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my trans fluid is clean & my trans is running good,i have 82000 miles on my 01 chevy tahoe,i want service to keep it running cool..bought it w/72000 i doubt it has ever been serviced(dont know).Again everything is run...
I got a code of Crank Shaft sensor. WHen i turn or stop it goes dead
I have a 2001 Tahoe that just stop running on me the other day. I checked for fuel pressure at the schader valve on the fuel rail and it just seemed to dribble even while turning the key on. So I thought the fuel pump...
My daytime running lights on my 2000 chevy tahoe just quit working one day. All my other lights work, I've changed the bulbs, I've checked all the fuses and I've even done the dome override button with the key on, ju...
when i am driving at 55-70 miles /hr and iam steering my wheel veering to the left i feel the steering wheel is lock,hard to steer and if i do it pulls the car feels unsafe
after having the emergency brake repaired how do I get rid of the red warring light still showing in dash?
I installed a new cover for my gauges on my truck but I didnt know that I needed to keep the truck off and I unhooked the gauges. Now I need to get then back to normal how do I reset them?
So we recently replaced a faulty alternator. Unfortunately now my 2003 Tahoe is slow to start. My mechanic said it was likely my battery! I know I have replaced it in the past year!!! When I finally do get the damn th...
When first accelerating normally, an abrasive-scraping-chattering-grinding noise is heard. When selecting the a/c off, it becomes less frequent but still there. Pulleys, idler, belt & components appear good. Also, i...
the airbag light remains on after starting the truck,
Does the 1999 chevy tahoe have a cabin air filter? If it does, where is it located. I have looked everywhere. I cannot find one on my tahoe.
I have changed the heater control, blower and I had the resistor check. I was told that it was working, by a electrician, not a automotive electrician.When I put the used blower in it did work for a short time. It d...
Just stopped to get gas in a friends tahoe. Pumped $10.00 dollars got back in and when i turned the key some sort of alarm went off and the car will turn over but will not start
My wipers only work on high speed, my CD player displays Err and my mileage is no longer displayed (even when I push in the button).
i have a 2000 chevy tahoe old body style i change the spark plugs and the wires and now when i drive it shut off while iam driving anybody know why it does that
I need to replace the brakes on my 2004 tahoe, how would i go about doing that step by step
It doesn't make noise and it usually happens when the truck is cold. How much should i expect to pay.
What are the codes telling me??
Changed wheels and tires with the tools provided from the Tahoe at home noe vehicle does not move.
Experiencing intermittent electrical power loss/engine cut off. Vehicle will start right back up. Stereo will be on default settings. Thought it was the security alarm system but that was checked out and looks fine. N...
Where is the fuel modulator located on the 2004 Tahoe ?
Trying to locate the water pump, any one have a picture or diagram?
Please help my 2000 Chev Tahoe the engine is missing in low speed when you drive the miss go away the code is swhowing p306. what i should do to fix
My light covers have all broken off. I'd like to replace them - besides the dealer, where can I look for these parts and what is the correct name to use?
driving in northern california/southern oregon, stopped at a turnout for the view, smelled something and looked under the truck, seems to be dripping a dark fluid near the spare tire area, not sure if maybe i drov...
location of the rear wheel sensor
where is the rear sensor located on the 2003 chevy tahoe
I would like to know if anyone has ever installed clylinder heads on a 5.7L 99 chevy tahoe and can one be installed without taking the intake completely off
i have recharged my a/c this summer and it worked for 2 days blowing very cold.Now it still blows strong but doesnt get cold.It has no leaks.can someone please tell my why this happened?