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I have put new shocks on 1994 chevy suburban 4wd and the rear still looks lower then front why.
I already replaced the calipers and the brake pads but when driving the truck still feels like its struggling
LTZ 4WD I don't hear the noise or feel any vibration if casually accelerating. When it occurs definitely feel it directly under driver's seat. I was thinking U joints but maybe CV joint or unfortunately front differ...
Having problems with my fuel tank 1999 1500 Chevy suburban
Just bought 2004 Suburban 1500, 143,000, well maintained, but won't start on first try. Many times it will start on the second or third try. We just replaced fuel filter, still doing same thing. Occasionally will st...
Front passengerside started making a noise and the wheel started wobbling to where you cant drive it. What is causing this. And can I remove the front axels and still drive it or is it a different problem and how do I...
Ran normally when i parked it no hesitation or anything. Now it cranks but dosent turn over.
We took our 2015 Tahoe in for an oil change, and when we left the dealership the engine light came on. We went back to the dealership and they cleared the light but did not let my wife know what the issue was. A cou...
It doesn't register anything, I can have a full tank even and sometimes it will go from empty to full. I'm wondering what I need to replace so I know how much gas is in there so I don't run out?
After having a little fun the b night before and getting stuck, mind you, I have a leaky axle seal and weak rear end apparently. I Hurd some sort of clunk on the way home and instantly thought of my rear end, next mor...
Driving early in am and it is cold(4degrees) . Engine light goes off and car goes into reduced power mode and runs at 30-40 mph. On star says something about fuel injectors. What could this be?
Should I also replace knock sensors?
Trying to remove fuel from I can drop tank safely.