when my car starts it feels like is going to turn off,
looks like the power shots off.

turn ingnition key, nothing happens.sometimes after several
attmeps the ignition key will turn engine and starts,had the
computer check it said the crankshaft position sensor was going
out,I replaced it still does thesame thing.I have taken it so
several mechanics,even electrical shop still can find what is

I have been give different prices and I'm really at a lost here. I don't want to buy a new vehicle so I'm willing to have it fixed but at some of these prices I feel like maybe I should get a new one.

I was told from a chevy dealer that I need a new motor(7000)instead of replacing the camshaft autuator. I wanted to know how much is an autuator and is it expensive to replace?

Is my trans a 4L60E??

please any info. will help already have the part, just cant get it out...THANKS

needs spark plugs but cant find them, what are they under?

car runs rough and idles roughly

when driving. I stop the engine and restarte the car the light will go off and stay for 3 to 4 days. I have no codes.

I hate this vehicle...the mileage sucks for one, the fuel pump failed before the warranty expired, no help had to pay like $588.00 for a new one and labor, now the evap system for the fuel injectors are out another $600.00 bucks. The lights dim when you use the windows, the center console has no support, the seats are falling apart, wind noise is unbelievable, and speakers are all out of wack sounds like the speakers are under my car. I'm tired of all the headache with this particular vehicle I will never buy another chevrolet vehicle...I feel they have just become sloppy are careless with their vehicles. I'm not recommending their vehicles to family, friends, or enemies...

my windshield wipers go on their own and my car has to de driven with two feet It has shut off on the freeway in traffic when i have to slow down I have had the throttle cleaned, spark plugs replaced now what do i do? Oh yeah half of the panel lights are out on y climate and radio control and radio goes in and out.

At idle truck shakes after a wile it would stop shaking I checked all visible hoses and they are good don't know what else to do. don't have right tools and tools are very expensive

when you turn left and apply brakes you can feel the anti lock brakes kicking in

after changing the resistor and plug it wont start you can turn the motor when using a screwdriver to do the starter my windows wont roll up and it wont go out of park ive changed the starter ignition switch the starter 1/2 and relay fuses help my truck is on another town at my brothers home is it the computer that has been shorted out or the motherboard

I just picked up my Trailblazer from having it's transmission rebuilt. The service engine light was still on when I got there. The "assistant" checked for codes and got PO756. He reset the computer, told me to go ahead and drive it, and see if the light comes back on again as he is only the assistant. They are closed over the weekend and call Monday to talk to the tech that did the rebuild as there was no breakdown in actual parts on the bill. My tranny was slipping BAD and had lost reverse and it seems to be shifting fine but the shop is only 5 miles away and I haven't drivin it any further than that. I need to know how "easy" of a fix it is and a time frame to do it just in case. I've already been without my vehicle for the last 5 days! :( You would think they would have checked it and replaced it and reset the computer before finishing the job. This shop has good reviews. That's why I took it there. Thank You!!

battery is good weve changed ignition fuses under hood but windows wont roll up security light on radio will come on please help me

car dies in reverse when a/c on

any one that can tell me where that is

switch on dash does not iluminate anymore and does not put you into 4 wheel drive

this scared the crap out of my wife, she lost acceleration, had to coast over while in rush hour traffic. Turned the vehicle off, waited a couple of minutes and it worked fine... there was not reason for any of this no rain, no reason, dry weather, not driving under any condition to trigger this.

Could this be a big problem?

it doesnt tel how

I am getting about 8-10 miles/gallon or maybe 180 miles to the tank and I can't figure out why. In the last 2 yrs it has gotten worse. The system is not producing any codes and I don't have any check lights on but I know my truck (I bought it brand new in '02) and the gas mileage was never this bad in the earlier years. I have had it checked out but mechanica can't finds anything even after replacing the fuel filters. I think it's a fuel pump going bad because the "empty" will come on when I need gas and when I start it later it will be off and the needle is a little higher. Slightly erratic gas needle but not obvious by any means.

conditioner was not working so well...I had the freon checked...and the fellow added some..but told me he thought the door controlling the air flow on the drivers side was stuck shut. I get air flow through the vents on drivers side...but no cool air. I suppose I need to investigate under the dash and see what i can free up. Any suggestions for what I should be looking at/for ?

Took it to O'reillys to ck the diagnostics and was told that it was the variable camshaft timing cylinoid- However I read that before changing this part to possibly ck the engine oil to make sure that it is not dirty!? I was due for an oil change two weeks ago and my change engine oil light has not come on yet- has anyone else had this issue with it being as simple as changing the oil? I get really crappy gas mileage (like maybe 8-9 miles to a gallon)- HELP! Love my Trailblazer, hate that the engine light is on and that my gas mileage is soooo crappy!

with the timing chain tensioner if any

Engine light on, OBD II Code P0128 and P0106.
Coolant temperature below Thermostat. Leak somewhere from the coolant line when the air-cont on. I just change the map sensor last week and reset it but now the engine light back on. Should I have to change the Thermostat?
I really appreciate any help...

Driving to work 35 minutes into my ride, stopped at a traffic light, light changed, started to drive, and the whole dashboard lit up all lights came on, then all the following went dead, radio, ac, dash gauges, power windows, power door locks, pulled over turned car off, restarted the car, battery light, abs light, then stayed on, all other lights off, but still no electrical power to list above ,please help