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My 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer 4X4 4.2lt 6cyc. is experiencing some instrument panel cluster problems.
While driving, my battery gauge, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, and temp gauge stopped working and bottomed out as if I had shut off the engine and removed the key. Most if not all of my warning lights came on also. I pulled over and did a reset by disconnecting the battery. That got rid of some of the warning lights, but the ABS, seatbelt, battery, and parking brake light stayed on and the 4 gauges mentioned previously were still not working

I replaced all 6 spark plugs since they were the originals and I has 143K on them. The misfire came back right away. So I replaced the coil pack on cylinder #2, I cleared the code but it came back. I drive about 3000 miles a year, and I have been putting fuel system cleaner in with almost every tank. I was thinking of switching fuel injector on cylinders 2 and 3 to see if the misfire travels to 3 to isolate the fuel injector as the problem. I just dont know where the fuel injectors are. Can someone show me where they are? Is this a good idea?

vibration at low rpm when at a stop. vibration increases when ac is on.

Had new tires installed at 56709 miles. At how many miles should I have them rotated?

4x4 173000 mi

2002 trailblazer water pump, besides the mechanic telling me the labor hours it takes to do any repair how can i know that before i go to the shop?

Occurs repeatedly throughout the day.

Runs but sounds like it needs oil

I'm getting a P0128 CODE on my Trailblazer. It is caused by a defective temperature sensor or thermostat. Where are these items located?

a whining noise comes from under the hood when the key is turned to acc. sounds to me like it is coming from the throttle body assembly

warning light cam on for a loose gas cap. replaced it with dealers authorized part. two days latter the light comes on again along with check engine light. now what do i do?

How does plastic manifold come off?

autozone coded it as #2 misfire it ran good till starter was changed could it be a sensor?? we found a blown fuse it did not fix the problem the service engine soon light is on and flashing now while idling it will shut off, very rough on take off to

dunno whats going on please help, pretty good with my hands just need some knowledge and a little guidance, thank you

i replaced blower motor and blower motor resister and still no power all fuses are good

I live in Florida and the possible ice warning was displayed and the outside temp read 5 degrees. after a few min the temp went up to the 89 degrees. after a few min it dropped to 60 then back to 83.Is there a sencer acting up. A few weeks ago the battery went dead dead. I put in a new one and little things have been happening like tis. Is it major or a miner repair.

My car RPM moves but car can't pick up some time goes till 60
what is the problem

Tryingto decide whether to just trade for something smoother. Wife has back problems.

tI've replaced the fan unit,temp.sending unit,thermostat,rad cap,water pump. Checked the rad. for being clogged(found nothing),checked the flow of coolant through the system and found that there is proper ,flow,checked for broken head gasket,checked cylinder head and engine for loss of compress(found nothing),checked vacuum(found within tolerance).What do I do now. The engine lite comes on within 2 minutes of reset. I check with my computer which has system for checking OBD systems and the same lite-code showes up. what do I do now --- Flash the computer? or what.

Having so many problems w/ Chevy Trailblazer; vibrating, running rough, very poor mileage, check engine light, etc.
-Will a tuneup solve these problems?

2003 4WD Trailblazer bucks, vibrates, runs rough & idles really high. Became noticable on 6/29/12.
Vehichle has 135K miles. I bought it @ 102K miles. Never had tuneup.
-Replaced Powering Steering Pum 2/12.
-Replaced fuel pump 3/12.
-Replaced Belt Tensenor 3/12. I think, the Back yard mechanic did not put it in correctly.
- Noticed after fuel pump replacement a red wire running from under the hood to the gas tank??
-Oil change & fuel injector cleaned 6/12.
-have had check engine light cleared & it always comes back on
Please advise, I am desitute & don't know where to turn.
Thanks a million!

looking to buy this car but it has a leak not sure price to dfix

The problem starting a week ago. I took it to Sears Auto Repair the next day and they diagnosed the problem. Sears also indicated no problems with suspension, etc. They suggested I go to the dealer to have it fixed. Is this a fixable problem and how much will it cost (ballpark figure).

The gear shift lever does not engage to change from Park to any gear. It moves back and forth freely like a childs toy,

I have ticking under hood, bogged down acceleration, strong exhaust fumes and some smoke at times from tailpipe. Oil pressure is good and ticking speeds up with acceleration. Please help!!! :(

It's not the battery. Could it be the shifter assembly or a shift lock control solenoid? I can only move the key forward once I need to move it forward again to have the key come out of the ignition. GM has me confused about what parts I need. Prices vary depending on what they think I need. I know that it has to do with the shifter because I took it apart and the part on the shifter does not come up the whole way for the piece on the shifter to release the key in the ignition. Do I need to replace the solenoid or the whole shifter?

My son replaced my Oxygen sensor and said he found oil leaking from cylinder. Does this mean cylinder is bad or is it the head gaskette?

no problems up to now

has code for thermostat also mil light on

The AC works. It blows cold on your feet, the front wind shield, the back seat vents. Just not on the front seat vents. I think it is something to do with a silenoid not switching. But I don't have any Idea where it would be.