how much is a fuel spider and labor to replace it

new plugs and fuel pump. took it in for a diagnostic was told i need a distributor ,,,now why does that not sound right...can you confirm

i just put a new starter in my truck but when i go to start it nothing happens, i can remote start my truck with a remote starter but it will die out after one second because i can only remote start the truck without the running wire hooked up to the starter, when i hook up the running wire to the starter i cant remote start it at all

If I leave and lock the doors with the remote fob the doors cannot be unlocked by a person inside the car. They cannot get out. will disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it reprogram the computor and fix the problem?

Oil leaking from head qaskets daily. No water in oil.

Example: Sitting at stop lite.Idle starts to run rough in drive position,but when gear is moved to either neutral or park, runs smooth.

I have some codes that were given to me by the emission test place; if I provide those codes, will you be able to tell me what they are related to?

after running a varied amount of time or miles i lose oil pressure and all the bells and whistles sound off telling me to shut engine down i have low oil pressure

I just need information regarding the necessary steps in fixing the interior lining of the sunroof cover. I accidentally left my sunroof open and had closed the cover,and it rained hard and dampened the sunroof cover thus the interior lining has loosened and wanting to know the tools and/or steps needed to repair myself. Thanks

front ac and blower don't work.

The other day my Tahoe would simply not start. I've got half a tank of gas, battery is working (car won't start even if jumped), starter is fine, and I have spark and vacuum on the throttle body. Car won't start even if I put gas or starter fuel in the throttle body (although it shows greater promise when I do that). I took out the fuel filter and back washed and dired it, but that didn't help (although it has no obstructions). Measured fuel pressure and got a big zero, so that's my problem right there. Checked the pump relay and got 80 ohms of resistance -- does this means it is working correctly? I'd just hate to drop that tank and the cash for a $250 pump if there is any alternative fix that would take care of this. Thanks for your help!

when i start my engine, truck goes from 2 high to 4 low and i get a stabilitrac sys disengaged message. i unplugged the sensor on the steering column and plugged it back in and the vehicle goes back to 2 high when i start it. it last about 5 starts and then does the same thing until i unplug the sensor and plug it back in again. when vehicle reverts to 4 low i cannot get it out of 4 low - its stuck there.

what is the model of the transmission on 4x4 w/5.3 v-8

Cost of replacing intake gaskets on V8 engine

Prior to having our ignition switch replaced, our Tahoe horn would honk when attempting to turn key unless lights were activated before turning key. Shop is saying that this is after market and feature not offered. We purchased new with Starter Interrupt System and Passlock Theft deterrent. How can I verify that this feature exists with horn honking when trying to turn key on?

hello my passenger door is totally out. The window,lock,light don't work on it. Also my remotes to open the truck don't work. I checked fuses don't see anything wrong. Any ideas?? Thanx

traction light is lit.displayes traction off..ABS light on,truck makes a grinding noise..feels like its not in gear...?

Our tahoe started with a simple miss when it was in idle. then it started missing while you drive. if you stop the tahoe gas comes out of the exhaust, and it runs rich. The computer shows multiple misfire. Changed plugs and wires and distributor cap and button, problem continues. You have to hold the gas pedal down to start it too. On another note the ABS pushes the brake pedal back up on you. Had to pull the ABS fuse to stop that. Also the daytime running lights won't come on anymore and I can't find nothing in the book about them. Ohh yeah, our tahoe has SS on it everywhere, inside and out. Is there a Super Sport in the Tahoe?

It seems my hybrid is unable to shift smoothly from electric to gas power when accelerating from a stop. I either have to feather the gas until about 15 mph (to stay under electric power) or press harder right away and skip the electric mode altogether. Driving in a 'normal' nmanner causes a very hard shift from electric to gas mode.
Any ideas?

When I am driving I can hear my wheels sqeaking the same way as when i am stoping.

What is the labor rate associated with the labor estimate

How do I remove the rear axle?

Today we put 26 rims on our Tahoe and the the light for the tire pressure stayed on.

Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor located.Is accessible
that I can do it myself or would I need mechanic to install it. diagnostic code 0453

Was hard to shift then park went out now won't shift at all had to crawl underneath and push manually into park

my tahoe cuts off when i turn right or left. whats wrong?

labor time to replace the engine 1999 chevrolet tahoe 4x4 5.7 liter

my 2007 tahoe doesn't have the aux button to turn the rear ac on it has the outside airflow button. what do i need to do or how can i get my rear ac to work without the aux button?

Had little cracks repaired 4 time now the newest is 1" long. Where can i get it repaired without replacing the whole cover?

3 times I went out to start my tahoe and twice the battery was way dead 3% battery life on Schumacher battery tester. The third time about 6 mos latter when i opened the door all I heard was a lot off clicking in the door like the locks and windows and computer couldn't figure out what was wrong. this happened in Dec. 2010 in Juneof 10 and March 0f 11(after a new battery in Dec.10, I am still having these problems-local garage had it for 3 days and couldn't find a thing wrong.--help please e-mail me if you have an answer.pstupar@tds.net