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1st the 2 lower speeds went now the 2 upper stopped as well I changed speed control relay under the hood next to the blower but still nothing. What's going on???
Truck over heats at stops unless I rev the motor. Not every stop though. Plus the truck has close to 300,000mi.Engine is still strong and I have changed the oil regularly with full synthetic. I am the original owner.
I pulled codes and it came up 32 , 37 , and 54 I've already replaced fuel filter and pump to try and fix hard start have had problem for about two months check engine just come on a week ago
do you no wut the problem can be its realy gettin hot
Ok so I just got the truck and it's still under warranty, but when I start up the truck. It starts to tick or knock pretty loudly until it warms up and when I accelerate before it's warmed up, it gets louder. Also my ...
I try sealing it with a sealer but it continued to leak can I just replace the whole and if so what would the cost be?
Someone used the wrong key in my car and my key has a chip in it
Had heads replaced due to a bad casting (castech heads) And they cracked by the headbolts. Picked the truck up and it misses like a bastard. I can't have the truck down for another week as it's our only vehicle and we...
Check engine light is on no codes but it won't start. Already replaced fuel pump, starter and battery. Any ideas of what it could be?
When this all started I drove it to store it was fine came home few min. Later went to start it and would crank over but not start replaced oil pressure sensor cause that's what codes said but still nothing
I replaced the relays fuel pump starter altanator battery and still nothing I did the key ignition too and when I try to start it nothing but I have it a jump start with the starter and the engine turns over but want ...
started it back up and the pedal went all the way to the floor, i look under the car and fluid dripping from my transmission area by the slave cylinder i guess, any help please
Also I can be in the car alone the Passenger seat belt constantly chimes and air bag notification comes on?
It jerked a little over the last few days. Wondering if it is transmission or fuel pump issues or other.
Abs lite. Comes on after driving 5 mins ,parking brake lite comes on also. Everythg appears normal.