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I just recently changed the oil pump and sensor in my 2004 chevy express however while driving the pressure says 20 then drops to almost 0 what could be the cause?
After I turn off the engine and restart the siren stops but starts again within a minute...this is a conversion van and I think a 1500 but it could be a 2500. I cannot find the fuse to see if it is loose. I checked th...
L4 to L2 is obviously 4 or five gears forward (L4) and 2 gears forward (L2) but Chevy indicates L4 and D are the same. Why bother with L4 then???
A few days ago it was work in fine ,now it's works only when riding
Driving the freeway the speedometer fluctuates you'll be going 60 and it will go down to 0. or up to 80. the engine will race and sometimes it feels like it's gonna die on you. But it hasn't yet.Plus it jerks to. Tran...
I have had to call towing twice. Chevy dealer has no idea what it is. They fixed something last week but I have been stranded twice since!! It is sitting at the dealer right now! It will suddenly let loose then a d...
We had the gas pump, gas filter, and battery replaced but won't start.
Car smells of gas when come to a stop, there is no signs of gas dripping on ground when parked, took it to a repair shop they could not tell what it was. I'm afraid a little spark will start it on fire help.!!!
after cooling fresh tune up egr cats ok new fuel fil fuel pump sounds ok
I did some unintentional 4 wheeling recently to avoid an accident got lots of mud on my wheels and undercarriage. I haven't washed the truck since then and shortly after I got an ABS light. After driving for a while ...
Codes u1301, u1040,u1064,p1626
Fixed problems on codes that came up computer is not resetting still have check engine light on
I have a 1980 camaro, I keep losing engine oil, its not going out the tailpipe, I can't see any leaks, but when I checked my rad, it was full of oil. The rad has a transmission line cooling the tranny and this site sa...
replaced gas pedal sensor and still comes on. The worrying part it keeps reducing power and even shuts down