I was told by an oil change shop that I really needed this, because it would fail in a week or two. I am very suspicous of there compenence.

195 temp but still does not get hot .what next? good flow throw heating coil. not blockages anywhere.

Dealer quoted about $500 for lowers/front end alignment. Then quotes about $1,000 for uppers/front end alignment. he said the upper you have to buy upper control arms too adding the expense. Is this correct??? Thanks

sound like the engine is not good

Front heater core

When using the heater on the drivers side it blows cold then takes forever to blow hot and then when it starts to blow hot will stop and start blowing cold again and back to hot

the rear wiper will not move but when i try the fluid i can hear it sprying but the blade will not move.

Could the heater core be stopped up? should I try flushing it?

The fuses keep blowing out. What could be the problem?

I was driving down the road and engine just stopped. First time this has happened. Will not restart and all lights, radio, locks work. Not the battery. 2000 Chevy Tahoe and 150,000 miles.

I was trying to fix my sunshade to my sunroof, that had came off the track, and I had fixed that, and when I had gotten it all put back together, I had noticed that all three housing units of my interior lights, my reading lights in the overhead controls, power sunroof, and
built-in garage door opener was not working, and I had taken it all apart again to see if I had pulled a wire or connection to soome wires apart and did not see anything like that and now my sunroof is stuck open and the only thing I can think of is a fuse is making those things not working.

The RPM's don't go up. It stops when the car is idling and I think it may have something to do with the brakes. Is that crazy?

solus scanner code co378

All the other power seat functions work except the up and down feature on the driver and passenger seat.

tried the second fob with new batteries in both but still nothing any suggestions?

more often thru the defrosters

I just replace the actuator on my 97 Tahoe because the 4Hi light would blink and not engage. Is there a sensor that keeps the actuator from not engaging if the fluid is low? I am out money and sitting in a snow storm without my 4 wheel drive still.

i am replacing the spider injection system. and i want to clean the manifold and injector ports without removing it from the motor.

Pedal goes all the way to the floor. I have read on line that this is a common issue. There is no noise from the rear hopefully no issues there. Could it just need the cable to be adjusted ?

fluid in master cynclder

seem to be going faster--according to the troopers --than speedometer says . waiting for transmission repair for slipping and rumbling over 50mph .

new water pump / no sign of leak on ground /

I have been told to just replace the body control modular (BCM), but that is a 400.00 bill, with no guarantee that it will fix it. I have been wondering if I should just swap out the day running bulbs, I have heard that sometimes the BCM will sense that bulbs are bad and switch over to head lights during the day.

sometimes the front gets a little warm then stops and goes back to coolthe backs stays warm for the most part but recently it also goes cool on occasions

It starts like a champ when it has been setting. But if I try to restart shortly thereafter, I have to try and try. Only successful if I gas it too. Cleaned battery compartment and cables. Bought a new battery and still problem... Any clues? Thanks!

the information I have for installation shows two tabs, my model only has a notch, I have pulled it out, adjusted it four times in various positions, it still will not run

I removed and completely cleaned all lifters and now when I start it up it will not stay running and also shakes when it starts up

fuel pump relay location

While driving, service traction control will come on along with the engine light, and they flicker on and off, and cause the car to jerk, the locks to relock, , and sometimes cause the car to turn off.
then i tried to restart engine again it works bu 300 to 500 meters then again jerk and turned off.
i found dirty battery connections then i cleaned it well last night but i am not sure if that the cause of problem

Please respond if you know the locations. Note Z71 I have may it work by shaking wires under seat. Now that doesn't help.
Thanks Love the truck