Had heads replaced due to a bad casting (castech heads) And they cracked by the headbolts. Picked the truck up and it misses like a bastard. I can't have the truck down for another week as it's our only vehicle and we have 3 school age kids. Any ideas?

only happends on overpasses or slow speeds and only when pulling trailer

How do I replace the Electronic ABS Control Module on my 2001 Suburban LT 4 wheel drive?

I have a 2014 ltz suburban dealer wont replace front shocks says nothing wrong they wont test retraction on shock
At 50 mph hitting a bump on highway car bottom out

Occurs only when engine warm/hot ,at idle in drive launching from a stop,this occurs consistently 0-4%tps p0300 was stored history, no other codes,no reduced eng.power.( this feels to me like a carburated engine with a bad accelerate pump or blocked off idle port) cleaned/ wiped throttle plate area appears normal and no change.no codes throw while road test even as condition occurs,I have a tech2 but no access to TIS . the RSS system is not op and several hard codes stored in that.air filt /intake appear norm.engine power underload thru hi way speeds are normal.

Slips real bad,turn off wait five min,starts and runs good again?

I replaced the trans case acuator motor. After replacing, it gives me the service 4wd code. i had the code checked and it told me low voltage. i checked the votage to the acuator and it reads 6.5 to 9 volts. All the wiring looks good. I traced it back to the main loom but no farther.

When I take off the truck slips the drive gear. I have to rev it up to stick in gear but it sticks in 3 gear

I hear a thumping noise and the truck slips when it turns a corner. Now the trans slips (misses) after takeoff. I have to rev the engine to engage it into gear but slips while in regular drive.

There us oil leakong from the top and from 3 areas from the bottom. Constantly putting oil at least a quart every 2 weeks

It has air bag suspension it sat for like 6 months,now it doesnt have the ac because it all was removed lines are still open,but the truck starts right up everytime then shuts right back off 3 seconds later

Will go down and up but stops before closing about an inch from the top.

I have put new shocks on 1994 chevy suburban 4wd and the rear still looks lower then front why.

Then front.

Last Friday I turned my Saburban on and put it into drive. Everything was fine as I drove a short distance, until came to a complete stop at a red light. As the light changed to green, I released the brake to creep forward to allow on coming vehicles to pass before attempting my left turn.

As the last on coming car passed me by, I steppe on the accelerator, but the vehicle would not move forward. I could hear some grinding, then suddenly, it felt as if I had been hit hard from behind and my Saburban jerked forward and was now able drive.

I pulled over to exchange documents with the person who had hit me, but to my surprise, no one had hit me and there was no damage to my vehicle, nor was there any car behind me as I felt the strong forward jerk.

So, the problem lies with the vehicle.
1.) Why would it not engage as I stepped on the gas pedal?
2.) Why did I hear a loud grinding sound?
3.) What may have caused the strong push forward?

If you have any ideas as to what the issue(s) may be, please advise?

This is a follow up question on the 2006 Suburban shifting problem. What if you have power to the IGN 0 fuse? What is the next step.

ecu codes P0740, P0753, P0758, P0785, P2761 and also getting a P0446 Emissions code. The transmission codes is intermittent. The car works find for a day or two and then has the shifting problem until it resets which can be a on the next start up or the 10th start up. I need to know the troubleshoot steps form A to Z. Also would like to fix the evaporative emission problem too.

Thanks Dale

We have done everything we can think of but the brakes are still struggling and feel like they are still on while I'm driving.