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In the last few days I've noticed my car AC blow out hot when I'm parked and setting. It kicks back up when im at 40mph or higher. I was driving around town and was stopping and going at the red light and traffic duri...
my side doors are off track or they don't meet up to close I have not had any types of accidents or anything and my vehicle it is in great condition no rust no dents
Has 175,000 where is the varible timimg sensor so I can clean it, does the cam or crank shdft sensor need replaced.
The secondary air monitor hasn't completed no codes are present
how does the front and back bumper come off? And does that have to be done? Is there a bodykit that just slips over factory front and rear bumper? Ans Side Skirts? How?
04 Chevy 1500 4x4 I have 17x9 dropstar wheels on it but the truck has fender flairs. I want the wheels to stick out a little farther. Any suggestions such as wheel spacers? And how thick?
Ive already done a fuel filter and regulator.could it be my fuel pump?&if so is there aan access in the trunk to change it? Thank u
Went to car wash when I retrieved my driver side car window was down. Next one passenger window went down while driving making a sound like someone shot at my car it could have caused a wreck scared me so bad. Went to...
Last night my power steering stop working and it was difficult for me to drive home. This morning I started my car to see if it would steer and it was as though I had no problem at all. Could it be I just need fluid, ...
I now seem to have a leak of just water on my passenger front floor board. Both times I noticed the floor wet, I had been through a car wash but the seals seem to be good. Ican not locate the tube that leads to the ...
When I first started the truck I was able to switch from neutral to Auto 4WD. When I shifted into reverse I got a grinding noise from the encoder motor and the truck wouldn't go into reverse. I was able to start the t...
It looks like its a hex key but I tried the 4mm it slipped the 5mm was to big, so I bought a 4.5mm and that's to small. Also I tried using a t27 but that's to small also n I tried a t30 but that's to big please help.
My Blazer goes into alarm by locking and unlock door, flashing lights, interior light come on. What might be my problem.
when key is off fan keeps running and fan will not change to low stays high ac and heat work fine