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where and how do I replace a speed sensor
Transsmission dipstick snapped off @ handle they was a defect withthe Chevy Trailblazer LS 2005
I have trail blazer 2003 while i am driving up to the mountain my a/c start to blow hot air ,i changed the fan cluth and the high pressure sensor and still the same problem.while driving on the highway i have no probl...
my driver side tire balds on the inside and then the passenger side starts to do the samething why does it do this what could be wrong and need i remind u ive already had 2 allinments done in 2 months and atill same p...
Whenever I start going my ac will only work while I'm driving. Once I stop the ac will kill the vehical unless I turn off the ac before I stop. An while I'm driving with the ac on I can feel the vehical jerkin. Every ...
I purchased an OEM replacement and it still does not work...any ideas what my problem is? Fuse maybe? But where is it :(
the vents to your feet work...the defrost vents work...when i set it to blow out of the dashboard vents, you can hear it trying but they won't seem to open...any thoughts?
blower does not work on any setting
Hi, I would like to know how to replace the stop light bulb on the top of the rear tailgate door. Thanks, Dominic
I have a 4WD 2005 TB and the light for the 4WD comes on when I drive thru a decent amount of water after a heavy rain. Any idea as to why this would happen?
I turn the key off and the ac blower keeps going how can I turn it off
I have a sporadic clanging noise/noise of metal hitting or rubbing other metal that seems to be triggered by left or right turn. Speeds up and slows down with tire rotation - noisier on the turns, not as loud going s...
my trailblazer has 101,000 miles on her. I have been told I should have replaced the "struts" by now. Should they be replaced and how much should it cost?
the gage started to head towards the red area/ a little past the middle-210- then a notch before the red area. Did not overheat or steam coming out/no leaks /just a new fan clutch and labor -how much?
please can you give me a detailed cost and to to replace the fan clutch
When the engine light 1st came on, I checked my gas cap and it went off. It came on again and I checked the air in my tires and put higher grade gas in my truck and it went out. A few days later the light came back on...
cam phaser solenoid valve and check the screens for a restriction
is there a recall on fan clutch assembly and if not how much does it cost to repair
I have a fast blinking left turn signal that I have replaced the bulb twice and occasionally it will work correctly and other times (lately always) it will blink fast. What else can I do to make it stop? The contacts ...
my right reat door wont open, the outside handle has no resistance & the inside handle dose
i need to replace the rear hatch cover cause its about to fall off....
Low beam lights randomly turn off while driving at night.
problem occurs all the time. Fan makes a really bad noise, damaging the belt. How do i go about replacing it?
how to change a rear hub seal
I have no power on the driver door side. My windows will not roll down on the driver side, but all other windows work. I also notice when the key is in the on position to listen to the radio, it no longer do that eith...
I can hear the air conditioner blowing air but it is not coming out of the vents. This is intermittent and when it does blow out the vents, the air is cool. This happens every day or two.
At how many miles is the scheduled maintenance for changing the rear differential fluid?
What do you do to get the new belt on there is no room to slip the belt around the fan
A/C clutch doesn't engage when exterior temp reads above 80 degrees. have jumped low pressure switch and high pressure switch. Checked all relays and fuses. I am wondering if others have had this problem and if there ...
front brake making noise for a couple of days