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wife was dring last night when car suddenly started making a clunking and jerking from the drive train
$116-$149 Labor...why would my repair shop estimate $184 (not including interference charges) Flat rate from Mitchell . What does Repair Pal use for its estimates?
I can hear the transfer case shift but it never locks into 4 wheel. it goes into 4low but it's the same. the front wheels won't turn. sometimes it works fine. most of the time not.
When I shift into reverse the shift will by pass reverse or sometimes indicate that it is in neutral instead of reverse, the same happens for other gears such as drive.
i cannot find the tag nor read the inside of the door tag to find the numbers needed to get the rearend gear ratio? any other ideas?
A) It drives me nuts to have head lights and interior lights on (time delayed) when I intend to lockup & shut down. I want all power off instantly. B) When I'm hunting or pulling in at night I've accidently hit the a...
Go to start and keeps turning over and want stop battery won't hold charge help
what can cause low voltage to the fuel injectors
we checked with diodes and it has low voltage. What could be causing the problem.
My transmission is getting hot when it tries to shift gears over 30 mph.
The dashboard lets me know that the transmission is hot but there is no diagnostic code for this problem. Also, it has difficulty changing into a higher gear going past 30 mph. Does this mean that Ihave to get a new t...
but all othe gares work great all the time
In between starts the tachometer, speedometer, and wont shift out of 3 automatically, can shift between 2 and 3 manually, also the light that shows what gear your in is off. This happened at once and no sign of proble...
Its hit and miss. I get 0300,0303, 0302 misfires randomly. Sometimes engine starts and idles roughly with some ticking and other times it starts smoothly. It can accelerate like a raped ape and other times has no powe...
bran new battary fully charge, new starter replace, getting battary current to the starter(12 volts)the small wire no current from the key
My cruise control light will turn off/on but will not engage. I keep hearing it's tied to the 3rd brake light. I also heard that this if you replace the brake light switch, it will solve the problem. Any advice would ...
Don't know why, but one days the power seat on driver sides operated backwards. As for window it's rear driver side. The cable had gotten kinked so replaced all that and put back together. Now it works backwards also.
belt tensioner and a/c belt have been replaced, a/c tensioner has been replace twice first time it broke off second time it just rattles at 1500-2000 rpms but only when the a/c is on