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I have been told to just replace the body control modular (BCM), but that is a 400.00 bill, with no guarantee that it will fix it. I have been wondering if I should just swap out the day running bulbs, I have heard that sometimes the BCM will sense that bulbs are bad and switch over to head lights during the day.

sometimes the front gets a little warm then stops and goes back to coolthe backs stays warm for the most part but recently it also goes cool on occasions

It starts like a champ when it has been setting. But if I try to restart shortly thereafter, I have to try and try. Only successful if I gas it too. Cleaned battery compartment and cables. Bought a new battery and still problem... Any clues? Thanks!

the information I have for installation shows two tabs, my model only has a notch, I have pulled it out, adjusted it four times in various positions, it still will not run

I removed and completely cleaned all lifters and now when I start it up it will not stay running and also shakes when it starts up

fuel pump relay location

While driving, service traction control will come on along with the engine light, and they flicker on and off, and cause the car to jerk, the locks to relock, , and sometimes cause the car to turn off.
then i tried to restart engine again it works bu 300 to 500 meters then again jerk and turned off.
i found dirty battery connections then i cleaned it well last night but i am not sure if that the cause of problem

Please respond if you know the locations. Note Z71 I have may it work by shaking wires under seat. Now that doesn't help.
Thanks Love the truck

How do I turn on my cd radio if the manuals instructions don't work? nothing comes up on the display.

the lights on my 4wd unit change randomly. is it the switch or the encoder motoron the transfer case? it will sometimes switch into 4hi on its own

I checked the bulbs and they were good. The tail lights even come on when the head lights are on; but do not work when I press the brake pedal

just changed rotor and pads.put wheel back on and noticed i could move wheel back and forth a little. maybe axle bearing!

Have used at least 1 gallon of additive/injector cleaner has NOT made any difference. Took it to AutoZone checked the computer for codes NONE. Runs fine once you get away from Idle.


This is a 4x4 tahoe. Hi and low range work. The transmission shifts great, just sometimes it jumps out of gear while driving expecially on inclines. exa. pulling up on ramps to change oil. What could be the problem?

Radio stays on but the only thing on the dash is the traction control light and one other light. Have to turn key off and sit there for a little bit then the engine will start. Twice while driving the door locks locked then shortly after that the engine killed.

a grinding sound just like before i replaced the accuater but know it wont stay in 4hi or 4low it kicks it self back to 2wheel drive and now i have a pool fluid under it

the day sometimes they turn off. But at night if i do that the lights go completly out. Even if i stop the motor turn n the alarm they still stay on. your moving forward driving and the white back up lights are on..

water inside on passenger side of truck

the top of te roof, top of doors and the hood.



and how much of the oil dose it need?

How thw Heck can i remove the long panel to straighten out the belt ??

Thanks Mike

obdII code showing PO327 knock sensor low bank.I replaced both
knock sensors.


fuel filter
spark plugs
Oil change

Sorry but will try again,it won't let me type pass the m.S I have a 2001 Tahoe LS 5.3L 4x4 sweet.I'm changing out the compressor out because of a clatter sound when turned on,it also has rear air that only blow's warm air.I beleive the problem with that is the exspansion valve is bad,and the front is cold only when you drive and get's warmer when you are at a idle,also I'll be changing the dryer,and orfice tube.So my quesion is I don't use the rear air at all,so do I have to change the rear exspanion valve out,in a nother word can just leave the rear air aloan and not touch it at all.Could you please give me a answer asap.Thank you P.S.the truck is great!!!!!!!!!!

my a/c belt broke so when i replaced it, i also went a head and changed the tensior pulley and now when the a/c is on and i hit the gas to pass, it makes a loud noise. when i look, it appears that when the gas in pressed and the RPM reve up that the pulley hits the bracket that is is on and i do not know what to do.

Do I need to change my transmission,coolant,rear differential, or any other fluids other than my oil at 50,000 miles? What is really neccessary at 50,000 miles maintenance wise?