Pedals not moving: vehicle in park, pwr on, EAP fuse is good, no clicking of relay heard when switch is pushed, controls/linkages under dash do not appear to be jammed or obstructed.
Cannot locate EAP relay.

CEL came on p0410, turns out my air pump is running at all time.

I changed the pump, still running constantly.

I do NOT have the air pump relay in the fuse box, no connectors are even present.

What else can it possibly be?

When the come on it pulls to the left and feels like it holds it back from moving

my brakes became so tight while driving I had to pull over or come to stop in road. pushed hard on petal. felt a pop and petal hit floor and no brakes now

Hub and still does it I was told it could be differential bearings is that a expensive fix

In the afternoon when the vehicle vehicle gets real hot this is when it happen the most, it's quite confusing at times, had the charging system checked several times. Looking for a recall on this, but haven't found one yet.

have had this light on for a while and havent seemed to find the problem out

i have .8 resistance across defroster tabs power wire to vehicle ground is 12 volts ground wire checks out ok as soon as i put wires on tabs and turn on defrost i lose all my voltage.

We have had our 2007 Tahoe for about 6 months and the Rear A/C has not worked since we bought it. I have searched all over the place but have found no answers. I have already checked the fuse which it was good. I just want to know how to get into the rear compartment so I can replace the blower motor. Everywhere I look I can only find part support for the front blower motor. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Oil was replaced 2,000 miles ago and is full
Would this be the oil pump going bad? Or maybe something else

we put new pull and still vibrates till it broke and broke the new belt and broke the switch inside the compressor .we replaced that and that broke again so now what to do all Freon leaked out

They dealership calls it transmission cooler lines that were rubbing together causing fluid to run low.

which caused the transmission to go bad. There were no indicators to tell me something was going wrong. The only thing was a burning smell which caused the truck to drive slower. I pulled over to the side of the road and called a tow truck. All this happened July 11th of 2015.

I have a 2000 Tahoe LT 4x4 with a trailer package. My existing radiator is 34" wide and definitely has a transmission oil cooler but I am not sure about the Engine oil cooler. How can I tell? Need to order new radiator. Thanks

After adding freon air got cold then started getting warm again pressed gas pedal and freon sprayed out the back of compressor. What does that mean. "After a few min the air cold again"? Just wondering if any damage was caused by this?

when u take the key outta the ignition and open the doors everything stays on? How can I fix this???

Our Tahoe currently at dealer,over past two weeks the Tahoe would not go forward when stopped at traffic light. Car was towed both times. Dealer first time kept car 4 could not find problem. 3 days later second time occurred and after sitting for a day at dealer it now goes forward again. Dealer unsure of issue wants to replace trans. Anyone else have similar issues?

Turning on key, dash was dead, no gauges. Attempt to start, nothing. Third attempt, dash came alive and engine started. Voltage/amp meter now reads halfway between 9 and 14 (in past was on 14). Since then car starts with brief "grinding" noise after immediately starting. Also on one occasion, after backing out of parking space, engine/dash/electrical went dead. After several attempts started, with brief noise, and all good. Had both Firestone and AutoZone check Alternator and Battery, both check good. Bad Starter???

I've got a 2001 Tahoe we bought used. The ABS and traction control light came on in unison. We took it to our garage that works on our vehicles and they put a computer on it. No error message came up, this was done twice. I removed the battery cables for five minutes and then put them back on. Fired up the Tahoe, the light went away and then came back on. What should I look at next?

I've taken it to the dealership and they said it was my when bearings and inner tire rod. Got that replace and my car was still knocking when I make sharp left are right turns. Another mechanic drive my car and every 50-100 feet she will stop and change the 4w drive buttons and the problem will stop. Chevy dealership charged 920. For a wheel bearing and inner tire rod that wasn't there problem including other parts I've bought to see what the problem was. Please help.

My 95 tahoe turns over , I have fuel preasure up to the manifold. I also have spark to each plug, and the wires are connected to the cap as per the factory firing order. I'm am getting light back fire, so I'm wondering is it possible the timing could be off that much that it wouldn't start or is it possible it jumped time ? if it isnt timing, what else could possibly go bad ?

i was touching buttons n one said driver2 n mirrors movrd n thats when seats n windows stop working.i was told its the harness ir fuse