even mention drain holes. water is on floorboards and i can hear water sloshing around. thanks for your help!

i wasnt having a problem i had my abs repaired and when they drove it he said when he hit a bump the front strut werent steady i dont have or feel the problem but im not a mechanic thank u

Car won't start after left head was replacedand timing marks were set at tdc. Why wont the engine fire? could it be the cam sensor?

I took my PT Cruiser to a local shop to make the AC blow cool air. They put it on the maching and filled the tank with coolant, which cost about $160. When it still was not fixed, they said it needed a VOV liquid line and some kind of tube, which would cost an additional $250. Was that reasonable, or a rip? DG