it blows heat for a minutr then ice cold air temg guade is higher then normal when blowing heat and in red when not

I was able o get the top down and now the top won'[t come back up. I cannot even hear the motor. It does nothing. I cannot afford a new motor. Can I spray silicon on it to get it back up? What should I do? Anyone have a used cheap top and/or motor?

why do i hear engine noise through the speakers when the radio is off or on

air stop working,power sterling pump is morning, the lightes blink. Also still making payment on the car so don,t have money for all the repairs. I'm very disapointed in my car (Chrysler PT Cruiser)

how much to replace a fuel filler neck

drive belt squeal all the time. it is only a few months old. shows no wear. where are th drain holes underneath the car? the haynes book i have doesnt even mention drain holes. water is on floorboards and i can hear water sloshing around. thanks for your help!

i wasnt having a problem i had my abs repaired and when they drove it he said when he hit a bump the front strut werent steady i dont have or feel the problem but im not a mechanic thank u

Car won't start after left head was replacedand timing marks were set at tdc. Why wont the engine fire? could it be the cam sensor?

I took my PT Cruiser to a local shop to make the AC blow cool air. They put it on the maching and filled the tank with coolant, which cost about $160. When it still was not fixed, they said it needed a VOV liquid line and some kind of tube, which would cost an additional $250. Was that reasonable, or a rip? DG

Code P0733- incorrect ratio in gear 3
Code P0734- incorrect ratio in gear 4

Are special tools required to remove or replace the rear struts and if so what r there costs??

Are the grease plates always replaced and if not what determines that?

I was traveling with the traffic when the TC&ABS LIGHTS came on and stayed on. We drove home, I turned the car off sat awhile then restarted the engine the lights stayed on. What might be the fix?

brakes are grinding...bad!

burning off anti freeze see no leak on ground

i turn the key in the ignition and nothing happens. no noise, almost as if the battery is dead, but i turn on the lights and they come on. so i tried turning the key a few more times and it finally starts. this has happened about four times now.

First time to happen. Wifes car she parked when to work, after work car would not shift.

I cannot get the shift to remve from Park position. Looked in manual and found info to override the interlock system. I presed the pink colored tab of the shifter bezel ring. It still will not move. Now I cannot move my car because the shift won't go in Reverse or Neutral. I'm afraid I may have to get a tow truck to pull it from my carporch. Please Help!

Hi my pacifica malfunction light keeps comming on and off. Why it is doing that?

The back seat is automatic. It goes into the floor ok but the back part of the large seat won't go up. Something is stuck or broken. The single seat works fine. Could it be the motor or gears? What do i have to look at to check it out? I'm a little leary about running it into the dealer yet. Thanks!

none of my dash gages work what could the problem be

on the 3.5 engine which way dose the thermostat fit into the block? spring side frist or other,also when you bleed the cooling system is with the car running our off.

How do I change the spark plugs?

my ignition fuse kept blowin, now my car won't start at all no lights no nuttn, even my keyless entry don't work, wut can b the problem?

I have a 2007 Chrylser Pacifica that I purchased used in the last 7 months. Within 2 months of purchase it would not start on hot days. I have replaced the battery and the starter twice with no success. It has had the wiring checked and the battery cables. Still the same issue, which is intermittent and only when it is hot. It ran fine all winter, starter everyday, everytime the first time. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I am having problems. It will click several times and if you keep trying to start it or just wait, it will eventurally start. It has been to the dealership and 2 other shops- no one can figure it out. I need some help!!!!

it wont blow in either of the rear vents.

how do u change the sensor and will this poss stop the ck eng oil light from coming on. also how do i change the rpm,s from 700 to 750 or 800

My passenger electric windows front and rear will not go up or down on a Chrysler Sebring Convertable. They went out at the same time

Given that the time estimate to replace a condenser is 3.5 hours, how hard would this really be for a competent shade tree mechanic?

oil light flickers only at stop/idle. have replaced the oil pressure sending unit at dealership, also replaced cam position censor at dealership since they said i had p1391 code. oil light still flickers at stop/idle, not low on oil, water pump already replaced, tired of spending money and throwing parts at this car. PLEASE HELP