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cost for map sensor
Should i get a trans flush on my 2005 Trailblazer 128.000 miles, if it never had one what are the pros and cons?
At one time my husband was told that our Trailblazer takes 7 quarts of oil on an oil change. The last oil change I had shows only 5 and the technian said it was correct and full. Can you tell me if the Chevy Trailblaz...
a code p1221 keeps coming up in my car. i changed the throttle body and i still have the same problem.
My dashboard will not light up either.
gas guage shows empty when almost full
Low beams won't come on. Fuses good bulbs good. Replaced headlight switch and still no low beams. Also gas gauge has been intermitent for months. You fill the tank it goes to full and as soon as it gets there it goes ...
I recently had the brake pads replaced at a local shop. The manager said that the inside pads on each rotor were cracked / crystallized due to high temperature. He said that all four callipers were failing by not alwa...
Driving at night, 10 min. headlights go off and then come back on. Last time the engine warning light came on this time it did not.It has happened three times ramdom trips and all ways comes back on. Thanks Bruce
how do i know if clutch fan is bad? and how much to fix it?
what can i expect to pay for a Throttle cable repair
The left headlight keeps blowing. I've had it changed 3 times in the past 8 months. Has anyone had the same problem or know why only the left side goes out?
The bearings in my water pump is worn and allowing play in the pulley. I taken the bolts out of the pulley to get a bird eye view of the pump. Is there a certain way to pull the fan clutch off? I am attempting to repl...
Electric fan for hot and cold air is noisy. I think it is a bad bearing. How difficult is it to replace the fan?
the blower motor is noisy
The right brake light works fine, the left does not; both bulbs replaced in the left light assembly, taillights and left turn signal now working so the bulbs are correctly installed. So far as I can determine, both br...
The local mechanic says that my fan clutchneeds tobe replaced. What would the average cost be?
it has a pulsating petal
started vehicle< went to corner store< when i came out my trailblazer would not start< the battery was fully charged. i pressed the brake but it would not allow me to shift the truck into any other gear. also have alarm.
My ABS brakes brakes activate at low sped stops and sometimes while slowing down and turning.
need to replace #4 cylinder, what order are they in
Replaced 2 coils to correct engine miss, disconnected neg battery terminal to reset check engine light. Ran the truck about 40 miles to reset computer. Now whenever the A/C is on, the engine stalls.
I have a problem with my speedometer reading increasing while driving. It might become inaccurate by as much as 20MPH and while remain at 20 when I stop. Only after I turn the engine off does it reset itself. Even the...
We were driving our 2008 Trailblazer straight down the road about 30-35 mph and the stabilitrak came on and the brake was applying on the front left side and would not allow use to drive ocer 30 mph. It has never don...
My low beam headlights won't turn on, have tried to check fuses and bulbs, everything is still good. But after a day and a half they turned on again. Took it to a dealership said it could be electrical, sure don't wan...
it donn't matter if I fill the tank up
I think my Passlock system is causing my car not to start somtimes. somtimes when you turn the key to start the speedomter & tack bounces up and down. sometimes the motor turns over but wont start. How can I disconnec...
when i first start from cold there will be a knock or bang like noise then truck idles and runs fine never any problem with acceleration or shifting what could this knock be. Thanks
About 1 week ago service engine soon light came on and I took it to get a code reading which is code P0440 Evap emissions malfunction