i have replaced the pmd 3 times still shuts down could it be the lift pump? i also know it could be the oil sending sending unit.

We have already diagnosed the truck with starting fluid Ignition works but immediately quits. Incidentally no headlight power to the main switch? ODB port also has no power, I suspect it is through a power circuit short or relay problem but i also suspect the shifter itself, i tried finding neutral in it and turning motor but wont engage started. There seems to be excessive play in the shifter on the tree... 2-3" in park, i havent driven or worked on a chevy of its like since 2000 since then ive stuck to 1990-1993 fords with straight six's any inpuit would be appreciated

solo lo hace cuando llueve y la camioneta se moja al otro dia no arranca y si llueve todo el dia pues no arranca mientras no se moje funciona normalmente pasan dias o meses sin llover y la camioneta no falla espero pudieran orientarme que hacer gracias.

I have a 1993 Chevy Suburban 2500 that has a bad ECM module and it has been 3 weeks now but not fixed so how much time should it take to fix/replace and how much should it cost me.

It will run in 3 but it seems to stuggle. If you start out in overdrive it goes through the gears until it is ready to shift into Overdrive and then just doesn't!

Runs great for a week or more; then bouts of stalling less than a mile from house. Fuel pump is ok. What part of ECM system would be so temperamental and have enough power to blow fuses. If I let it sit; odds are I can drive it 100 miles or more before it starts blowing fuses again.

I have replaced the plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and air filter. The Service Engine light is still on. The engine is running rough and the smell of fuel is present.

Dealer replaced leaking hydroboost. Immediately notice much more effort required to stop. Dealer replace H/B unit second time. No better. Dealer said it tested 3000psi so they are done with it. Since then ive done the brake material, master cylinder all to no avail. Dealer parts guys rechecked the part number on the H/B and are sure its correct. somebody else recommend eplace P/S pump and hoses another said check H/B rod throw. Another said there was a change to the priorty valve in later models to biased more hydraulic fuild to steering during braking. Which direction first?

With the A/C selected on HVAC panel. The HVAC blows warm air. The A/C compressor clutch does not engage. Has R-12. What else can I do asa backyard mechanic?

side of fuel injectors

the truck ran fine for about a week, then started stuttering on take off from a stop. after that it started shaking and stuttering worse when id turn left. thot it was points, so i got a new cap and roter. ran great again for a couple of days then started doing it again. my wife when to yakima today and says that there is smoke comming out of the tale pipe now. whats wrong with my baby????/ please help.

im not a mechanic but i know the basics about care.


just replaced ac hose assembly front air works and blows cold rear ac doesnt come omn at all

how would my truck running if my injector were going bad or clogged?

i changed my transmission fluid and filter the other day and filled it with a gallon of fluid my wife purchased. after that the truck started running funny like stuttering when i hit the gas from a stop,and when i turn left the truck shakes. fells like it shakes more towards the rear. did i put the wrong trans fluid in. pls help!!! this id the only car me and my wife have to drive

this happens every time stopping, the steering wheel pulls to the left when the truck finally stops. front brakes were resurfaced, power steering fluid checked, a little low, told by one mechanic it was the hydro boost. no warning lights or diagnostic failures

light goes off, but comes back on at random times

the control switch for the heat will not go all the way to the right. i have the assembly out and it feels like the cable is too short to go all the way. I can't figure out what needs to be taken apart to reach the cable at its source.

The suburban would not move when the 2WD button was engaged. After cycling through the other button options, I was able to engage the transmission when the Auto button was lit. With the suburban in park, I engaged the 2WD button and the suburban began to roll as if the selector was in the neutral. How I solve this problem??

There is too much play in the steering & there is a groaning sound when I make turns.

brake pedel grabs and sometimes the pedel will go all the way down till it stops. sometimes and I here metel grinding when I first apply the brakes in the morinig but stops shortly there after.

The heater and AC wont work. The fan blows but only reg air. No compressor turns on. Also the vent is open 24/7 and in the summer the hot air comes thru. I had a part replaced long ago that regulates the valve to open and close the venting but it still happens. Help Im a single mom with no money. Thanks

My courtesy light fuse keeps melting in the fuse box! What could be the problem with this?

I have had powersteering leaking for a long time but now I have way too much play in the steering wheel along with alot of shaking from the front end as driving. My breaks also lock up on me when it is cold or raining, never when it is hot. I can see the leak spots on the ground and also inside the engine there is alot of fluid. I am a single mom who does not know at all what to do and has little money to do anything. please help me. Kim

Everytime I try to refuel my truck the overflow protection device on the fuel pump is activated for some reason. My problem started approximately a year ago with a check engine light with a code concerning my gas cap. I replaced the cap twice but this did not fix the problem. Now the problem is worse. I spend 20 minutes at the pump to pump 5 gallon of fuel. As you know, this beast drinks the fuel so I spend many 20 minute periods at the pump to get 50 miles down the road.

How do I fix this issue? Dealer hasn't a clue, actually niether of the two dealers I have taken the truck to can help me. They want to do exploratory surgury on my dime.

Let me know if you are familiar with this issue.



I am leaking power steering fluid. I have replaced both lines. I think it is coming from the joint between the hydroboost and brake booster. Is there a seal I can replace or do I have to replace the whole booster? Thanks!

some times when i take off it runs like any other vehickle but some time it sounds like it is having a hard time shifting gears like it is wounding up.


can i use a steering gear box from a 86 elcameno

new master cylinder,when driving turns fine...leaving from parking wheel is tight to turn from one direction to another and is fine when driving but braking sucks have to apply half pedal to get to stop...if applied full pedal wont stop...or lock up Email

when I slow down to park in a parking stall and turn the steering wheel sharp to the left or right the engine shuts off, but will start right away.