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No service 4 wd
indicator comes on ,computer reflashed because of engine light and loss of engine power light coming on . Will occasionally go into 4 hi and AWD .lights do not come on in AWD or 4 Hi when switch is changed only on occasion seems like when it feels like changing .

already replaced one

My mechanic says I need a timing chain.

this occurs at 3500rpms when accelerating

For a short time, I was only getting air blowing with levels 1-4 (out of 5), then they stopped working altogether, then 1-3 started working again for about 2 days, now they don't work at all. Its wintertime and can't get defrost to operate until I'm driving on the highway and the warm air works its way through the vents when the engine warms up (often this is much too late for safe driving), and no fans, so no heat at low speeds. From what I've read, it may be the blower resistor AND the blower motor? Does the repair manual talk about/show how to replace and/or repair these items? I'm on a serious budget and have gone without heat now for about as long as I can stand it, but cannot find the repair manual at my library for the 2005 model - does anyone know if the 2003 model is the same for these items? Don't want to mess with that if I'd need to take it to a local shop anyways. Thanks in advance for any advice offered here!

When I try and switch from 2hi to awd or 4hi the light flashs on and off then throughs the awd light on in the dash??If I shut the truck off at night and then switch it into awd. When I start it in the morning it will go into awd and work fine.Hopefully someone can help me with this problem so it doesn't cost me alot of money....

Can't seam to correct the problem with getting code P0442. I changed gas cap, purge valve solenoid,vent valve solenoid,and had smoke test done,know leaks detected, seal for filler good. Check engine lite still comes on, with same code. Don't know what to try now.

It seems to work better in warm weather

It also acts like it wants to cut back when I put my foot on the gas to take off from a stop light.

wanting to know about how long it should take to replace starter.

I have to turn engine off for few seconds and then turn it back on.
I have no power when I hit the gas and it does it frequently.

Have a vibrating / stuggling noise between 1st and second gears 60kmiles

My light is not on where my 2WD, 4WD,4Hi is, is there a fuse under the hood that indicates that light? if so what fuse number is it?

I have a Chevy Trailblazer its a 4 wheel drive, the shaft front differential has a lot of play what would cause this? Also, the inside panel for the 2HI,2LO,4HI,4LO switch fluctuates on its own causing problems.

The blwer switch only works on 1 thru 4 settings

I have changed the gas cap, purge valve solanoid,no help. Changed the vent valve solanoid, which helped and thought it was fixed, now lite comes on every few weeks with same code, but will reset with disconnect of battery.Had trouble with filling fuel,that's gone.

ok on Thursday (29 Nov) I came outside about 8pm to get in my truck, hit the button & got it. Then everything went black, wouldn't start. Open door to pop the hood, it then started. Ok same thing this AM but, this time it wouldn't start at ALL or do ANYTHING, the key is also stuck in the ignition. What could this be?? Thanks for any and all input.

fan belt ripped off 1/8" the total length of belt.

i have changed plugs and air charge sensor

Or should it just be cleaned every 30000 miles

My truck is running rough and need a tune-up before winter.

I do have a remote starter on this also.

Whitout warning, my '02 trailblazer showed a "check engine" light as well as a "reduced speed" light....the car will not rev up above idle, but I ran it for enough to get to repair shop. The repair shop just called to say I needed a new throttle body. does this sound right for the symptoms I just described?

is there a reset switch or some fuse that needs reset or is my tranny goning out

gear handel freely moving then it was stop at parking,
i,am switch off its not getting start again

The owners manual shows a cooling fan relay (45) in the fuse/ relay box under the hood. The same type , & part # relay operates the headlights high / low headlights circuit (relay #46).

check engine light comes on and off it has been doing it for about 1 year. My gas hand is broken could that be part of the problem

I had one replaced post cat 02 sensor. But Im told there are 4 sensors, 2 in front & 2 in back. Now someone tells me its my air induction valve..which can cause rough idle and poor gas milege. Im confused what the heck is it?

Check fuses and they are fine, plus high beams are in working order.

the lower balljoints are worn out, sloppy front end