Every time I turn the truck on the door automatically lock. They do not unlock until truck is turned off. They do not lock if a door is open. What can be causing this.

I have changed fuses, relays with the fuse panel, PCM module itself, changed batteries, and did all that I known to do. I beginning to wonder if it is dealing with my fuel relay, or is there a short somewhere. Its giving me the blues. I have not dropped the tank or changed the relay to the fuel. I need the specs on that to trace wires and relays. 25amp fuse out and vehicle will turn but never start. I am lost.

We just spent alt of money close to $2000 on front end work, new tires, and censors. Now the transmission is bad. Is it worth it to replace the transmission or think about replacing the vehicle?

Sometimes when i start my car it wont shift out of park and i have to let it set for at least a hour and then only with force will it shift into Drive or reverse


Noise sounds like whistling. All began on 15.000 miles driven, basicly a new noise began to generate from front part of vehicle when driving around of 60 MPR and‎ is gaining on volume as speeds goes up. At spead of 90 MPH is noise so loud that it is annoying to keep on the speed and makes just to go slow to keep the noise slow.......but...this is very important....when I release a gas hig speed... for example 70 MPR, RPM 2000, but no touching the gas padal, nose vanishes!!!! and when I just bearly just touch speed pedal without speed and RPM going up, noise generates again !!!! Some days the intenzity of the noise is lower and some days higher. But all is in common, when RPM and speed are high..... by releasing the gas padal.... noise stops!!!! by just touching the gass pedal we go again...‎noise. So has something to do with part of vehicle which is not in motion when guess pedal is released.
Any ideas what might cause the whistling ?

have 99 suburban transmission that just lost all gears driving down the freeway. turned off motor and waited a minute and started truck up and shifted into gear and vehicle started to move and then every drops out again. seems like this will repeat itself. there was little to no warning of any transmission problem.

Pressing the gas it's not picking up speed. Is this a transmission issue?

I've been getting code P0303 on my chevy i change the coils and injectors and it doesn't solve the problem

When this happens sub surges .put new carb already,new fuel pump and filter .

Every day I have to put power steering fluid in my truck because it's leaking bad and sometimes my brakes act like they don't want to work when the fluid is low. There is a loud whining sound when I turn,drive,or even put my foot on the brakes. What do I need fixed? Please help!

Where_is_the_orifice_tube_in_a_2005_Chevy_Suburban w/rear ac

cannot pull the carpet out, cannot open tailgate, in dire need. suggestions greatly appreciated!!

and rear control panel will not work either???

and still stiff only when running I have been told that a tbi spacer might help vacuum is good it doesn't have ahigh idle runs smooth would a spacer fix the problem or do I need a new tbi

I am having it flushed and ac filled at a shop.

My question is should I put on the ac belt now or after the refil?

at 1st I thought my brake caliper was engaged but that checked out ok. I am told that problem is in transmission.

The air blows out just fine. I've had the compressor replaced and had the system recharged. However the air is still not cold. The shop told me they would charge $80 an hour to try and determine what is wrong with it. Wasn't too comfortable paying that amount of money, especially after they told me that it was the compressor and I paid them to change it, and that wasn't it. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

every time i started my truck during afternoon like 2:30 pm. in my indicator pop out that my air bag needs service. i acknowledge it by checking on it. in the morning it doesnt appear the error. we tried to re-setted in the shop of my friend with a code of A1 i think. but when i started again it display again. tried to move my driver set back and fort and the display dis-appeared. im planning to bring in the dealer next week for diagnostic. any idea and why having this intermittent error i have with my truck

is seatbelt a recall

when i start up the engine all the time it misses and black smoke come from the tail pipe