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I'm replacing the struts and shocks along with the strut mount
my heater and lights will not shut off when i turn the car off, what would cause this? The only way i can shut them off is to unhook battery/
how do you replace the front axel bearings ,this is the bearing in the diff that the cv joint slides into
on a chevy tracker,the frontend is boucing and noisy evrytime i hit pathholes
When my light is reset .I drive to Delhi from walton then by the time i get to Delancey my light comes on about 15 miles what wouldmake that?
I will be going along and the tracker sounds like it is slipping, it was periodically but now it seems to be worse. It slows right down and almost stops. Put transmission fluid into it but it did not take hardly any...
my 2001tracker ,v6 2.5 started making a noise like if you held a screw driver in the fan . i think its the timing chain it has 150,000 miles on it .
I am trying to tighten/loosen the exhaust pipe (flange between exhaust pipe and catalytic converter?) bolts/springs but am having a hard time figuring out what sized wrench I need for the exhaust bolts. Its difficult ...
4 cyl, 4 wheel drive
on start up in morning and when it cold.
i have some minor issue with my chevy tracker i need my brakes done, both front shaft replace, and have a oil leak i have had the car now for 10months and the mileage is over 222k i bought it for 2500 i want to know i...
I need to change timing chains in my car. I would like a book on how to do it. and other repairs if needed, where can i find one
i have manually checked the egr and the engine stumbled but did not die it dropped for 800 rpm's to 400 rpm's and it wanted to die seems like, and was told my passages are ok but i'm not sure, the system seems ok and ...
ive replaced the egr valve and o2 sensor and the cel came back on after the 50 miles i comes up with a malfunction code how can i fix this is there some thing else i can clean cause im running out of time
will a weak battery or low oil cause my service engine soon light to come on or is it in need of a oil change, I'm new to Chevy's and I'm just curious it runs fine just a weak start due to battery cause i boosted it o...
i would like to know how much does it cost to fix a drive shaft and how to get an oil leak fix. also i have high mileage around 222 is this bad?
From what I can find it means that the ISC Solenoid Valve signal #1 circuit malfunction low input. What is this and where is it? Can it easily be replaced?
Driving, the car dies, then won't turn over! check fuel pump, ok igniton fuse keep blowing out!where do I find the problem?
What is the procedure for dropping the oil pan? many thanks
If I need to have calipers replaced, would it be most likely that the break pads and rotor need to be replaced
I want to put in cruise control and auto starter in my tracker and I would like a cost estimate on both
Cancan anyone let me know how to replace headgasket and do I have to set timing back or not? If I have to set timing can anyone let me know how please.
only half of the instrument lights work and the heater control lights and the shifter lights do not work also no dome light or map lights on the rearview . we bought this used and i checked all of the fuses none blown .
My 1998 chevy tracker is not engageing the front axle. The air pump works, I've turned on the key with shifter in 4X4 and can hear the air pump run for less than 5 seconds. Should indicate presure is up. So what is ne...
My daughters 2003 Chevy Tracker made a horrible grinding, clunking type of noise yesterday and it would hardly go forward. She got it home somehow, God's help. This morning I started it up, ok, put it in gear OK, st...
Does the timing chain on the 2.5 v6 engine ever need adjustment or is there a schedule for replacement ?
changed spark plugs, and reset the system. I need to know th drive cycle so I can get and emissions test. I need to know how long I need to drive the veh. for the sensor to register.