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My car keeps overheating and i need to take off the water pump.

i usually have it flushed yearly

where is and can I change the ignition switch van only starts when it's in the mood can run for months then dead told it might be the ignition switch but can't find it to replace

after tighting bolts on water pump.theres still a leak, does that mean the pumps bad ?

The car will turn over for about 2 seconds then shut off,aBout half the time it will not turn over at all .Its the 3.2 engine

Without any indication of a problem the shifter suddenly would not move from the park position when depressing the brake.
I was informed the gear shift assembly may need replacing at a cost of $450.00

my car wont start. the lights on the dash, horn, windows and radio dont work. it doesnt crank, when you turn the ignition it does nothing. the battery has juice also

Some times when I am going down the road the car misses an wont take fuel. Push on the gas an it just like it runs out of gas bogs down but it still runs it dont die. You try to give it gas it wnt take it. Turn the car off an restart it an it is fine runs good and goes one as nothing happon.Eng lite is on an some times its not. What is going wrong an what do I need to do to fix it ????

after changing a frayed ground wire our 2004 pacifica still will not start, it will turn over but it still will not start. what else can be the problem?


drove the van about 23 miles when someone flaged me over and told me my back-up lights were on while driving.We have taken them out. Why and how do I repair them?

which way does the thermastat fit in. car is still getting hot !

I am just wondering if anyone knows the average cost to fix the air conditioner

how do you replace the alternator/power steering belt

And My 97 sebring jxi is approaching the 125K mark and is acting up. My fuel guage would read 100 miles til empty, but then a mile or two later, will read 70. Found out my battery was dead and dry. Replaced battery a month ago, seemed to fix the problem, until a week ago. I was losing fuel/ remaining mileage much faster. Usually it would occur when I accelerated, but now it happens while I idle or even start my car.

The oil pressure light has been on intermittently when I drive and am idling (even when full) for the past 3 months. I've also been experiencing a hard down shift and feeling a bit of hesitation when accelerating. That's been happening for a month or so. A day ago, I had 70 miles left on my guage, I went to start up yesterday and got nothing but a display on the odometer and on the radio display. The odometer said "no bus" and the radio display said "CCD". I was told it could all be relegated to a problematic or dead PCM or ECU. Any help or explanation is greatly appreciated :)

when i go to start my car it drags what could this be the starter or battery

when i put it in reverse in just makes noise

I replaced my transmission cooler with a universal. When poking the attachment things thru the A/C radiator thing and thru the radiator, I have a leak. Coming from the front of the car to the back, 1st is the tranny cooler, then 2nd a radiator thing, and 3rd another radiator thing. What is the #2 thing in my description, cause that is what now is leaking thru a fin. Need to know what kind of sealer to get for what peice of the car. HELP PLEASE! Thank you. You have helped me tremendously with other questions. XXOO Thank you, Robbin Young

Today while driving 55mph, the tire started to shake. It only does it when I go 60-75mph, or when I take my foot off the accelerator. Someone said it might be the tire rod, tire axle, or just the tire. I want a professional opinion before I try to get it fixed- don't want to get ripped off.

What Tools Are needed To replace front And rear rotors

drive belt 2004 chrysler pacifica

why when i put my key in the ignition the key wont turn wheels wont unlock nothing happens at all please help me its something like an emergency

When I go over a bump, there is a loud thud (metal to metal?) in the rear of my 2000 T&C AWD. Sometimes it does it when I make a turn. The rear bump stops are worn out and I need help how to replace them. Thanks.

Is there a material that will seal a micro leak in a head?

Are these vehicles proned to Transmission problems particular Input hub replacements after 130K miles

How long should it take to replace 1 lower ball joint?

If I replace all of these as a part of my tune up about how much should it cost. My car has 150,000 miles on it.
fuel filter,plugs, plug wires,pcv filter,rotor. Thanks,

this is the second time my head gasket has blown the first time i got a rebuilt engine, now i dont know if its worth the money they're asking me to pay. How long will it last if i just do the replacement of gaskets,and why does it continue to blow gaskets.

cost to replace timing belt