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Vehicle was making noise , when I opened the hood there was absolutely no power steering fluid. Power steering fluid was applied then as the days went by the noise was reduced. Again the noise came back and sure enoug...
The car started right up after he was done but noticed a small fluid leak. We fixed a pin which was put in crooked. Tried to start the car up again to check for leaks again but the car won't start now! WHY?? Is there...
Autozone said it is the thermostat,but it idles rough and has lost power
when operating power windows the elec gauge goes below 14
No other noticed problem. vehicle still running good.
All wiring checked..New motor still not working
put in neutreul like the throttle was stuck it reveeved the rpm went up , turned it off took a few time to get it to start and today running like it no problem
removed key and Rear AC still runs on high. Removed #13 green 30 fuse and front AC motor runs but control for vents only runs air to side of dash towards door windows. while driving the engine bogging down and killed ...
I am swapping a 2004 4L60E out of a 2004 trailblazer with a 2002 trailblazer 4L60E. I notice the plug connections to the nuetral safety switch differ. The 2004 has 1 larger plug connection and the 2002 has 2 smaller...
Dirty fuel f ilter? Weird that only between 55-65. Any ideas?
Sometimes my key fob wont unlock and then my back latch wont open. When this happens often my headlights dont turn off. Often the lights time out at different times. Sometimes they stay on for 10 seconds, sometim...
I change the actuator and pulled the fuse still no reset or 4x4
how reliable in maintenance costs is a 2003 Chevrolet trailblazer?
The banging appears to be in the trunk area towards the middle. It only lasts about 15-20 seconds and stops. It happened after driving about 10 miles, then again about 2 miles later. It happened about 5 times in t...
I have changes the thermost and temp sensor. It fixed it for a couple of days and then it started reading that it was hot. I checked the fluid level and it is full.
Found flluid on the ground think its transmission fluid I had the spark plug change last year can you help
Bulbs changed, circut boards changed. Fuse under dash changed. turn signal switch changed. No rear brake lights, turn signals, rear flashers. Fuses to turn signals under back seat have power. All front lights work.
What do these codes mean and what parts should i look into if doing the work myself...Thank you in advance