what is the general labor cost for replacing a water pump

I have a 1993 pt Cruiser turbo with 99k miles. My check engine light just came on. I have not been having any problems with my car. 3 months ago I purchases a new battery. Need help.

In March I had my water pump, serpentine belts, seals, and timing chain replaced. Since then, my check engine light comes on the third start after I get it back from the dealer/shop - every time. I've had it in at least six times since the work in March - had sensors replaced, wiring fixed, etc. Any ideas - the dealership is running out of pssibilities.

I had to change the power steering pump and now cannot get the serpentine belt back on?

Initially had to jump start the car. It would run. Drove it home. Battery was bad. Replaced the battery. Just get a clicking sound when I turn the key to start it. Thought it was a bad starter. Replaced the starter. Still get the same clicking at the starter. Starter does not turn over at all. What could be the problem?

how to remove?

I have 1998 Chrysler T&C, the reverse lights don't work, bulbs/fuses checked okay. Please help

i am changing my Body control modual in my 2001 chrysler 300M, and i been told that it will change my milage reading and the car will not start until it programed, is that true?

Why would my fans not come on when the car gets hot

the interior light has no switch but just started recently where it won't dim off when I shut the door..I've tried to take the bulb out but its not easy..why is this happening? is it an electrical problem??

Will a 2006 engine and trans fit 2004 Pacifica or would that be a problem?

Since then I have tried it a several times and it now works fine. I suspect that something is going out, but hasn't gone yet, like a link, solenoid or sensor of some kind.

the fan blows warm air out the dash vents but cold out the defrost vent

replacing the bushing

how much to replace tranny


I replaced my 02 Chrysler 300M 3.5 engine with a 05 3.5 engine.The engine turns over real good , has fire to plugs and fuel pump runs but it just won't start.Please don't tell me to check a manual I have looked at every manual I could find and found no help. Hope someone can help. Thanks Ron

I have multiple problems related to an errant jump start of the original battery. The cables were reversed ie: the positive to the negative - smoke and fire almost immediately at the negative terminal of my T & C van. Now, some things work and some do not Air cond. power locks etc. What is the fix and how much to repair?

my a/c blows hot air like the heater is on and theres a tapping noise coming from under the dash

loud rattle over pas.rear wheel they said it was a cover that hold the strut is this a big problem and should this cost alot thanks

when cranking for a few seconds code comes up on bus...any idea where to look first?

My ac unit runs for 5 to 10 minutes then the line freez up with frost, no cold air comes out of the ducts, plenty of freeon.

A month ago my 2004 crossfire was towed due to a broke ignition. Cost of repair was $1275 and I was told that this is a common problem with crossfires. If that be the case I feel that chrysler should be recalling the vehicle and replacing the ignition. In my research I have read at least three other owners having the same problem.

when i have my aie on or every few days

my 2001 pt cruiser runs better with the pcv hose or brake booster hose off. Spark plugs indicate a rich condition.

This problem just happened today, and it is the first time it has happened. The diagnostic system is called OBD II
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my 2004 pt cruiser turbo takes about 5 or 6 seconds to start. climbing a hill it will sputter unless you go about 20 miles an hour till it hits third gear. when you hit 65 miles an hour it will cough an sputter . whats this problem sound like ????

What type of bolts secure the calipers, Star? Allen?, etc

I need to flush my radiator but cannot locate the drain plug

do i need special equipment?