looking to buy this car but it has a leak not sure price to dfix

The problem starting a week ago. I took it to Sears Auto Repair the next day and they diagnosed the problem. Sears also indicated no problems with suspension, etc. They suggested I go to the dealer to have it fixed. Is this a fixable problem and how much will it cost (ballpark figure).

The gear shift lever does not engage to change from Park to any gear. It moves back and forth freely like a childs toy,

I have ticking under hood, bogged down acceleration, strong exhaust fumes and some smoke at times from tailpipe. Oil pressure is good and ticking speeds up with acceleration. Please help!!! :(

It's not the battery. Could it be the shifter assembly or a shift lock control solenoid? I can only move the key forward once I need to move it forward again to have the key come out of the ignition. GM has me confused about what parts I need. Prices vary depending on what they think I need. I know that it has to do with the shifter because I took it apart and the part on the shifter does not come up the whole way for the piece on the shifter to release the key in the ignition. Do I need to replace the solenoid or the whole shifter?

My son replaced my Oxygen sensor and said he found oil leaking from cylinder. Does this mean cylinder is bad or is it the head gaskette?

no problems up to now

has code for thermostat also mil light on

The AC works. It blows cold on your feet, the front wind shield, the back seat vents. Just not on the front seat vents. I think it is something to do with a silenoid not switching. But I don't have any Idea where it would be.

The dealership can never get it to code. I turn the key to off and then it start right back up. It has done this sence the day I bought it.

is not very cold when running

I pulled that fuse and it corrected the problem awhile ago but I have forgotten the fuse position to pull and replace for 30 or forty seconds. Is the TCCM fuse at the powertrain control module 1 location?

Its leaking and we dont tow or off road with it

after scanning codes it gives me a throotle pedal position sensor switch

What could the problem be when this happens?

My air conditioner blows warm air when you first turn it on. If you move the thermostat up and down (from cold to hot) rapidly several times it will start blowing cold air like it is supposed to. At first it would do this every once in a while now it is doing it all the time. Once it come on it stays on, but if you stop engine for a while to run in to a store or something you need to do it again to get it to blow cool.

The noise is like a loud vibrating sound?


ran car to store ran good. Left store and it died will crank but fuel pump will not run.(already tried new pump same prob.) can anyone help

When I stop and my ac or heater is on my engine will idel down or cut off completely. No codes are coming up and I have had the throttle body cleaned since replacing my battery and alternator. What else can I do?

The radio works great only sometimes. When it doesnt only the driver side front speaker works. Does anybody know what may be causing that?

replaced actuator motor and did relearn procedure and they still will not opperate, getting power at connector they motors seem to move out of range when turned on.

I have had this issue checked 3 times so far and again the check engine light came back on after having the issue "fixed" by the dealership. They said it was a faulty part at first. What the heck is going on here. I just purchased the truck 3 weeks ago?

wiggle floor shifter and push button on shift handle and then lock will turn little more and key will release.I am thinking the park lock actuator located in the center console is bad.

what do i need to do to remove an ignition lock cylinder on a chevy trailblazer 02

im having troube removin it...

have over 10 characters in exp. why can't I get through?

Our trailblazer has a constant ticking noise under hood that is very loud and shakes and vibrates when start up car and at stoplights...been told a couple thousand to repair the lifter.

I believe it is my front right wheel bearing

Can the passenger side through off seven codes?