Miles my car didn't want to pull forward and started smoking what's wrong

I've just bought a new one. I need to replace it. I'm just not sure where it is.

I dont get any lights on the buttons or any sound when trying to engage the 4wd. All fuses are good. What or where can I start looking from there?

Supposed to control the engine somehow

Before it kicks itself into 4 low the neutral light comes on and the service 4WD indicator lights up. It takes some time but eventually you can switch it back out by putting the vehicle in neutral or park and pressing the 2H button several times. This happens about every 2-3 months. Any idea what can cause this?

My truck not taking off , keep stalling, and blowing black smoke out the tail pipe

When turning on the truck it acts like its out of gas but has 3/4 tank... No gas i coming out of the injectors and just replaced fuel filter as well fuel pump is working

Got a fault code for that.

There is a loud obnoxious rattling squeaking sound from the fuel pressure regulator down thru the entire fuel lines to the tank. It's been doing this for close to a year now. The sounds would lesson if I took off the vacuum line when it first started 9 months ago. I ran the truck with the vacuum line off for months with no performance issue but now there is a low hesitation at idle thru 1rst gear and it's more noticeable in reverse. I tried replacing the the fuel filter. Also before this all started I was adding Lucas fuel treatment or sea foam every other fill up.
Is my fuel pump all gunked up from those treatments possibly. Any ideas to trouble shoot this. 500 - 600 to drop the the tank and replace the pump will really hurt. Thanks for any help.

it was leaking for 2 days the gushed the water and now it is overheating

Accelerated from stop light, tranny banged and had no forward gears. Was only 2 blocks from my house and was able to drive truck home in reverse. Why do I have no forward gears but reverse works fine but reverse lights went out????? What's goin on?

have installed new spider plugs wires cap an button no code for the miss but do have a 1345 code

at times it runs fine then all of a sudden it begins to act as if it is starving for gas/ rough idle then turns off .then it takes time for it to start backup again or until it cools off.

I was changing my oil and I put it on the ride in Jax and you drive up it and when I was done I rolled down and my suspension in the front was low and it won't go back up how do I fix this and why did it happen

When I put it into drive it won't move or sometimes it will but not like it should

Every time I turn the truck on the door automatically lock. They do not unlock until truck is turned off. They do not lock if a door is open. What can be causing this.

I have changed fuses, relays with the fuse panel, PCM module itself, changed batteries, and did all that I known to do. I beginning to wonder if it is dealing with my fuel relay, or is there a short somewhere. Its giving me the blues. I have not dropped the tank or changed the relay to the fuel. I need the specs on that to trace wires and relays. 25amp fuse out and vehicle will turn but never start. I am lost.

We just spent alt of money close to $2000 on front end work, new tires, and censors. Now the transmission is bad. Is it worth it to replace the transmission or think about replacing the vehicle?

Sometimes when i start my car it wont shift out of park and i have to let it set for at least a hour and then only with force will it shift into Drive or reverse


Noise sounds like whistling. All began on 15.000 miles driven, basicly a new noise began to generate from front part of vehicle when driving around of 60 MPR and‎ is gaining on volume as speeds goes up. At spead of 90 MPH is noise so loud that it is annoying to keep on the speed and makes just to go slow to keep the noise slow.......but...this is very important....when I release a gas pedal...at hig speed... for example 70 MPR, RPM 2000, but no touching the gas padal, nose vanishes!!!! and when I just bearly just touch speed pedal without speed and RPM going up, noise generates again !!!! Some days the intenzity of the noise is lower and some days higher. But all is in common, when RPM and speed are high..... by releasing the gas padal.... noise stops!!!! by just touching the gass pedal ...here we go again...‎noise. So basicly...it has something to do with part of vehicle which is not in motion when guess pedal is released.
Any ideas what might cause the whistling ?