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Every time I fill up my car the check engine light comes on. the dealer says I need a new fuel tank and hoses(1100$$$). Is is possible it 's only the fuel tank cap gasket? I have had the leak detection pump assembly r...
Car stalls out in reverse? I dont know whats going on?
The problem occurs seconds after the car has started and worse when the car is warm.
my car has been overheating and I had the thermostat replace as well as the coolant system sensor but it is still overheating.The first mechanic that replaced the thermostat said that air keeps getting into the coolan...
How many fuel injectors in 2000 Chrysler Concorde 2.7LV6?
my chrysler 300m just started to over heat.. changed the thermostat and that didn't help at all. still over heatig.. was reading on here about the air bleed valve would like to know where that is so I can look at that
I noticed the clicking noise as I started to exit from the freewayto get gas. The car stalled. A "mechanic" customer (at the store) told me to put some STP in. I did, and drove home. He also told me that my oil pump w...
When I start in the morning the tank collapses. And it runs real rough and misses. why?
There is an abs sensor out & the red brake light is on as well as the yellow abs this normal? On previous vans i've had the abs light was on but never the brake light!!!
all dashlight come on,cant tell how fast i'm going cause thats doesn't work,the air doesn't work,navigation doesn't work,the fan by the engine is loud cause it's over working. this all happens when i'm driving.i have...
My ac clutch is sticking and needs to be changed what would it be to repair? When you touch the magnet it gets cold.
my 300 wont blow heat out of vents atc gives a code of 23 where is blend door actuator located and any helpfull tips
Help! My car started losing power and jerking. I can be running 60 or 70 down the interstate and it will start missing and gearing itself down. Or, it will be fine and I can stop at a red light or 4-way stop and the...
Can the idol speed or the timing be adjusted? If so,how can that be done?
i have a problem starting my car car. i had put in a new battery in in and my car started but it just shut off while i was put the tire back on and etc.. then the car just keeps making this loud clicking sounds and wo...
Brake are hard always . This van has a master clyinder I've never seen before. Big ball connected to master clyinder . It reads caution under high pressure. Machinics want 2000.00 to work on it ?????
water pump and timing belt replaced how do you set the timing
At 135k miles, starter stopped cranking from the key switch. I have checked relays and fuses - all good. I found if I ground the coil of the starter motor relay, it will crank over by the key but will not start. By...
I think my timing is off on my 2001 chrysler sebring 2.7 leter, V6. Is there any pictures to show how it is suppose to be???
the car turns over but is not fireing because i sprayed starting fluid in fuel boby and not one cylinder hit
car can not be taken out of park. Is the gear shift module/shifter assembly covered under the power train warranty
when i aplay the brakes it makes a sound like two metals heating each other and when i heat a hole sound like it needs new shoks
This is a 3.0 LXI coupe model. The car would not start, then after a few cycles of the key started up. Now it will not start at all. I replaced the crankshaft position sensor and have the car together enough that it s...
Hard starting, rough idle, smell gas fumes and black smoke inside the tailpipes....
one by one the lights on my dasboard went out im not sure how to replace them i dont want to rip up the dash trying to fix it any ideas on how to go about it would greatly appreciated
Emissions light comes on and stays on. It used to come on intermittantly and them go out. Owner's manual says it is not a critical problem. What is the most likely cause? I'm, going to replace the pcv valve.
The coolant tubes are rusted and leak and I can not find replacment tubes.
My compass reads S, W or SW no matter which direction I am going.
replace the timing belt and water pump and now the car wont start