The gas gauge still shows empty.

Fluid is full and not off color or burnt smelling.

where is the oil pump located

My AWD doesn't work, (4-high & 4 low both work) how do I fix it?

they told me could be kinked hose, and a bunch of other things, said couldnt pin point problem.

it worked fine untill i went to the beach

What services are included in a tune-up?

How many O2 sensors are on this vehicle?

If so, what can I do make it run a little longer until I can properly fix it?

this vehicle has rear air conditioning

When I am driving home from work at night with headlights on, from time to time they will just completely go out and not come on for a whole day sometimes. It may happen 2 to 3 nights a week and sometimes it won't happen for weeks and then just start cutting off again.

I have a 2005 trailblazer 4.2 6 cylinder that the enging needs rebuilt in. The main when out and it needs repaired. I would like a rough estimate as to the cost.

engine light flashing,car jerking CodePO300 replaced #4 coil. Five days latter doing the same thing again everytime you start it. Will this damage the cataletic converter to drive to mechanic 3 miles away?

i want to fix my horn myself without paying a high price to dealer repair shop. i understand there is a simple way,but must becareful of air bag comming out.

its for a 2004 chevy trailblazer 4.2 2wd.

While going up a hill I had the cruise on and lost power. The reduced engine light came on and the cruise has quit. I pulled over and turned off the motor and restarted and the the was out but the cruise still didnt work and then the light came back on after a couple of miles. It comes on everyday and most times if I run the air conditioner it sputters. I have learned to deal with the service engine light but I dont know what to do about the reduced engine power and the cruise.

When I move the air flow control to defrost, the tapping sound stops. When I move it to direct air flow to any other position (i.e., front vents alone or front and lower vents or just the lower vents), the taping sound returns. After a long (and annoying) time, the tapping sound eventually stops. Fan speed has no effect on this. A/C on or off has no effect on this.

It seems like a solenoid but I don't know. Anyone have any clue? I haven't found a repair manual that addresses this part of the air cooling/heating controls in the dash.


not sure how long this was going on had no warning lights or anything.

A mechanic found that my passenger side inner and outer tie rods are defective; he showed me the problem and I agree with him. The driver's side is not as bad but I didn't like it. He made me a quote to replace both outer and inner tie rods (Moog parts) and 4 wheel alignment for ~$1200. This seems about $300-400 too high. He has vehicle in shop now.

The clutch motar needs to mbe replaced. I think it might be to hard by myself. What are your thoughts? Does anyone do it on the side in Louisville, Ky?

No air blowing out front vents/also air is colder when traveling.Air blows out bottom and defrostbut not front

nothing happens when I turn my fan switch to 5 on my 2004 Trail Blazer. Works on 1 thru 4 but no 5. Also when I hit the recylcle button the light comes on but dosn't kick on the or open the gate

my cruze control works then doesnt,how can i fix this problem?

im having some problems with high temp its at 210 is that normal operating,just bought blazer and still learning?

I was trying to get an estimate for the parts & labor for my 2004 trailblazer ext


my trailblazer runs fine. just started to make noise, either fan clutch or waterpump bearings nothing is leaking thermostate was replaced no engine light on ? the noise sounds like a diesel and seems to fade at higher revs,how &what do i check first?????? please help

Passenger side back seat window will not go up

check engine light is on and the temperature gets very hot when running the AC. Took to autozone and was told either one or both of the cooling fan relay's were bad. Does anyone know where they are located.

have codes P0306,P0410,P0128 don't no where to start looking for or replace parts.need help badly thanks terry