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My 4wd switch has a light on it and does not come on any more. The switch goes from 2wd,awd,4hi, and 4low. Now that the light does not come on, I dont think my truck is changing to 4wd when I change the switch.
One day the lights were no longer on and it will not go into 4WD. The dealer told me over the phone its probably the switch in the dash. Has anyone had this happen?
my 4wheel drive switch is not working
Just replaced entire f/r hub. Now ABS light is on. Can it be reset first without getting diagnosed? If so, how?
check engine light comes for awhile and it goes off autozone free test it results were. low coolant thermostat temp sensor
I had the rear brakes replaced today. When I got the car back, the dual climate control was blowing cold air on the passenger side (regardless of heat setting). Also several instrument lights in the console were not i...
Just today my check engine light came on and I took it to O'Reilly's and had the code checked. It came up as a P0128 error code. The car is running fine. My husband is going to check the fluid levels when he gets h...
i have an era code for a knock sensor and intake something issue and mass air flow sensor is popping up also what do you reconmend
I took my friend 2003 trailblazer which is running with a miss to auto zone, and they hooked up their diagnostic reader to determine that the No. 2 cylinder is misfiring. I replaced the coil pack and the car still run...
When looking at this labor quote based on my zipcode, do you guys know what hrly labor rate the system is using so i can understand how long my waiting time will be? Thank You
How do you change the drive belt in a 2004 Trailblazer?
Changed out the battery in my Trailblazer - it was dead- 3-1/2 years old. Got a new one and installed it - still nothing!! Now I can't get the ignition key out. It's not in the on position - but it won't turn back ...
my motor mounts need replacing. Is this a differcult job and what is the cost?
Where is the Purge Valve located on a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer LS
Tried to jump it - but it didn't work. Radio works and some of the lights and gauges will come on. Was told to check fuses. Would much rather it be a fuse problem than an alternator or starter. Any advice??
driver side window, mirrow, and locks not working after getting wet. No noises noted and keyless entry to driver door not working.
my service engine light has been on for a couple of months. i had it checked at advance auto, they said low coolant. i put some in, the light stayed on. i had it checked again, same thing. they turned the light off. t...
I've been getting code PO410 "secondary air system" for a while.Now tonight truck starts missfire on cyl 6 and there's an odor like something burning. Code Po306 comes up
How many miles before automatic transmission fluid and filter change?
fuel gauge shows empty with a full tank and sometimes floats from half tank to full tank and back to empty.I only have 35,000mi.on this suv.
loud rumbling noise occurs when driving and gets louder at faster speed. Also, windshield fogs on the inside when it is cold
Where do i find the radiant coolant sensor and how do i replace it?
Replaced the half shafts - had to remove the sensors to replace. Now the abs light says on. How do I reset it?
is there a sensor or a relay for the rear break lights. they are not working, bulbs are good, fuse is good.
Where is the thermostat on 4.2L 6 2004 Trailblazer, Some say upper radiator hose,,some say lower. Which is it? How much stuff do I have to take off to get to it...
my truck will not go into cruise or downshift by it self when i floor it. i need to manually downshift it. it is showing a p0107 code.
is something that can be handled by the vehicle owner, in the driveway?
When I turn the key to start engine, a loud thump sound can be heard coming from under the hood. Area of sound is behind the radio.
can I do this and how difficult is it?