Still doesn't shift. I changed 1-2 and 3-2 shift solenoid

My Tahoe is slow in starting. It is making a clicking noise followed by a dragging noise as if it does not want to turn over. There is no indicator lights coming on. Battery is good, new starter, alternator is good, all lines tightened. New starter and ignition fuses/switches. Also my tow light comes on when i first start it. I have to turn off the vehicle and restart and the tow light usually goes off. when tow light is on, there is no turning it off when driving. My service engine light is not on.

And your mph have does not move

While charging battery rear fan runs while switch is off and weird noise in radio

Put gas in stays on empty.

I have used the power socket to charge my cellphone and
to power my amber flashing light. I have been doing this
for about a year. I checked the fuse, but it looks okay.
Any suggestions?

Very random. Turn key and dash lights come on lights and chimes but nothing from the starter. Keep trying and eventually it will start fine. I've replaced ignition switch and start relay. New battery and connections. Any info would be great.

Hot air coming out of driver side air vents when ac is on

I barely have first when it heats up but when cold it drives fine..i put new torque Converter, new fluid and filter..not leaking anything...i was told itmight be pressure control solenoid..does that sound right

My rear end was clunking or popping. Took it to GM dealership. They told me it was locked up and it called for 2 hrs of labor to get into the rear diff and find out what was the problem. They told me that the insides had fallen apart and that they could do a rebuild for $3300 or replace complete rear end assembly with a used one for $2200. Just want to know if they're giving me the shaft!

what can be the problem is there something wrong with the instrustment cluster

I have a 5.3L in my Tahoe and I would like to know how normal is it for an engine like mine to use oil I loose about 1/2 to one Qt of oil for every 2000 miles of use

Pedals not moving: vehicle in park, pwr on, EAP fuse is good, no clicking of relay heard when switch is pushed, controls/linkages under dash do not appear to be jammed or obstructed.
Cannot locate EAP relay.

CEL came on p0410, turns out my air pump is running at all time.

I changed the pump, still running constantly.

I do NOT have the air pump relay in the fuse box, no connectors are even present.

What else can it possibly be?

When the come on it pulls to the left and feels like it holds it back from moving

my brakes became so tight while driving I had to pull over or come to stop in road. pushed hard on petal. felt a pop and petal hit floor and no brakes now

Hub and still does it I was told it could be differential bearings is that a expensive fix

In the afternoon when the vehicle vehicle gets real hot this is when it happen the most, it's quite confusing at times, had the charging system checked several times. Looking for a recall on this, but haven't found one yet.

have had this light on for a while and havent seemed to find the problem out

i have .8 resistance across defroster tabs power wire to vehicle ground is 12 volts ground wire checks out ok as soon as i put wires on tabs and turn on defrost i lose all my voltage.

We have had our 2007 Tahoe for about 6 months and the Rear A/C has not worked since we bought it. I have searched all over the place but have found no answers. I have already checked the fuse which it was good. I just want to know how to get into the rear compartment so I can replace the blower motor. Everywhere I look I can only find part support for the front blower motor. Any help is greatly appreciated.