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oil in radiator over flow reserve but no coolant in oil

I replaced lower control arm, both wheel bearing, cv halfshat(both sides), both inner tie rods,

URGENT, I am stuck at a friends house.

It seems to be hesitating before it goes into grars.

Will not allow oil to flow. It has also been in the shop 3 times and has had over 5 engine flushes. Unsure if it was pressure tested. Any suggestions?

Help. I am out of ideas. The pulsing did not start until I changed the pads. No ABS.I also change the rear brake shoes when I first change the pads. Thinking rear brakes may nor be adjusted. I bought the necessary "caliper tool" ad adjusted the rear brake accordingly.

Front brakes are still pulisng afte new rotors and new pads. I am out of ideas.

code 721, replaced mass airflow detector, 6 weeks later same code. Can this be caused by a bad gas cap? What other solutions ?

Vehicle drives fine shifts fine until 45 MPH then it seems not to want to shift into over drive, my question, is here shift solenoids in this transmission i have done research and it shows i have M41 trany or 03-72LE, where can i find more info on this transmission?

I own a 200 chevy tracker for some reason the key will not turn and the steering is locked. But the automatic shifter will pull out of park So frustrated

The ignition key will not turn steering is locked but will shift to neutral. The ignition was fine when parked steering fine. Since engine has been put back in we cannot move it or start it. Please help

when replacing the front driver side

My car recently was overheating when you drove it for more than 2 minutes. My dad changed everything he could think of in the front of it, including : thermostat, radiator, fan, belts, water pump, & fuses. It quit overheating but will not keep the battery charged. You can drive it until it runs out of battery then someone must jump it to get home. We went out and bought a new alternator and 2 new batteries and still having the same issue it will not charge. We had the old and new parts tested and all passed. Can anyone help me figure out what else could cause the battery not to charge?

has giant oil main seal leak. Could this leak cause CRK sensor to malfunction since this sensor is in the back of the engine behind the flywheel allowing the spread of oil onto it. again car runs great drove to NYC and back (1500 miles) and no problems, just that agrivating MIL light. Cannot get inspected until problem is corrected.??????????????????????

When I first start it, it smokes real bad. As I drive it, it smokes when I go up hills and etc.

Been having stalling problems, looked at alot of questions on this site regarding the same issues im having, and all top answers point at the cam sensor, but unable to find good detailed instructions on how to remove and replace the sensor, part i ordered online replaces OEM PC226, any help would be greatly appreciated

My Front Tire Had Low Pressure Last Week So I Put In Air, Then On A Road Trip My Left Tire SHREDDED,After Changing It And Putting My Bumper Back That It Knocked Loose It Drove Fine. Well A Week Later I Get In My Car And It Has A Huge Pull To The Left?

when i drive it for a while it tries to bog down, i press the gas a couple times and its fine. Check engine light comes on it says mass air flow sensor its been clean, acted fine for about a day but not its back to the same problem.

Last 2 Times the front end loked after shifting back to 2WD
Grinding noise some times ?? Thank You for your help.

runs great up to 60 then struggles to come up to speed,could this be a weak fuel pump or regulator or maybe bad fuel injectors?was pulling a p0113 code,so I replaced the MAP sensor and the service engine light did go out,but still not coming up to speed.THANK YOU